Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of April 22-28

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April 20–May 20

With the sun and Uranus holding their first annual summit in your sign, your newfound restlessness has a megawatt spotlight shining on it. An impulse to reinvent yourself or some area of your life may strike like a bolt of lightning, and getting out of your daily routine is the least you can do to feed your hunger for rebellion. Before you go flying off in a random direction, ask yourself what liberation means to you. What flavor of freedom are you craving? How can you make it happen? You might have a brilliant idea that puts you on a new path, so pay attention to revelations! With two heavyweight planets doing a U-turn in your expansion sector within days of each other, whatever risks you’re willing to take will be more cautiously calculated until autumn. You’re asking big questions about life, and your quest for answers will take the form of internal processing during this period. It’s possible that you’ll experience a crisis of faith as your belief system goes through an important transformation. Formulating your own personal philosophy in a search for the truth will probably be a better use of this retrograde phase than trying to broaden your horizons in leaps and bounds. Rather than actively exploring new ground, contemplate what exactly is necessary to your growth. As Mars and Neptune square off, confusion or deception involving money, belongings and resources is possible. If you act on your own priorities, don’t expect a clear consensus.



May 21–June 20

A sun-Uranus meetup in your spirit corner might inspire a selfless gesture that helps others in need or a burst of creative energy where you feel like original ideas are coming out of nowhere. You could also liberate yourself from a trap or the past under this lunation. Listen to your gut, especially when it comes to big changes you need to make or people who are undermining you. But don’t do anything super rash that you’re unsure about—it might have long-term repercussions. As Pluto does a 180 in your depth-and-merging house (and Saturn isn’t far behind), the intensity of a joint venture, financial arrangement, passion project, close relationship, obsession or struggle for control is bound to lessen. Between now and the fall, grapple with the strong emotions churning inside you and try to come to terms with what needs to change. Are you avoiding a big issue like mistrust, jealousy, fear, power or sexuality? The endgame is to transform your psychological wellbeing, so be willing to face the scary stuff. Twins prefer to fast-forward past the heavy emotional introspection, but you have to go through the tunnel to get to the light in this case. Mars in Gemini is pitting himself against Neptune in your achievement angle this week, signaling that as motivated as you are to pursue your goals, you’re still not certain if you’ll hit the target. Don’t let a bureaucratic system or dream-killer authority figure discourage you. Decide for yourself if you’re on the right course. Only you can define your dreams!



June 21–July 22

When the sun and Uranus convene in your network zone, you may get an urge to separate yourself from the pack and revolt against hive mind. Avoid spouting off on social media because a hasty post can come back to bite you. On the flipside, a genius one may go viral! Other possibilities: Your role in a group might suddenly change; you might make a new friend; or you might join or leave an organization. Teamwork will be challenging if you’re marching to your own beat. With Pluto starting to backtrack across your interpersonal angle and Saturn following on his heels, you may decide to break up with someone or tap the brakes if you’ve been heading toward a serious commitment. Over the next five months, the hard lessons you’ve been learning about relationships will entail fewer external developments and more internal processing. Single? You could find yourself pondering what you want and need from a future partner and what worked and didn’t work in your past relationships. If you have unfinished business with an ex or problems with a collaboration, you’ll spend time untangling the mess so you can move ahead when these planets get into first gear. We often project planets whatever is in our opposite sign, so it’s worth examining who you’re drawn to and whether they’re living out an unexpressed side of you. A Mars-Neptune dustup hints that a desire to escape can pull you off track. Try to identify subconscious motives for your behavior; they’re likely rooted in your belief system. A change of scene might be all it takes to replenish you!



July 23–August 22

Show off your unique qualities so you can shine on a big stage this week when the sun and Uranus coalesce. You’ll make an impression in a professional or public setting by tapping into your individuality, not by blending in. But you won’t have an easy time answering to authority, since your ambition has an urge for autonomy behind it. Unexpected opportunities and changes have the potential to put you on a different path that’s right for you. With powerful planets going off the grid in your productivity corner until fall, the pieces you’ve been putting in place to construct a new life probably won’t come together as fast as you’d like. What will it take to transform your health, revamp your schedule, change jobs or improve your quality of life? It’s time to reassess — and this includes checking in with your body and calculating the toll stress is taking on your health. You might need to slow down if you’re juggling too much in your quest to succeed. Perfectionist productivity can be exhausting; keep in mind that this part of the chart represents an apprenticeship phase. Tweak the systems that keep your daily life going, with an eye to changing anything that’s not empowering you to function well. Figure out what’s working and what isn’t, then put a better plan in place. A Mars-Neptune squabble indicates friendship and intimacy are a bewildering combo, and even coordinating your agenda with someone else’s could leave you confused. Don’t wander into this quagmire unless you’re okay with not knowing the outcome.



August 23–September 22

A spiritual awakening or major a-ha! moment is possible when the sun and Uranus rendezvous in your exploration corner. Even if your consciousness isn’t raised in a dramatic fashion, you can definitely gain some perspective this week. This meeting only takes place once a year, and it’s the first time in your life that it’s occurring in this part of your chart. So allow it to lift your spirits and maybe even point you to a new vision of your future. Pluto is going retrograde in your joy sector for the next five months, and Saturn will do the same days later. That means you’ll be reviewing the progress of a romance or creative endeavor or directing your passion in a subtly different direction. It’s not the time for chasing after what you think you want. Taking a close look at your heart’s desires will be more fruitful. Start by asking yourself what you need in your love life. What makes you who you are, and what do you feel called to contribute? How do you want to express your uniqueness? What makes you truly happy? You could find yourself looking to the past for answers, and an ex (or other embodiment of passion or pleasure) might resurface. And since Mars in your achievement angle is arguing with Neptune in your interpersonal zone, you could feel like someone isn’t supporting your ambition. Don’t let another person cause you to doubt yourself. If you know where you’re going, keep going!



September 23–October 22

A sun-Uranus entanglement in your depth-and-merging sector can bring more kink to your sex life or give you a sudden urge for personal space. You need a change, and there’s a good chance it will impact a close relationship. Because this part of your chart also rules the psyche, be ready for flashes of insight that help you understand yourself better. This planetary pair can liberate emotional blocks, and you might suddenly be flooded with intense feels. If you go with it, it may seem like a weight’s been lifted off you. As Pluto and Saturn turn retrograde in your foundation angle and proceed to backpedal for the next five months, it’s clear that you’re sorting out lots of heavy stuff. You might want to see a psychotherapist or other healing professional who can help you process your feelings and come to terms with the past. This part of your chart rules childhood, family, home, emotions, memories, comfort and security — and with two heavy hitters unearthing those issues, you’re probably experiencing some growing pains. Maybe you’re grappling with problems involving relatives or your living situation and will need to think hard about the best way to resolve them, rather than looking for quick fixes or sweeping them under the rug. And since Mars is currently arguing with Neptune in your work-and-wellness corner, your drive to broaden your horizons and fight for what you believe in could temporarily be diminished by illness, the need to help others or a lack of clarity on details.


October 23–November 21

When the sun and Uranus link arms in your partnership angle, a progressive, unusual, stimulating or surprising person might enter your life. You could also have a revelation about a relationship or suddenly need time off from one. Or maybe you’ll act in a really unexpected way, and your significant other won’t know what to make of it. Regardless of the scenario, if there’s a shakeup in your one-on-one connections, it’s actually you who needs a change. Avoid provoking someone just to get a reaction, but don’t stifle your truth; share it diplomatically. With Pluto and Saturn going into reverse, you may start second-guessing yourself a lot in the next five months. You’re probably already doing that to some degree. Now you should burrow into your brain and scrutinize your default, habitual thought patterns and the premises you’ve taken to be fact. Don’t worry: You haven’t been wrong about everything! Keep trying to become more aware of how your mind works and how that forms your reality. Also consider the way you communicate and how that affects your interactions. And don’t rush decisions during these retrogrades — weigh everything judiciously. You’ll be very much in your own head during this period, but you’re used to that by now! On a different note, Mars is needling Neptune this week, complicating sex and love. Your romantic ideals may not mesh with the work that it takes to keep a relationship going. Or perhaps a passion project isn’t turning out the way you pictured. An important caveat: Don’t gamble with finances under this influence.



November 22–December 21

You might want more freedom in your job or wiggle room in your schedule when the sun meets with Uranus in your efficiency corner this week. Circumstances in your daily life could change on a dime, so be ready to adapt. You could also recognize the need to improve your health or fitness and vow to change your ways, but don’t expect overnight results or unwavering willpower. Uranus likes to shake things up, but he’s not really about the long haul. So you might have to reaffirm your resolutions down the road. With Pluto and Saturn going retrograde until the fall, start keeping a close eye on your spending and aim to learn more about finances in general so you can feel more in control of yours. You might revise your budget and redistribute resources (particularly if they’re limited) during this period. Use everything you already have at your disposal as wisely as you can — and try not to focus on what you lack. Look at your relationship with money and possessions; it has an effect on what you attract into your life. And your self-worth also colors your attitude towards finances and material goods. If you don’t believe you deserve abundance, attracting it is harder! If you get into a conflict with another person late in the week, confusing emotions are likely to be a factor, and you might get uncomfortable or insecure. A domestic issue or a family member who needs care could also be at the root of a disagreement. If your home life is draining you, step away for a bit.



December 22–January 19

Quirky self-expression, out-of-left-field romance, spontaneous fun and creative breakthroughs are all favored by this week’s sun-Uranus conference in your fulfillment house. A sudden attraction could involve an electrifying, unconventional person or it might threaten the stability of your love life. You’re inclined to do what you please now, but think twice before taking a big gamble. Impromptu pleasures like a night out with your squad will obviously be more benign than a fling with your boyfriend’s roommate! As Pluto and Saturn begin to backtrack in your sign, the deeply personal transformation process you’ve been experiencing will become even more internal and private. More preparation is required for you to accomplish everything you want to accomplish in the world, and the next five months are suited to going underground and doing your due diligence. You may not make visible external progress, but significant psychological growth is within reach. You need to do some brutally honest soul-searching in order to reap the benefits of these retrogrades. And if you circle back to fill in the holes in your ambitious plans, they’ll be airtight in the fall when the two heavyweight planets resume forward motion. Since Mars in your productivity corner is at odds with Neptune in your thinking-and-talking house at the moment, your momentum may wane as daydreams distract you from your to-do list. It’s not easy now to conceive precisely how you’ll achieve tasks and solve problems, so don’t be surprised if the results of your efforts don’t match the picture in your head.



January 20–February 18

A surprise on the home front or a sudden alteration to your living situation is possible when the sun and Uranus coalesce at the base of your chart. Maybe you’ll have an impulse to relocate, redecorate, renovate or even give a roommate her walking papers. But you should know that this shoot-from-the-hip energy can lead to regrettable “change for the sake of change,” so don’t do anything you can’t undo. An urge to liberate yourself from family baggage can cause shockwaves, but it may not be such a bad thing in the long run. With two powerhouse planets beginning their five-month retrograde phases, sifting through the contents of your unconscious and coming to grips with your backstory will become an even more personal process. You’re apt to feel vulnerable, so be somewhat choosy when it comes to whom you allow into your inner circle. You’re on an internal journey, seeking self-knowledge and striving for emotional growth. Investing fully in this quest can prevent powerful forces in your psyche from morphing into self-sabotage, regressive behavior and projection onto others. Be willing to retreat from the world, unplug and dive deep into old emotions so you can ultimately find some closure and peace. And mine your imagination for riches that — when brought to the surface — can turn into a creative masterpiece. Don’t fight what’s going on inside you, even if it feels unpleasantly heavy and dark — this house is about surrendering to the divine. Meanwhile, a Mars-Neptune skirmish suggests that shaky confidence or finances can slow your pursuit of play, romance and personal fulfillment. Play it safe for now.



February 19–March 20

The sun’s meetup with Uranus in your cognition-and-communication zone stimulates your mind, your speech and your everyday environment and interactions. To channel nervous energy and provide excitement, check out new local spots, connect with different people and find a fresh way to convey your ideas. You might receive a startling piece of news or have an out-of-the-blue encounter that gives you a thrill. A last-minute, brief getaway could also be in the cards. With Pluto and Saturn going rogue in your humanity house for the next five months, you’ll start to examine your group ties, career contacts, friendships and the roles you play in the different circles of people you associate with. What needs to change in order for them to flourish? How are they already changing? Are there toxic people you need to pull back from? Are you setting healthy boundaries? Over the summer, some connections to pals and peers won’t evolve as you thought they would. Professional networking, team endeavors and social media efforts could also be in limbo during this period. Accept the fact that you need to press pause and learn what you need to know if you’re to have success in these areas. Since Mars in your foundation angle is squaring off with Neptune in Pisces this week, discord involving family or someone you live with may cause you to lose steam or deflate your hopes. Make an effort to understand your own core motivations and the ways in which your actions might be sending out unintended signals.



March 21–April 19

The yearly summit between the sun and Uranus takes place in your worth zone for the first time in your life, and it might lead you to quickly acquire something you need or suddenly decide to release something you don’t need. You might lose a source of income, but a surge in confidence may inspire you to dream up ways to turn an untapped talent or resource into a moneymaker. Since Uranus doesn’t specialize in detailed plans, think of this as an exciting possibility, not a done deal. Another word of advice: Don’t take dubious chances with your money when you’re feeling this headstrong. As Pluto and Saturn shift into reverse gear in your ambition angle, the pressure to succeed should ease until fall. You may not feel like you’re making lots of progress, but this is a period for reviewing your goals and your professional path. Rethink any objectives that aren’t totally relevant to who you are today. And double-check whether you’re leaving out any essential steps in your long-term plans. In the end, these retrogrades will fortify your determination to make your mark in the world. You’re poised to take on more responsibility and achieve big things, but these two influential planets are telling you that there’s no rush. Take the time to set yourself up for success. Your ruler, Mars, is quarreling with Neptune at the moment, so your proactive attitude might be watered down by lingering doubt. Listen to what your gut is telling you, but don’t lose hope. 


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Losing a source of income sounds daunting… for the first time, I’m hoping this is inaccurate, haha!

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