The Wellness Essentials for Your Next Getaway

Call it spring break or whatever you like, nothing says “winter is over!” quite like hitting the road (or sky or sea or rail) with these must-haves for some much-needed travel.

Whether you’re hitting the music festival circuit, mapping out a road trip or throwing all your bathing suits into a bag for a beach adventure, there are a few things no trip would be complete without. So while you’re packing that suitcase (or backpack or tote or plastic shopping bag), don’t forget to leave room for these go-anywhere self-care lifesavers.

For when you have better things to do on vacation than shower…

Dry shampoo should be a close, personal friend of yours even if you’re not hitting the festival circuit this summer. Whether you’ve overslept, are roughing it, or simply haven’t been bothered to wash your hair because of all the fun you’re having, keeping a bottle of the stuff in your travel bag will work wonders in a matter of seconds. The genius of dry shampoo is that it soaks up all the excess oil and grease in your hair, keeping it cleanish between washes without stripping away the necessary oils, with just a few spritzes and flicks of your wrist. I’m partial to R+Co’s Spiritualized Dry Shampoo Mist because not only does it have killer packaging, it leaves my hair feeling cleaner than regular shampoo does sometimes; it creates insane, sexy volume; it smells like you’ve just rolled around in a forest flowerbed; and it’s vegan.

For when you’re not into being eaten alive by winged insects…

If your travels include the great outdoors, it’d be wise to have bug spray at the ready. Yes, insects are a natural part of leaving the confines of four walls and a roof, but you don’t want to spend your entire trip maniacally scratching at itchy, red welts on your arms and legs (or trying to stop yourself from picking at the scabs that inevitably form after you’ve scratched). Luckily, Shen Beauty’s all-natural Bug Off is travel-friendly and keeps biters at bay thanks to a blend of plant extracts and essential oils. What’s more, not only may it deter the standard mosquitos and flies, but also bees and ticks.

For keeping it fresh while you frolic by the sea…

True, vacations are a time for relaxing, unwinding and throwing away your standard daily schedule, but maybe let’s keep using deodorant on holiday, yeah? Especially if you’re headed somewhere warm, at least for the sake of your travel companions. Whether you’re sitting on a beach or in the backseat of a hot car during a road trip, consider an aluminum- and paraben-free deodorant like this one from Humble to keep you dry and odorless.

For when you’re rocking at the musical festival but also need to stay healthy…

Hours of music across multiple stages in cute outfits? Yes, please. But as much as you’re enjoying the festival circuit, you also want to make sure you’re staying relatively healthy so you don’t, you know, pass out in a mosh pit and wake up in the medical tent. During the day, make sure you’re getting plenty of water to stay hydrated in the heat (and to replace what you’re likely sweating out with those dance moves). Glacce’s Crystal Elixir Water Bottles make for the perfect energizing accessory. Bonus: They help reduce the waste of single-use cups at the water station. And come nighttime when you’re finally ready to wind down and get at least a few hours of rest in your tent, let the Moonbeam Sleeping Beauty Kit from Andrea Garland be your ally. Spritz the chamomile mist around your head, pop in the earplugs to drown out the night owls, and then get some much-needed rest so you can be ready for the next day of music and dancing.

For when it’s all over and you need to at least look like you’re a real human…

Alas, all good things must come to an end, including spring vacations. When it’s time to reenter to real world, you don’t necessarily have to be mentally there but looking the part will go a long way. Fake a good night’s rest with the one-two punch of Baja Zen’s Eye Soother — throw the aromatherapy eye pillow in the fridge overnight so you can use it to relieve and cool puffy, tired eyes — and PYT Beauty’s Primed + Ready Mascara to open up and brighten your peepers. No one will have any idea you’re just coming off the best week of your life.



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Ahh, this post is making want to travel so much! My next vacation to Thailand is all the way in May…

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