Moon Juice’s Guide to Los Angeles

What to eat, see and do in and around L.A., according to Moon Juice founder Amanda Chantal Bacon.

As the founder of Moon Juice in Los Angeles, Amanda Chantal Bacon has shops and studios all over town — Venice, Melrose Place, Silverlake and Culver City (where the brand has its headquarters). But “home” is Santa Monica Canyon, where Bacon starts each day. “I love the sun, the trees and the sea that I get to take in every day when I leave my house and head off to work,” she says.

Work, of course, is where Bacon dreams up her wildly successful line of health and beauty supplement “dusts,” potions and cosmic elixirs, made with ancient adaptogens and herbs that aim to keep the body nimble, balanced and stress-free. Such tinctures helped paved the way for the mainstream wellness revolution, and now with a thriving empire to run, Bacon doesn’t have much idle time. “We have so much exciting stuff coming out this year,” she says. “Next up, a second book out this fall…and a baby this summer!”

Despite (or because of) her busy schedule, Bacon truly lives that wellness life 24/7. “I definitely live in a bubble,” she says. “My world is very much work and family, and health is at the heart of both of those things.” Here, she stops for a moment to share her favorite spots to unwind, recharge and replenish.


Gjusta: “It’s a cozy little bakery and cafe in Venice that’s open pretty much any hour that I’m awake and I’ve actually had breakfast, lunch and dinner there, all in one day. It’s a very neighborhood-friendly outdoor eating space and I run into at least five people I know anytime I drop in. Go for the nut milk lattes, sprouted rye loaf, veggies of the day, housemade pickles and avocado chocolate pudding!”

Shima: “It’s a gem of peace and perfection on the otherwise busy Abbott Kinney. I love it not just for the exquisite sushi, but the menu of beautifully prepared clean veggie dishes and salads. There is a clear mushroom broth there that I am obsessed with.”

Moon Juice: “Still my favorite place to snack, nourish, and restock supplements and skin care, I cannot lie! The green juice, Moon Dust lattes (I go for the Sex and Spirit latte with CBD), cloud shakes, and strawberry rose germanium bars are on my daily rotation.”


Eames House in Pacific Palisades: “It’s a great way to see not only iconic architecture, but a lush little canyon enclave right near the beach.”

Getty: “It’s a great place to spend the day wandering around. And it’s definitely not an indoor day — some of my favorite times spent there have been outside in the gardens.” 


Tortoise General Store: “My favorite store on the west side. It’s like the best curated trip to Japan in a shop!”

Farmshop: “It’s one of my favorite stops to restock my larder and pick up farmer’s market produce.”


Want to learn more about Amanda Chantal Bacon’s Moon Juice? Click here to explore and shop the wellness goods.


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I wish I could visit LA one day! It seems so amazing!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

2 years ago

Great spots, still have to visit a few myself :)