Sustainability is Boyish Denim’s #1 Mission

Earth Day is every day for Jordan Nodarse, Creative Director for Boyish denim…

There may not be a brand more transparent than Boyish, and that is meant in the best way. As I pored over their site in preparation for our interview, I realized that I had a tough road ahead; namely because did most of my work for me. Any opportunity to highlight their conscientious development practices lies in plain sight, affording detailed commentary on just how their dedication to sustainability translates into gallons of water saved or number of chemicals eliminated from the denim-making process. It is humbling and inspiring, and dared us to delve further into this wondrous brand of recycled style. Read on to learn more from Jordan, Boyish’s Creative Director…
How easy is it to be sustainable in the denim industry?
I want to say that it’s easy, but that’s just because I’ve already figured most of it out! haha. It wasn’t an easy path for me, but I’ve done all the hard work and sorted out a good path so it should be easier for other denim brands to become sustainable now. In fact, on our website, I list all our processes and the companies I work with to obtain sustainable and environmentally conscious chemicals and machines, as well as certification companies. The easiest and most important task is to reduce the amount of cotton in jeans and trace the cotton you use all the way back to the fields so that you know that you are not buying cotton from those who utilize slave or child labor. Yes, believe it or not — slave and child labor does exist! It’s sad. True transparency does not stop at factories. There still lies a huge supply chain beyond the factories that remains hidden.
Tell us how Boyish came to be… and was your high regard for the environment always at the forefront of your work?
Boyish was a way for me to both make beautiful products and continue to focus on sustainability, while educating our consumers. I was in the shadows of those brands who I worked for in the past, focusing on designing and making without the chance to actually talk about what I was doing, or the reasons why I focused on sustainability. Boyish has given me the chance to both tell our story and educate consumers to become more conscious consumers.
Where did the name “Boyish” come from?
Boyish is an homage to the women who wear the men’s vintage jeans they scored from flea markets and vintage stores, but do so with such chic and sexy style. It has nothing to do with boyfriend jeans, as our jeans all fit tight and make your booty look amazing! We use thicker fabrics similar to men’s jeans so that they feel like authentic denim with better booty-shaping capabilities.
Your entire production occurs within a 30-mile radius of Thailand. What were the rewards of orchestrating such an intimate and amazing process?
Shortening our supply chain was a big focus for us and, in the end, reduces our carbon emissions (less transportation needed) and lower price points (less expenses incurred). The definition of Sustainability translates more directly to “Efficiency” than anything. Our supply chain creates more efficient manufacturing and give us the capability to recycle waste back into our fabrics. Another word the industry might use for this is circular design.
5 easy ways to incorporate sustainability in our day-to-day activities:
– Reduce your use of single-use plastic.
– Clean and separate your recycling (know your city’s recycling yes’s and no’s).
– Wear clothing that is transparent, not only considering the factories used in the process, but follow the supply chain down to the fiber manufacturers.
– Use more public transport or car sharing & carpooling.
– Shop organic!
Favorite thing to pair your denim with:
High Top Converse 1970’s Reissues.
Skinny, tapered, or straight?
Slim Straight!
What’s on the horizon for Boyish?
Knits and new, even more sustainable denim!
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Trying to support as many sustainable fashion lines as I can this year! Thank you for introducing me to this brand!

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