Office Style: Meet Lauren

“Be strong for the younger you. Be someone she’d look up to.” That’s what our Web Sample Coordinator’s 8-year-old self might say…

Lauren is our Web Studio Sample Coordinator, which means that every day she is responsible for ensuring samples are photographed and in the right place at the right times. When she is not keeping things organized, she loves to write and, for this week’s Office Style, she turned to her 8-year-old self. 

“I’ve been doing a lot of “growing up” lately. True adulting. Paying my own bills, living in my own apartment, moving to a city 860 miles away from all I’ve ever known. There are some days when I want nothing more than to be 8 years old again and run into my parents’ room and nestle my way into the middle of my world, in between my mom and dad.

But then there are other days when I look around at where I am, what I’m doing, and how hard I’ve worked to make my dream a reality. I’d like to think that 8-year-old me would look up to 23-year-old me as a role model.

Recently, 8-year-old me has been the source of inspiration for many aspects of my life. She designed my latest tattoo, she inspired me to buy butterfly clips and friendship bracelet kits. She was never afraid to be “different.” She was comfortable with every ounce of who she was. I want to be like her when I grow up.

Growing up can be tricky, and things aren’t always as simple as they were when you were little. Life throws curveballs and sometimes you’ll fall down. But it’s the getting up that matters.

Some advice I’d give to a younger me would be:

Find your friends. The ones to go out with after a bad week and to sing at the top of your lungs with on a crowded dance floor. But more importantly, the ones who you can call at 4am when it feels like your world is crumbling around you, who can hold you tight until your world is whole again. But most importantly, be that friend for someone else.

My hope for 8-year-old me is the same hope that I have for anyone reading. I hope you always find time to daydream and chase those daydreams until they’re your reality. I hope you know that if you fall, you can get back up, and you’ll be stronger for it. I hope you know that you are loved and that you’ll find your place in the world.

Don’t quit your daydream.”

What’s in Lauren’s shopping cart?

FP One 5 Pocket Slouch Pant in Citrus — these are the perfect summer pants. And the color would make any look pop.
Hair Party Clip — palm design. This reminds me of home!! I love to add little pieces of tropical pieces where I can to feel close to home.
Say Anything Anklet — I’ve been an advocate of anklets for years. I’m glad this trend is catching on! Now to bring back toe rings.
Citizens of Humanity Annina Trouser Jeans — I love how relaxed these look. Added with a femme top and a grunge accent, these jeans would look amazing!
Rolled-Up Silk Cargo Pants — Cargo pants were the antithesis of fashion for the longest time, but I love that they are being reinvented in a cooler way. 
Ripple Sport Pants — I love streetwear, so these pants will instantly elevate any accompanying piece to a cooler level.
Total Betty 90’s Sunglasses — These are so reminiscent of the early 2000’s to me. That’s the era I’ve been pulling inspo from lately!
Skinny Strap Brami — This has been a staple in my closet for years. I need to add some new colors to my spring rotation!

Wearing: the Momo Jade Bucket bag,  the Wrangler Oversized Striped Shirt, and the Macrame Bracelet

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I love Lauren’s way of thinking! Often the things we wanted most when we were kids still ring true.

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