Everyday Oil’s Guide to Asheville, North Carolina

Where to eat, relax and recharge, according to Everyday Oil founder Emma Allen.

Emma Allen is not the first beauty entrepreneur to create a botanical oil. But, despite the very saturated market, her Everyday Oil has managed to stand out and inspire an impressive cult following. Allen was inspired to create the restorative, plant-based recipe for her own skin, after trying all of the other options out there and not loving any of them. So she researched, experimented, and perfected what is now Everyday Oil, a blend of cold-pressed, steam-distilled organic ingredients, including anti-inflammatory geranium, toning clary sage and purifying palo santo. The multi-tasking elixir does it all — working to cleanse, hydrate, firm, balance and soothe your skin. Trust us, it really works.

Not surprisingly, Allen grew up surrounded by nature, where she became familiar with the healing powers of the rugged outdoors. Born in rural South Carolina, she moved to New York and then eventually relocated to Asheville, North Carolina — which is home to Everyday Oil and a thriving wellness scene. “There are tons of natural medicine, massage therapy, acupuncture and yoga schools here,” Allen says. “Asheville is uniquely focused on wellness and alternative medicine in a way that I could only really compare to LA.” And, she adds, “Legend has it Asheville sits on the largest energy vortex in the country so there is a lot of local lore about that.” Here, Allen shares her insider travel guide with us for your next visit.


I love All Souls for their pizza — all of their flour is locally sourced and hand milled, so the crust is pretty special. I always go with friends and get as many different pizzas as possible.  

Plant is incredible vegan, plant-based and gluten free — it’s seriously amazing. They have an all-vegan cheese plate, which sounds like it would be bad, but wow it’s so good. It has aged cashew, farmer’s walnuts, edible flowers, almond ricotta, smoked fig’arelli, pickled vegetables, crackers…

All Day Darling just opened in Montford. I love their beans and grains bowl that comes with bamboo rice and lima beans — I’m a huge fan.

Right outside of our door at Everyday Oil is an incredible farm-to-truck taco truck called The Clean Plate, which is all locally-sourced and organic. It’s so good! We usually order breakfast tacos with these amazing spicy grilled potatoes. The owner even gives us a jar of her homemade salsa so we don’t have to take plastic containers every day. :)


There’s a new sauna-cold-plunge wellness spa called BadaBastu downtown. It’s super beautifully designed and even has heated chairs in their solarium lounge where you can chill and read a book in between sauna or steam room sessions.

I live nearby in West Asheville, a block from the French Broad River, which is really fun to paddle board on.

And there’s a Japanese spa called Shoji where you can soak mountainside. A little drive up to Hot Springs, NC, where there are, of course, hot springs is always fun, too! I also love the swimming holes that are here. My personal favorite is Midnight Hole!


I love Villagers, a “homesteading” store that also offers incredible classes related to wild foraging, Ayurveda and more. I come here for books and herbs — they carry a lot of local herbalists blends, which is great. 

East Fork makes pottery using locally sourced clay and has a beautiful store downtown, and Garden Party in West Asheville has high-end CBD offerings and things like handmade ceramic pipes. And all of those places carry Everyday Oil as well!

Lead image by Backyard Bill.


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I’d love to visit Asheville one day! Seems like such a fun place to be!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Jennifer L Rowland
4 years ago

Been to Asheville three times now and I really do love it- just not in the summer. It’s like walking in soup!
That said, the vibe of the city is amazing.

I’m from Asheville and can say there’s no better place to live if you love the outdoors, art, alternative medicine, and great food. The Daoist Traditions Acupuncture School near Aston Park and in Montford are beautiful old houses and the acupuncture students are very well trained.

4 years ago

Asheville is beautiful and it has some of the best restaurants in the US. I can’t wait until I visit again!