Your Top Questions for Dame, Now Answered

As some of us are still coming to grips with speaking openly about sex and pleasure, our friends at Dame took some of your hard-pressed questions to do the hard work for you.

Coming off the heels of several FP wellness pop-up events, the women at Dame realized that our community has LOTS of questions when it comes to self-love. We thought it befitting to take some of the most frequently asked — and most interesting — and give you the opportunity to decide what self-love looks like for you. Thanks to Savannah and Jocelyn from Dame for taking the time to empower all of us with their knowledge! 

Are your products loud? (LOL) 

It depends on the room, product and walls! Everyone perceives sound differently. Ultimately, no one else is going to hear you using our products besides you! 

Which is your favorite Dame product, and why?

You can’t just pick one! At the moment, Pom is a favorite wellness essential, and makes for the perfect introductory vibe. It’s unassuming, flexible, and allows you to choose your own adventure!

Which is the most giftable item for your partner?

Eva is a great present for your partner. It’s a hands-free vibe that you can wear during penetration, or can be used as a finger vibe during foreplay. As always, partners are optional.

“There are no negative effects to self-love.”

How do you know which vibrator is right for you?

When choosing a vibrator that’s right for you, consider one that’s intuitive and easy to use, and from a manufacturer who makes good quality toys with materials such as medical grade silicone. Cheap doesn’t equal good beginner’s toy. Inexpensive toys often break and in the long run are a waste of money.

What are some of the positive health/body/mood effects of self-love?  Are there any negative effects to consider?

Our products inspire a choose your own adventure with yourself and your partner and promote pleasure. Feeling good is an integral part of wellness, and there are no negative effects to self-love.
You work with a 3D printing company called FormLabs to design prototypes for your customers to ensure that you’re giving them exactly what they want. Are the 3D printed prototypes actually used? ;)

Actually yes, we have and still do!  It’s part of our beta testing process. We will print molds of vibrators on Formlabs’ 3D printers and fill those molds with silicone and motors, and send these prototypes to Beta-Testers in our Dame Labs Community to test out and give us their feedback.  We’ll widdle this process back and forth until we feel confident to go into production.
And how long does it take to print out? And what if you accidentally hit the enlarge 120% button — do you just go with it? 😉
It’s a pretty slow process — the molds take about 16 hours to print. We send files to the printers that are very precise, but the idea of making an oversized vibrator to cuddle with is very enticing!
Here are a few more  tips & tricks from Dame to help you get the most from your devices!
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