Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of April 29 – May 5

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April 20–May 20

Mercury in your subliminal corner is sparring with Saturn and Pluto in your expansion zone this week, which might lead you to doubt your instincts or feel compelled to tout your beliefs with force. Regrets may narrow your vision, but this is an opportune time for disciplined, in-depth study because it has the power to strengthen your faith. Merc’s vibe with Jupiter can give you the courage to confide in someone close to you or to take an honest look at your inner emotional landscape. Either is apt to give you needed insights and a psychological lift. Mars in your worth house has awkward encounters with Saturn and Pluto that may tempt you to risk something valuable against your better judgment, and you may need a reality check to get your priorities in order. And a Mars-Jupiter faceoff is bound to complicate give-and-take, so avoid digging in your heels and becoming possessive. Rather than getting defensive about your values or pinning your hopes on someone’s support, cultivate respect for the needs and values of others. A new moon in Taurus represents an annual invitation to reinvent yourself and start fresh. It’s a good time to revamp your image, so think about how you come across and whether people can see the person you’re becoming. You might change your look, start expressing yourself in a different way or present a more confident, daring persona. If you’ve been waiting to launch a venture that you’re excited about, this lunation signals liftoff!



May 21–June 20

Your ruling planet is zipping through your group sector and elbowing Saturn and Pluto in your depth zone this week, hinting that you might remain silent if sharing seems too hard and you’re not entirely sure you trust someone. Jealousy and manipulation might pose problems, and it may be best to step back from the situation so you can look at the big picture and avoid fixating. When Mercury gels with Jupiter in your interpersonal angle, you might meet someone through friends or peers who can be a big help to you in the long run. Or you could click with a person from far away or a person who has plenty to teach you. Mars in Gemini has awkward meetings with Saturn and Pluto that could force you to adapt your behavior in order to meet an obligation or make a relationship work. Sidestep power struggles and be open to compromise. You might need to shuffle your priorities if a pressing private matter comes up. A Mars-Jupiter opposition may also require you to temper your actions. If you’re expecting a lot of someone and they don’t come through for you, try not to overreact. It’s easy to come on too strong now, and a challenging workout will help you burn off steam. The new moon coaxes you to ease your soul with a needed dose of peace and quiet. You might begin a new spiritual practice under this lunation or do something kind and selfless for the benefit of others.



June 21–July 22

Another individual may criticize your aspirations, prevent your progress or curb your ambition when Mercury feuds with Saturn this week. But constructive criticism can help you define your objectives more clearly. Merc is also at odds with Pluto, which might put someone on the defensive if your tone sounds patronizing or authoritative. Trying to connect with key contacts or discuss where a relationship is headed? Proceed with caution, testing the response you’re getting. Mercury and Jupiter are operating in tandem, implying that a positive work ethic and a zeal for learning new skills will allow you to shine. You can easily get on the same page with people who are senior to you, and your ability to communicate with them could give you more freedom. With Mars rubbing Saturn and Pluto the wrong way, you could inadvertently do something that causes another person to shut you down. Keep tabs on the ways in which you may be working against yourself and the best interests of a relationship. A Mars-Jupiter standoff might lead you to push yourself quite hard to stay on top of your to-do list, a self-improvement effort or your job. Is your busyness concealing something in your psyche you should deal with to attain mind-body wellness? Take timeouts to escape into solitude, sleep and your imagination, and seek alternate channels for your energy. The new moon invites you to launch a philanthropic or social-media endeavor; make a new friend or professional contact; join a group; and widen the circle of people in your life.



July 23–August 22

When Mercury quarrels with Saturn and Pluto this week, details, your workload and daily duties could dampen your enthusiasm, while a preachy tone might provoke coworkers. You’re on a quest to learn, and a wide range of people can point the way to useful knowledge and teach you new skills. Merc’s chemistry with Jupiter also hints that education, travel and trying unfamiliar things will be super gratifying and might even lead to love. These planets don’t want you to play it safe; they’re nudging you to get out of your everyday routine and have an adventure that expands your world. Be open to falling for someone who doesn’t meet your usual criteria. Difference has a lot more to offer you now than familiarity does. Break new ground, and as a bonus, you may discover another side of yourself. Mars in your humanity house is at odds with Saturn and Pluto, so teamwork and other group activities probably won’t mesh naturally with your personal responsibilities. Avoid thinking in all-or-nothing terms and stressing out about how much you have to do. Stay flexible and willing to adjust your M.O. Mars is also facing off with Jupiter, so creativity, romance and the freedom to express your individuality may also seem diametrically opposed to collaboration—and again, compromise is key. A new moon at the peak of your chart encourages you to set new goal;, shoot for a promotion; create a business plan; embark on a fresh chapter in your career; or set off in a different direction in your life.



August 23–September 22

Saturn and Pluto have disagreements with your ruling planet this week, which could rein you in to the extent where you become inhibited. Avoid taking yourself too seriously and try to keep obsession and jealousy at bay in a close relationship, as they’re likely to breed suspicions. There’s a chance you’ll be drawn to someone you know isn’t good for you but feel as if your connection is destined. Luckily, Mercury is collaborating with Jupiter at the base of your chart, so inner confidence can facilitate a meeting of the minds. Trust will give you a sense of inner peace. If you need emotional support now, say so. And if you’re on your own, self-knowledge can also help you to feel comfortable in your own skin. You’ll reap the benefits of quiet alone time or a heart-to-heart with someone you care about. Mars is elbowing Saturn and Pluto, suggesting that you’ll probably have to tweak your approach to achieve a good balance of work and play. And when Mars and Jupiter go toe to toe, your ambition may compete with a strong desire to indulge in the pleasures of home. If you’re quite sure of yourself or you’re hyperaware of your family’s expectations of you, you might push yourself extra hard. Again, try alternating between action and relaxation. The new moon dares you to take a leap of faith; plan a big trip; embark on a new course of study; launch an entrepreneurial or publishing venture; and explore a range of beliefs, cultures, lifestyles and perspectives.



September 23–October 22

Powerful emotions, underlying insecurity, family history and private fears could hinder your rapport with someone when Mercury spars with Saturn and Pluto this week. You really want to see eye to eye, but you can’t help how strong your feelings are—so strong they may outweigh your desire to keep the peace. Lucky for you, Mercury is gelling with Jupiter in your thinking-and-talking corner, reminding you to keep an open mind, stay optimistic, speak freely and honestly and be willing to learn. It’s possible to have an enlightening dialogue that gets you back on track. Since Mars in your exploration zone will have uncomfortable encounters with Saturn and Pluto, you might need to stay home and take care of something pressing rather than giving your wanderlust full rein. And keep an eye on those turbulent feelings deep inside you; if you get into a heated exchange, they’re likely to boil over. When Mars and Jupiter face off, you could overstate your case, making it harder to reach an accord. Although you may get carried away defending your POV, fostering a healthy degree of curiosity will help you to listen attentively. Plus a lively exchange can make you wiser! Jupiter wants you to keep expanding your perception, so aim for a learning opportunity, not a debate win. This week’s new moon alludes to the possibility that a new sexual connection or outside resource (like a loan or grant) could be just around the corner. You might develop a new passion soon or start fresh after a crisis or loss.


October 23–November 21

Savvy prioritizing is a good strategy this week when Mercury in your efficiency zone jousts with Saturn and Pluto in your thinking-and-talking corner. Try narrowing your focus and crossing things off your to-do list one at a time. Avoid taking a a rigid position or sounding too controlling, especially with coworkers. There’s more than one right way to get stuff done. Merc’s vibe with Jupiter in your worth house suggests that paying attention to detail, doing intellectually rigorous work and learning new skills can help you to reap financial rewards. And careful planning can help you make the most of your assets and attain what’s truly important to you. Mars, your co-ruler, is skirmishing with Saturn and Pluto, so you may need to modify your efforts to get to the bottom of something in your psyche, share yourself with someone or get what you need from outside resources, since they’re likely to be out of sync with your mindset or your words. An attitude adjustment and a willingness to cede some control should enable you to sidestep a conflict. And when Mars faces off with Jupiter, money, belongings or values might become problematic. The solution is to contemplate how you can integrate mine and ours better. Hear someone out, aiming to attain harmony in a relationship and a firm grasp of priorities. The new moon in your interpersonal angle coaxes you to take a partnership to the next level, open up negotiations, redefine your connection with someone or go public with whatever you’ve been working on. Single? A significant new relationship might be in the pipeline.



November 22–December 21

When Mercury squabbles with Saturn and Pluto this week, low self-esteem could block self-expression, or your sense of humor could have an unintended effect. Consider your personal values before you crack a joke or play a prank. You’re inclined to speak frankly now and could accidentally diminish others with your words. Luckily, Jupiter in Sagittarius is clicking with Merc, signaling that giving voice to your emotions, personality, creativity, desires and passion will feel freeing and can promote your personal growth. Don’t hide who you are or what you have to contribute to the world. Focus on fulfilling your potential and becoming a more well-rounded, happy individual. Explore new routes to love and joy. Since Mars is needling Saturn and Pluto, aligning your agenda with someone else’s won’t exactly be effortless, and flexibility is essential to make a partnership work. Mars is also going head-to-head with your ruling planet, and you may feel like you’re too much for some people (or think you’re being seen that way). Try to stay open to constructive feedback, and collaborate with your trademark enthusiasm when you spot an opportunity. If you’re faced with a conflict, represent yourself honestly and deal with the problem at hand. Avoid exaggerating and overreacting. If someone’s behavior is at odds with your own truth, remind yourself that you don’t have all the answers. A new moon invites you to start a new diet or fitness regimen; launch a job search; organize your workspace; learn a skill; initiate a worthwhile habit; streamline your schedule; take on new responsibilities; or adopt a pet.



December 22–January 19

Mercury’s tiffs with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn can complicate communication on the home front this week. If you feel like you’re walking on eggshells, look at your own need for control, which could be part of the problem. Rather than trying to get someone to see things from your perspective, you might opt to reflect on your own emotions and memories. If you avoid judging them, you can effect change within yourself. Merc is making music with Jupiter, luring you to contemplate your backstory and delve into private thoughts and feelings. You stand to gain self-awareness — plus facing whatever is lurking inside you and in your past will ultimately bring you comfort. Mars in your efficiency zone is out of step with Saturn and Pluto, so although you’re motivated to work hard, you could get in your own way. Don’t be too fussy about the best way of doing things or put your foot down with others who are trying to help. Resist the urge to call the shots. Flexibility, not flexing your muscles, will increase productivity. A Mars-Jupiter opposition points to the tension between the part of you that’s driven to get tons done and the part of you that yearns to check out and chill. Avoid overindulging either part. Instead, do your best to balance the call of reality and the call of your spirit. A new moon hints that fresh romance, creativity, fun and other pleasures could be on the way. It’s a good time to take up a new hobby, start dating, begin an artistic venture or develop a passion.



January 20–February 18

This week, Mercury is quibbling with Saturn and Pluto, so regret, melancholy, guilt, anger or other difficult feelings can alter your attitude and your interactions. The best line of defense is to keep an eye on whatever is rumbling beneath the surface and look to the past for lessons. Old mistakes can sharpen your current thinking. Thankfully, Merc and Jupiter are clicking, inspiring you to connect with a wide array of people — particularly those you can learn from. Group discussions will broaden your mind and help you overcome limiting biases, so don’t stick to hanging out with a small, like-minded crew. Endeavors that aim to make the world a better place will also elevate everyone’s mindset. Mars is also experiencing some friction with Saturn and Pluto, reminding you to factor in your subconscious motives — because they’re apt to undermine your pursuit of pleasure if you don’t watch out for them. You might need to wrap up unfinished business before you can proceed full steam ahead chasing love and happiness. Plus Mars is facing off with Jupiter, so you might want to do one thing, but your friends expect you to do another. Romance may be at odds with your social life, requiring you to juggle. You’re in the mood to play, and Jupiter tempts you to go overboard. Rather than pursuing your ideal of a good time, grab pleasures as they come! The new moon points to an imminent change in your living situation or family. You might start a self-care practice or declutter your space to improve your mood and attain peace of mind.



February 19–March 20

Mercury’s squabbles with Saturn and Pluto this week allude to possible disagreements with a friend or group over money, possessions or values. Avoid such loaded topics and be sure you’re not engaging in one-upmanship. Your thinking may run counter to societal standards, creating friction with others. Lucky for you, Merc is forming an alliance with Jupiter in your achievement angle, which could inspire you to make a confident pitch for a promotion or raise. Evaluate your talents and consider how much money you need to bring in. Then set ambitious objectives that will help you prosper. Mars is also rubbing Saturn and Pluto the wrong way at the moment, and as a result, you’ll probably have to juggle domestic activities with social obligations. It’s also possible that underlying anger or aggression will affect group relations or a particular friendship. The more aware you are of your innermost emotions, the more equipped you’ll be to deal with this temporary tension. A Mars-Jupiter confrontation can make it challenging to balance your home life and your goals. Are you pushing yourself to do too much? Are you burying turbulent feelings and slipping into an old behavior pattern? Getting stuff done around the house will help you burn off excess energy. If you become irritable, try drilling down to the root cause if you can. The new moon invites you to let your curiosity lead the way. It’s a good time to learn new things; meet people; gather info; take a short trip; connect with siblings and neighbors; make a decision; and get involved in community efforts.



March 21–April 19

When Mercury in Aries spars with Saturn and Pluto in your ambition angle this week, setting goals and communicating with authority figures may not be as easy as you’d like. You could get annoyed with having to answer to someone and generate friction as a result. Give practical thought to how you can achieve something and focus on what you need to learn in order to strengthen your plans. Mercury is joining forces with Jupiter, so learning will be a crucial component of your quest to explore new territory and grow as an individual. Aim to expand your mind and take in a wider range of what life has to offer. Your ruler, Mars, is skirmishing with Saturn and Pluto, doubling down on the theme of tricky communication with higher-ups. You’re ready to assert yourself but might need to adjust your eagerness and try not to come on too strong. Think of action steps that will further your progress toward a goal and fit in with your long-term game plan. A Mars-Jupiter altercation might get you into an overheated debate if you identify very strongly with your opinions and beliefs. When that’s the case, disagreements feel more personal. If you know your cause is a just one, fight for it. But if you’re simply stuck in a pointless argument, do your best to rise above it. An educational exchange of ideas is possible here, so don’t just walk away. The new moon nudges you to indulge your five senses, create a new financial strategy and a fresh stream of income and work on strengthening your self-esteem.


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Looks like I’ll need to work hard at maintaining good relationships this week! Thanks for the horoscope!

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