Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of April 15-21

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March 21–April 19

You might be torn between relishing downtime and getting out to have new experiences when Venus disagrees with Jupiter this week. Should you indulge in escapist pleasures or answer a higher calling and show heartfelt selflessness? Maybe both — Jupiter isn’t fond of narrowing down the options! Note: This transit puts you at risk of chasing after a romantic dream that’s all smoke and mirrors — so he/she/it may not turn out to be as amazing as you imagine. Next, the full moon could push a relationship to a moment of truth when you decide to go all in or call it a day. The full moon of March 20 landed in the same angle, meaning the turning point may have come then, and now you feel compelled to make a choice. You could also encounter an individual who needs extra care and attention now, requiring you to put them first. With Mercury and Venus zinging into Aries, your thoughts turn to personal matters, and you’ll be in an agreeable, fun-loving mood. It’s rather easy to attract what and whom you want during this period, making it especially important to choose circumstances and company wisely. However, the sun is exiting Aries and persuading you to shine a light on what you already have and what you need. Ponder your priorities and try to make good use of the resources on hand.



April 20–May 20

Your ruler, Venus, squares off with Jupiter in your depth-and-merging zone as the week gets underway, which might leave you unsure of whether you want to play the field or put all your chips on one person. Jealousy, sex and overblown expectations can affect a friendship, so tread carefully. On the other hand, a casual connection may heat up in a good way now. The full moon in your efficiency corner is a rare repeat — think back to March 20; if you experienced a problem related to your wellness or work, you might have another shot at resolving it. Is it high time you cut something out of your routine, handed off a duty or kicked a habit? This is a great second opportunity to somehow improve the quality of your daily life. With Mercury and Venus ducking into your release sector, you may not be as quick to share your thoughts and feelings with the world and you could be extra private about your love life. But since the sun is blasting into Taurus to launch your birthday season, you’ll have the energy to focus on your agenda and make an impression on others in the coming month. This is your time, so think about what you want out of life and don’t feel guilty about doing you. Happy solar return!



May 21–June 20

With Venus at the peak of your chart needling Jupiter in your one-on-one angle early in the week, your charms won’t be lost on people — so long as you’re careful not to push your luck. You might even snag a professional mentor or invaluable contact with the help of this planetary pair. If you’re currently super focused on #RelationshipGoals and end up in a discussion about where things are headed, you might find out you’re not on the same page. An ultimatum could move the needle, but is that how you want to get your way? The full moon in your joy house echoes the one that occurred on March 20, so if a romance reached a crossroads then, you should feel more prepared to make a decision this time around. This lunation also offers an excuse to show off a little, enjoy an epic night out or take a creative risk. After Mercury and Venus dart into your humanity zone, you’ll want to connect with friends, do some networking and feel like you’re part of something beyond yourself. But with the sun slipping into your release corner, your solar year is winding down, and you’ll need time alone now and then to rest and reflect. Socialize when you want to, but don’t hesitate to duck out when you’re craving peace and quiet.



June 21–July 22

A Venus-Jupiter meeting spans your exploration and efficiency corners early in the week, suggesting tension between the fun of experiencing unfamiliar pleasures and the need to overanalyze everything. You might be dying to escape daily life, but meanwhile, you’re juggling a full workload. If you’re feeling connected to people who are different from you, you might be inspired to put your skills to use and help others. The full moon at the base of your chart is a repeat from last month (March 20, to be exact), and domestic drama or a family development could demand your attention again. Or a change in your living situation that may have been hinted at a month ago could get into full gear now. You’re bound to feel moodier than usual, so do what you can to soothe your body, mind and spirit. With Mercury and Venus ascending to the peak of your chart, your mind turns to goals, and you’re ready to dazzle people who can give you a leg up. Let your boss — or a prospective boss — know what responsibilities you’re interested in. And keep a high profile so she can see how well you work with others. The sun’s arrival in your humanity house puts another stamp of approval on teamwork and motivates you to make new contacts, join a group and see your squad.



July 23–August 22

Are you hoping for more from a relationship than you’re getting? Or you’re not sure if you want it to be hot and heavy or breezy and light? When Venus in your intimacy zone locks into a square with Jupiter in your love-and-happiness house early in the week, tension between desires and expectations could come to a head. Try not to overreact, because this mood will shift. If you see an opportunity to inject more creativity, play, romance and self-expression into a close connection, seize it. When a full moon lands in your cognition-and-communication house for the second time in a month (the first one was on March 20), more info could come to light, or you might get overwhelmed with too many thoughts and interactions. Take notes rather than trying to handle everything at once. You can’t be efficient when your attention is stretched so thin. With Mercury and Venus sailing into your expansion corner, you’ll be able to take in the big picture and entertain a wider range of enticing possibilities in the next few weeks. Learning becomes a higher priority; seek out new experiences and people to grow your world. The sun’s arrival in your ambition angle nudges you to also devote energy to the pursuit of goals and a stellar reputation. This is a time of year for proving what you can do, so don’t hide your light.



August 23–September 22

It’s important to spend time with people you feel at ease with when Venus and Jupiter go at it early in the week. Your mood and your rapport with other individuals are intertwined, and you might try to push things to the next level in a relationship out of an emotional need for more security. If that’s the case, slowing down and seeing what happens might be the way to go, even if it feels counterintuitive. A full moon also highlights your personal needs and could bring on a spending spree if you can’t resist the urge to indulge in retail therapy. Last month’s full moon occurred in the same house (on March 20), so whatever issues arose then are apt to reappear. If an increase in your income was hinted at, hopefully it will manifest now. Do your best to balance your own resources and requirements with someone else’s, since these lunations also allude to sharing. After Mercury and Venus plunge into your depth-and-merging zone, you might crave intense closeness and zero in on a particular relationship. With your ruler in this part of your chart, you’re laser-focused on what (and whom) you care about most. But with the sun rocketing into your expansion corner, part of you is fired up to branch out, meet new people and learn something. A trip or other adventurous undertaking could be in the cards this month.



September 23–October 22

Your ruling planet’s encounter with over-the-top Jupiter at the beginning of the week may generate creative work or spur you to learn a lot from your colleagues. Struggling with a relationship problem? Honest communication and an open mind can help you solve it. But you might go overboard with what you consider friendly criticism; if you see yourself as trying to be helpful, that could make you oblivious to how your words are really coming across. This week’s full moon lights up Libra for the second month in a row — a rare repeat that gives you a chance at a do-over. Did you get an inkling on March 20 of what — or who — has overstayed its welcome in your life? If it’s time to let go, bite the bullet and do it. You’re likely to feel extra emotional, and talking things through with someone wise will help you to process. After Mercury crosses your interpersonal angle, conversations flow more freely, especially one-on-one. And since Venus is following suit, harmonious relations will put you in a good mood. You’ll have an easy time connecting with others and getting along with everybody. The sun’s segue into your depth-and-sharing sector can intensify your focus on a particular relationship and also shine a light on your psyche. Take a deep dive into intimacy, private emotions or a passion project.


October 23–November 21

A Venus-Jupiter dustup at the beginning of the week can trigger a spending spree to sate your appetite for pretty things that please you, so if money’s tight, keep in mind that the object of your desire might not be worth as much as you imagine. Do give yourself permission to enjoy life — because attraction, creativity and playfulness can all bring a surge in confidence. But don’t fall into the trap of waiting for an even greater payoff. Just appreciate the moment. A full moon carries over from March 20 (a rare repeat in the same sign), so if you received any intuitive downloads then, they may return in full force, leading to an epiphany. This transitional lunation is pushing for closure; listen to what your subconscious is telling you, in the form of inklings, dreams, synchronicity, etc. With your spiritual growth and emotional wellbeing in mind, what should you lay to rest? Mercury’s entrance into your efficiency corner sharpens your critical thinking and enables you to do rigorous mental work. Your eye for detail will facilitate careful planning, and with Venus following Merc’s move, you’re able to work well with others and enjoy being of service. The sun is crossing your interpersonal angle, reminding you there’s more to life than work. You’ll draw energy from other individuals in the month to come, so don’t go it alone. Partner up!



November 22–December 21

As the week gets underway, Venus challenges your ruling planet, tempting you to overindulge in simple comforts like sleep, food and drink. Plus the pleasures of home are likely to compete with loftier aspirations — and you probably hope you can pull off having it all. Should you get cozy in your nest or spread your wings and revel in the feeling of freedom? Curl up with someone familiar or explore new, exciting possibilities? Let the wave of enthusiasm carry you for a bit, but try not to lose sight of the shore. A full moon in your humanity house picks up where a similar lunation on March 20 left off. A team endeavor that began to gel then could blossom now, and if you’re trying to spread the word on social media, watch for it to go viral under this moon. A problem in your crew could turn into full-blown drama, or you might finally feel ready to walk away from a group. Mercury and Venus are skipping into your joy sector, stimulating your sense of humor, creativity, individuality and heartfelt emotions. You want to have fun, express what’s inside you and relish the feeling of being yourself. Since the sun is entering your productivity corner, though, you’ll also have sufficient energy to tackle tasks, work out and generally take care of business every day — so you can kick back and enjoy life!



December 22–January 19

When Venus in your thinking-and-talking corner tangles with Jupiter at the beginning of the week, an optimistic mindset and pleasant interactions could spur an empathetic desire to help others who may be less fortunate than you. You might build someone up in your head, though, if fondness veers into fantasy, so aim to love with true acceptance, not hopeful illusion. Your view isn’t objective under this influence, and you may need a reminder that nothing is quite as it appears. The full moon illuminating the top of your chart is the second one to appear there of late; the first one occurred on March 20, and it may have brought #BossDrama or pushed a goal over the finish line. Kudos for your performance or an opportunity to prove yourself may be forthcoming with this lunation. And an exit ramp might appear on your career path if it’s time for you to change it up and pursue fresh objectives. With Mercury and Venus dipping down to the base of your chart for the next few weeks, you’ll be able to express private thoughts and emotions and you might get into the mood to redecorate your space or entertain at home. The sun’s arrival in your joy sector encourages you to be yourself and let your creative, romantic or fun-loving side out to play in the coming month.



January 20–February 18

Venus’s run-in with Jupiter early in the week can pit your personal desires against group interests as well as regard for the greater good. You’re allowed to want what you want, but don’t try to finagle your way with others who are liable to have their own priorities. There’s a chance this transit will inspire you to be extra generous with friends or with people in general. Then the full moon in your expansion corner echoes one that landed in the same part of your chart on March 20. If an entrepreneurial venture, publishing project, travel plans or exciting experience seemed on the verge of coming together then, any of the above could succeed now. A strong need to transcend everyday life can push you out into the world and get you to take more chances. With Mercury and Venus arriving in your thinking-and-talking corner back to back, the tempo of your thoughts and interactions will pick up. You’ll have an easy time connecting with people and expressing your ideas, views and feelings. But since the sun is leaving that corner to hunker down at the base of your chart for a month, you’ll start to focus some of your attention on your home life and family. You won’t become reclusive, but you will need some downtime to relax and maybe contemplate private memories and emotions.



February 19–March 20

Venus in Pisces goes up against massive Jupiter in your achievement angle at the beginning of the week, so you could be tempted to oversell yourself or cross the line with an authority figure. Feeling confident is a plus, but if your ambition gets out of hand, you might need to dial it down around people you have to answer to. Still, that doesn’t mean you should downplay your magnetism; it can draw positive attention your way during this transit. The full moon in your depth-and-merging house is the second one to land there in a month (the first occurred on March 20). Issues around give-and-take could arise again, or you might finish paying off a debt or finally receive money you’ve been expecting. A sexual connection may heat up or burn out, and there are bound to be a lot of intense emotions involved. It’s an ideal time to pull off a big psychological metamorphosis and come back stronger than ever. Mercury and Venus are leaving your sign and moving into your worth zone for a while, coaxing you to consider your assets, needs, finances and belongings — as well as your personal values and priorities. With the sun darting out of that zone and into your cognition-and-communication corner, you’ll have the energy to get out and see people, speak your mind and let your curiosity lead the way.


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No narrowing down options – got it! Definitely going to embrace both socialisation and downtime this week!

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