Quickie Wellness: PONO Probiotics

Looking for some glow in no time?  Quickie Wellness introduces you to PONO Probiotics!

PONO, which means “alignment, goodness, well-being” in ancient Hawaiian, did something smart — they created a product that can easily be blended into other foods — a truly wonderful benefit for any of us who either don’t like taking supplements, or for the kids in our lives who can’t handle much other than a grilled cheese.

It was the relocation of founder Daina Lindsay’s family to a warmer climate, and an ensuing respiratory infection of her then 11-month-old son, Sands, which brought about the birth of PONO. “A very caring doctor explained the impact that antibiotics could have on gut flora and inspired me to begin a journey of research and learning into the importance of gut health for the entire family,” she remembers. 

To put it simply, our bodies are full of both good and bad bacteria. By taking a probiotic supplement, you are aiming to keep your gut rich in good bacteria. Daina loves her probiotics in smoothies, but also highly recommends mixing PONO’s Coconut Probiotic powder into natural coconut yoghurt, topped with berries and nuts. She sometimes pops that same mixture on either overnight oats or chia pudding.


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Sounds like a great brand! Thoughtful name too!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog