Your Weekly Horoscope from Tracy Allen, Week of March 18-24

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March 21–April 19

Your ruling planet, dynamic Mars, is in cahoots with Pluto in your ambition angle, encouraging you to use everything you have going for you in an effort to make headway in your career or make progress towards a goal. This harmony only occurs every couple of years, and it will help you make a strategic move in the right direction if you tap into your assets (like natural talents) and utilize all the tools at your disposal. Mars has an awkward encounter with Jupiter a day later, reminding you to keep your feet on the ground and handle your resources with savvy, resisting any urges to roll the dice on a pie-in-the-sky idea. Venus’s skirmish with Mars could make it difficult to figure out if you should go along to get along or protect your own interests, especially since mental Mercury is still rogue. You might fall out with a group over priorities, values, belongings or money if you dig your heels in, so look for compromises that don’t cost you anything. With the sun soaring into your sign for its annual monthlong tour, your birthday season kicks off, and your vitality is likely to surge. This is your time to focus on yourself and what you want out of life in the year ahead. But a full moon in your interpersonal angle a few hours later nudges you to cede the spotlight to others for a moment, balancing your needs and feelings with theirs. You can get back to me-time soon, but someone might require a little extra TLC—or a partnership might hit a crucial turning point, calling for you to consider if you’re ready to commit or quit. Don’t feel like you have to decide right now; there’s another full moon in the same angle next month, giving you time to weigh your options. Happy solar return!



April 20–May 20

For the first time since April 2017, dynamic Mars in Taurus will form a coalition with heavyweight Pluto in your vision corner this week, inspiring you to go after what you want and direct your efforts where they’ll make the most difference. You could attempt to bring about positive change in the world, possibly by fighting for a righteous cause. Any experience that pushes you out of your comfort zone can give you potent knowledge and transform your outlook. Be ready to take a smart risk and operate like an entrepreneur or activist would. Venus is arguing with Mars, however, so you might forget you still need to schmooze some higher ups and play the game if you want to advance your agenda. Make an effort to come across well to VIPs. Mars and Jupiter form an uncomfortable angle soon after, warning you that your assertiveness — combined with high expectations of another person — can lead you to push too hard to get what you’re hoping for, so maybe dial it down if you seem to be overwhelming someone. The sun is sneaking into your retreat zone for its annual pre-birthday hibernation, causing your energy to dip. You’ll probably need some quiet time in the coming month to reflect on the past year and recharge your battery. Consider this your permission from the planets to unplug and unwind. A full moon in the opposite house may trigger a health or job crisis that forces you to look at what’s not working in your everyday life. Are you stressed out by a mile-long to-do list, a jam-packed schedule or a persistent bad habit? Do yourself a favor and cut out the time-wasters that hurt your productivity, not to mention unhealthy practices that affect your wellbeing. Don’t aim for perfection, though — you’ll have another shot at self-improvement next month when the full moon lands in the same house.



May 21–June 20

If you have a partner, this week’s Mars-Pluto connection hints that behind-closed-doors intimacy could get super intense and may strengthen your bond. If you’re on your own, bravely facing something from your past or in your psyche can create a powerful emotional shift, enabling you to move on with your life. Another possibility: Concentrating on a collaborative endeavor will be extremely productive, despite the fact that it probably won’t get you noticed right now. Venus in your expansion corner is squaring off with Mars, so you might undermine your own desire to branch out by doing something that winds up denying you of pleasure. Try to be cognizant of the impulse to work against yourself, and be willing to confront a dysfunctional behavior pattern if you spot one. A Mars-Jupiter scuffle can also tempt you to sabotage yourself, and actions motivated by emotions you’re unaware of can impact a relationship if you don’t hold them in check. Keep an eye on simmering irritability and tweak the balance between alone time and one-on-one time. The sun is moving into your network sector for a monthlong stay, so you’ll thrive on group energy in the coming weeks. Prioritize teamwork, socializing, professional networking and plenty of squad time. Friendship is extra important to you during Aries season, and you’ll be in an outgoing mood much of the time. On the flipside, this week’s full moon is lighting up your self-expression house, giving you an urge to stand out from the crowd and put your creativity, personality or feelings on full display. If you’re craving attention, show off what you have to offer the world, but try not to hurt anyone’s feelings by grabbing the spotlight. A love affair might hit a crossroads now and either blossom or wither; don’t make any big decisions while your ruler’s retrograde. Next month’s full moon will bring these issues back around, and you’ll be more clear-headed then.



June 21–July 22

A Mars-Pluto confab can bring an opportunity to collaborate with others, and both teamwork and partnership are incredibly fruitful under this influence — so jump on any chance you see to join forces. And be proactive about networking because you’re apt to meet power players. You might also bond with a certain someone while engaged in a group activity, and they’re liable to have a strong effect on you. Venus is quarreling with Mars, so part of you is craving closeness and part of you is into playing the field. Sex is likely to be intense but complicated, especially if you’re attracted to a friend. Opening yourself up to others can make you feel vulnerable, but you’re not meant to go it alone now. Relationship conflict can probably be traced to issues around trust, loyalty, jealousy, personal space and the like, and sparks (good or bad ones!) may fly. Don’t try to hash it out right this moment; with Mercury retrograde, it’s hard to come to an understanding. Mars is also wrestling with Jupiter, so if you’re juggling too much, you could find collaboration challenging and need to adapt to circumstances. Don’t assume that means shouldering the burden — doing more than your share of work when some people aren’t pulling their weight will stress you out and cause you to drop one of those balls midair. The sun is climbing to the peak of your chart for its yearly visit, cranking up your ambition and nudging you onto center stage so you can shine. But the full moon at the base of your chart draws your attention to matters closer to home, possibly by triggering a family or domestic development you’ll need to deal with. You might require time by yourself to sort out your emotions, especially if you feel a major mood swing coming on. Don’t feel guilty about shutting the world out and upping your self-care game. It could prevent a meltdown.



July 23–August 22

When Mars in your achievement angle syncs with Pluto in your productivity corner, the hard work you’ve been doing to accomplish a goal should pay off. Your drive may result in you being given weighty responsibilities, and you’ll have the ability to work effectively with colleagues. If you’re pushing for changes that serve a greater purpose — like helping others or improving work conditions or wellness — you’re apt to have success. It’s also a useful time for going after a different job, particularly if this shift has been a long time in the making. Venus in your interpersonal house is at odds with Mars, which might generate friction in a relationship if you’re headed in different directions and don’t have a common objective. Focus on keeping a respectful vibe between you and motivating each other to succeed, separately or together. Mars and Jupiter have their wires crossed too, so work and play won’t be an easy mix and you may need to improvise if you’re trying to do both. After the sun blasts into your expansion sector, the blinders come off and your energy will be geared toward the wider world rather than zoomed in on a particular person or project. No more tunnel vision; you’re up for meeting new people and having learning experiences so you can broaden your perspective. You’ll look at the big picture, take in a range of possibilities and possibly embark on an exciting adventure like a big trip or an entrepreneurial endeavor. This week’s full moon in the opposite house could bring information overload or a flurry of busyness, and it might also spell a development involving a sibling or your community. If you feel pulled in a hundred different directions, take a breath and tackle one thing at a time. While Mercury’s retrograde, we all need to roll with the punches and keep our sense of humor.



August 23–September 22

A coalition between Mars and Pluto encourages you to visit a place you’ve never been to before, try new things, have an adventure and take more risks. You’ll get deep satisfaction from expanding your mind and broadening your horizons, so it’s important to push past unnecessary limits and learn what you can about the world. Having exciting new experiences can transform you and even deepen a bond you share with someone — making this a good time for a solo journey or romantic getaway. Venus has a tiff with Mars that could give you an urge to escape your everyday life even if you’re enjoying what you’re doing. It might also mess up your rapport with coworkers if you’re inclined to argue over a difference of opinion. Hold onto the pleasant sense of purpose you’ve got going, and choose your battles. Discord between Mars and Jupiter indicates that part of you is motivated to spread your wings, explore the world, fight for what you believe in and chase after learning experiences, while another part of you is content to enjoy peace and quiet, spend time with people you’ve known forever and keep your world safe and small. You’re ready to get out of your comfort zone but don’t want to sacrifice a feeling of belonging and wellbeing. Don’t make a big choice; make tweaks. With the sun segueing into your depth-and-merging house, your focus will narrow to the VIPs in your life, a passion project, a close relationship or a private emotional issue. In the coming month, you’ll invest fully in whatever (and whomever) matters most to you. The full moon might signal a financial splurge or income boost or a spike in your confidence. You’re extra aware of your material needs now but need to balance your bottom line with someone else’s. This lunation is all about the delicate dance of give and take.



September 23–October 22

This week’s Mars-Pluto conference could produce a few different results. Sex has the capacity to stir deep emotions, while grappling with a challenging issue in a close relationship can change your home life for the better or repair a troubled mood. It’s worth it to face a psychological problem, a crisis, a wound or a loss head-on because that kind of brave self-examination can fortify your inner security and help you move on from the past. If you need support from a partner, parent or roommate, they’re likely to come through for you, especially if you’re honest and direct. Venus’s skirmish with Mars creates a mix of desire and friction. A strong attraction may spark intimacy — and sex and romance will be an exciting but potentially complicated mix. Personal pleasure and partnership might be at odds, generating a conflict that’s difficult to resolve in a convo, thanks to Mercury retrograde. Don’t rush into a decision if you feel cornered. Buy time until Merc gets back into gear next week. A Mars-Jupiter clash hints that you’re aiming too high when it comes to sharing, collaboration or intimacy and should adjust your thinking rather than force someone’s hand. After the sun crosses your interpersonal angle, you’ll be in your element, drawing strength from one-on-one connections and directing your attention toward important relationships. Don’t even think about going it alone this month. You’ll feed off others’ energy, so seek out situations where you can pair up. A full moon in Libra brings out all the feels, so find an outlet for your emotions if you’re in meltdown mode! This lunation offers a good excuse to drop something (or someone) from your life if it’s no longer serving your needs. But given that there’s a rare second full moon in your sign next month, you might want to take your time pondering what stays and what goes.


October 23–November 21

This week, your co-ruling planets — Mars and Pluto — connect with each other in your interpersonal and communication houses for the first time in two years, so take advantage of their harmony by finding a partner to do something with. A collab or shared activity can do your mindset a world of good. If you need to hash out your differences with someone, getting things into the open and dealing with them in depth could be productive, and asserting your position will feel empowering. But if your instincts tell you talking is too risky (thanks, Mercury retrograde!), you might just enjoy amazing chemistry with a special someone or do some networking. Venus is needling Mars, suggesting that you’re content to enjoy the pleasures of home and family, but a commitment to do something with another individual can push you out the door. Venus is giving you a desire for familiar surroundings and people, and you’re in no mood to spend time with someone who makes you uncomfortable or is hard to get along with. Don’t take the bait if a person makes you bristle; with Mercury retrograde, misunderstandings can snowball. Plus a Mars-Jupiter squabble prompts you to tweak your list of demands and make use of what you already have, rather than trying to get your needs met by others. The sun’s arrival in your efficiency corner points to a productive month ahead. You’re ready to get down to business and take on your to-do list, stay on top of job responsibilities, improve your time management, start exercising more, eat a better diet and address any health issues. A full moon in the opposite corner reminds you to also pay attention to your inner life and attend to the needs of the spirit, not only the body. Spend some time by yourself unwinding and catching up on sleep. And pay attention to your dreams—they could shed light on a private issue now.



November 22–December 21

When Mars in your productivity corner vibes with Pluto in your value house this week, the implication is your hard work will have a desired effect on your finances or self-esteem. You might devote a lot of energy to an effort involving your belongings — for instance, doing a spring-cleaning purge, then selling, donating and recycling various items. If you’re super busy at your job or handling daily duties, you’ll get the sense now that your labor is paying off. It’s a good time to take a planned action step toward a goal that could boost your income. Venus isn’t getting along with Mars quite so well, but their encounter may simply mean that you’re in a breezy, chatty mood and really need to roll up your sleeves and get to work. Try to juggle work and play as best you can; the objective is to get plenty done and still keep your spirits up, and the two aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive. Take a break to catch up with a friend or enjoy a walk on a nice day — spring is in the air! Mars is out of sync with Jupiter in Sagittarius, so you may need to adjust your modus operandi and scale back if you’ve taken on more than you can comfortably handle. Consider slowing down and checking off one thing at a time. It’s all too easy to get out over your skis when your Sag enthusiasm is propelling you forward, but calculated action steps are often the smartest strategy. Once the sun soars into your joy sector for its yearly monthlong visit, you’ll be fired up to express your individuality and creative side freely and do more of what makes you happy. The full moon in your network house might spell squad drama or a friend who needs your help, and if you’re in me-time mode, you should be able to balance group interests with personal pleasure until this passes.



December 22–January 19

Mars harmonizes with Pluto in Capricorn this week, echoing a meeting they had in 2017. It’s an incredibly favorable time for you to take a targeted risk and go after what you want. Be bold in your pursuit of experiences that bring more love into your life; help you express your feelings and personality; make you happy; or allow you to fulfill your creative potential. Such experiences won’t just give you superficial pleasure. They can be very powerful under this influence and even trigger a shift deep within you. A romantic encounter might feel life-changing, and showing off what you have to offer the world can make you feel like a star. You have a ton of mojo now, so use it well! Venus’s tangle with Mars can increase your impulsivity and your readiness to take chances in order to get what you want. Mars also has an uncomfortable encounter with Jupiter in your subliminal sector, implying that unconscious expectations might play a role in your behavior in a romantic relationship or tempt you to take risks that aren’t so wise. Try to tune into subtle undercurrents in your brain that might drive your actions — and remember to look before you leap. When the sun dips to your foundation angle, you’ll hunker down for a month of chilling in familiar surroundings and hanging with people who know you well. You’ll probably want to spend plenty of time at home recharging your battery and focusing on your personal life. You might feel more sentimental and nostalgic than usual and turn to family members for a sense of belonging. Although your energy isn’t geared toward the outer world during this season, a full moon at the peak of your chart can compel you to suddenly deal with your boss’s demands or a goal that’s coming to fruition. If you find yourself in the spotlight, maintain your poise and put your best foot forward.



January 20–February 18

You’ll be motivated to tackle a domestic project, confront an entrenched pattern of behavior, deal with a family issue or unpack emotional baggage this week when Mars has a fruitful confab with Pluto. Facing a conflict with a roomie or relative, working on your home or confronting your own compulsions can generate a profound internal shift. Yes, dark, complex emotions could bubble to the surface, but it’s totally worth your while to process them. Venus in Aquarius isn’t on the same page with Mars, however, so it’s possible that you’ll want to socialize and have too much to take care of at home. Or maybe a housemate or family member seems intent on ruining your good mood. There’s also a chance that brewing irritability will spoil your intention of giving off a pleasant, peaceful vibe. You may not know whether you should try to work things out with people or grab some alone time, and there’s no easy answer. That’s because Mars is also out of sync with Jupiter in your humanity house, calling for you to make whatever adjustments you need to when something feels off to you. Your instinct to hedge your bets now is on point, and you shouldn’t hesitate to say no if you’ve overcommitted. You can’t please all the people all the time! After the sun zips into your thinking-and-talking house, your brain and your daily interactions will get a shot of adrenaline, revving up your curiosity and sociability. You can put your personal stamp on ideas and communication, sending a uniquely you message, despite the fact that Mercury is still backtracking. A full moon in your expansion corner can bring an urge for adventure, and you might be tempted to take a leap of faith. Now’s the time to contemplate your personal belief system and identify a belief that has limited your growth — then let it go!



February 19–March 20

A productive encounter involving Mars and Pluto enables you to sell your ideas to a group; reach out to people and snag powerful contacts; and team up to improve your community. If you’re proactive and assertive now, you can make significant headway on a new goal or an endeavor that benefits others. You may also be able to change a friendship for the better if you make the first move. You have the gift of persuasion under this influence and could get an ultra-fruitful collaboration off the ground. Cultivate a crew around you who pushes you to achieve your dreams. Since Venus in your subliminal corner is sparring with Mars, one side of you may be enjoying your own company (or that of someone special), while another side of you is motivated to be out and about, chasing after the next thing. Or perhaps you’re torn between giving up your own desires and standing up for yourself. It’s not easy to pinpoint what you want while Mercury backpedals through your sign, so don’t try. Mars and Jupiter are producing their own friction this week, warning you to be careful in dealing with authority figures, since you might inadvertently push your luck. With the sun exiting your sign this week and putting down stakes in your value zone for the month to come, your attention turns from who you are to what you have and what you need. Get down to brass tacks and assess your resources and requirements going forward. It may not be fun, but it’ll make you feel more secure. The full moon in the opposite zone pushes you to balance your needs with those of another, especially if you’re sharing your life with a partner. You might pay off a debt or receive a tax refund or grant. You could also turn an emotional corner and finally move on from a crisis, hurt or loss.


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Definitely going to make progress towards my goal this week! Can’t wait to go full steam ahead! ❤️✨

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

4 years ago

You’re always so right each time. I do appreciate your advice every week, thank you so much!

4 years ago

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