Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of April 7-13

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March 21–April 19

When Venus and Neptune line up this week, you could enjoy a romantic encounter behind closed doors with someone special or show your compassion for others. You might get lost in fantasyland if you’re harboring a secret crush. If the attachment isn’t a healthy one, view this as an opportunity to release past love from your heart. The Aries sun is going up against Saturn and Pluto in your ambition angle, hinting that an authority figure might be testing you or going off on a power trip, requiring you to step up your game. If someone’s holding you accountable and not just being demanding, you’ll gain strength from meeting the challenge. But you could feel weighed down by responsibilities or worn out from work and will need to do your best not to get discouraged. If you’re clinging to an aspect of your career plan that isn’t panning out, take your ego out of the equation and align yourself with the forces of change. Pluto has no doubt caused you some pain by slowly taking apart and rebuilding your life path, but part of his intent is to force you to set goals that are right for you. And to do so, you must know yourself very well! With Jupiter backspinning through your expansion corner for the next four months, your enthusiasm for new learning experiences could wane, and a publishing project, legal proceeding or travel plans may stall. You’re excited to explore fresh territory, but now it’s time to contemplate the knowledge you’ve recently gained, search for personal meaning in your latest adventures and begin to form a philosophy around what you’ve seen and learned. Focus on your inner journey and personal growth if your impetus to branch out is unsuccessful. A sun-Jupiter coalition implies you’re capable of doing something you thought was out of reach, so have the courage to test your mettle.



April 20–May 20

Your ruling planet has a date with Neptune in your group sector this week, luring you to enjoy escapist fun with your squad or make a sweet sacrifice for a friend. If you’ve teamed up with others on a creative endeavor, you’ll have an easy time getting into a groove and coming up with something inspired. The sun in your subliminal corner is at odds with Saturn and Pluto in your expansion zone, however, so you could feel torn between laying low and breaking new ground. Travel plans or study obligations can thwart your inclination to unwind, and although you might not have the energy to get out in the world and experience life, you’ll probably feel pressure to do so. You’re not totally sure what comes next, but part of you is compelled to place your faith in a particular version of the future. Don’t let an opinionated person dominate you, and try not to give in to ruminating on the past. Look for lessons in your history; the wisdom of hindsight will help you envision the best path forward. With Jupiter doing a 180 in your depth-and-merging house, outside resources won’t be all that attainable in the next four months. If a partnership or psychological growth has been on the fast track lately, progress is likely to slow, and you might lose hope. The pace will pick up again in August, and in the meantime, you’d do well to ponder what change and support is really needed. Fortunately, the sun will sync up with Jupiter late this week, coaxing you to spend some time alone contemplating life; you may gain insight into the way you tick. One-on-one time with someone special can bring moments of authenticity and acceptance that allow your connection to thrive.



May 21–June 20

The quality of your creative work could earn you recognition this week when Venus gels with Neptune at the pinnacle of your chart. Or maybe you’ll get caught up in a fantasy of ideal success and feel like you’ll never be able to attain it. You might also be drawn to an older or more established person, since it’s easy to idolize someone else’s status under this influence. The sun in your network zone is feuding with Saturn and Pluto in your depth-and-merging house, so it’s possible that you’re trying to align your interests with those of others, but you’re not getting what you need from them. Jealousy, mistrust and manipulation can pose problems, complicating group dynamics. The division of power needs to be negotiated, but that’s no easy feat. Being around people will boost your energy, so don’t break off from the pack. If it seems like you’re stuck in a particular role, meet the challenge by honing your cooperation skills. Jupiter begins to backtrack in your one-on-one angle midweek, which could make you less optimistic about a committed relationship or the quality of people you’re meeting. Since November, you’ve had a fair amount of luck clicking with individuals who have something to offer, but for the next four months, you probably won’t make quite as many connections. Start to narrow down the prospects who have legit long-term potential. Jupiter tends to put quantity over quality, and this is your chance to sift through the selection, zeroing in on the keepers. When the sun jibes with Jupiter over the weekend, you’ll feel inspired to get out and see people, and you may enjoy a certain someone’s company or make a worthwhile contact. Being your authentic self in a group setting will enable you to connect with a possible friend or love interest who will enhance your life.



June 21–July 22

This week’s Venus-Neptune meetup in your exploration corner might coincide with a strong attraction to someone who’s quite different from you or not your usual type. The allure of unfamiliar pleasures is very strong, so it’s possible you’ll fall under the spell of a stranger. Or maybe you’ll enjoy a trip or other type of cultural experience and feel incredibly connected to a world that’s not your own. The sun in your achievement angle is throwing darts at Saturn and Pluto in your interpersonal zone, which can make it seem like another person is preventing you from shining. A dominant individual could overshadow you, or perhaps relationship obligations are sidetracking your ambitions. Your own authoritative behavior can provoke a reaction out of someone, so keep egotism in check and don’t focus on gaining the upper hand. Constructive criticism can help you distill your goals, and you may derive more benefit from an alliance than a competition. With Jupiter going retrograde for the next four months, your daily life won’t be as fast-paced and you’ll have some time to catch your breath. You’ve been taking on duties and responsibilities, and now it’s time to evaluate which mean the most to you and what skills you need to develop to tackle those. If you have too much on your plate, start scaling back and learn to say no without feeling guilty. The sun is playing nice with Jupiter late in the week, hinting that your positive work ethic will reflect well on you. Seek meaning in what you’re doing and grab hold of the opportunities that resonate with you. You can catch the attention of higher-ups when you take pride in a job well done. You don’t need to go out of your way to promote yourself now; your work will speak for itself!



July 23–August 22

Intimacy can feel intense, beautiful and romantic this week when Venus and Neptune embrace in your closeness zone. If you have a sexual partner, you might feel like he or she is your soulmate, because a physical encounter can have a decidedly spiritual vibe with this planetary combo. There’s a lot of potential for healing too, so if you’re on your own, look at this as an opportunity to let go of old pain and forgive. Your ruler, the sun, is arguing with Saturn and Pluto in your productivity zone, so even though you’d like to devote energy to broadening your horizons through learning, travel and new experiences, your health, job or daily duties may weigh you down and prevent you from spreading your wings. Look for compromises between adventure and responsibility. As much as you want to transcend everyday life, more pressing obligations are bound to intrude and compete for your time and attention. Avoid thinking in all-or-nothing terms. You can find ways to break out of your routine without everything falling to pieces. A person could play the part of killjoy by giving you a major reality check or swamping you in details and to-dos. Resist getting into a discussion over who’s right, as that’s likely to devolve into a destructive power struggle. Jupiter is going into reverse in your fulfillment house until August, suggesting that romance, fun and creativity will feel harder to come by, but they’re not going to disappear from your life. This is a period for asking yourself what (and perhaps who) makes you happiest. The sun’s chemistry with Jupiter nudges you to get out into the world and shift your perspective. Express your inner artiste in a bold way. A change of scene and trying new things can raise your consciousness, teach you about yourself, help you grow and even boost your love life.



August 23–September 22

Venus’s rendezvous with Neptune in your interpersonal angle implies you’re wearing rose-colored glasses in one-on-one interactions, and someone may seem too good to be true. If you’ve put an individual up on a pedestal, this transit can cause you to become disillusioned. And if you meet a new romantic prospect, there’s a good chance you’ll idealize him or her from the start. But an effortlessly pleasant encounter could also be in the cards! The sun in your depth-and-merging house is clashing with Saturn and Pluto, further complicating your personal life. Maybe you’re frustrated with a lukewarm love affair or inhibitions about being yourself in a relationship. Be patient. Getting to know — and learning to appreciate — your whole authentic self can take time and effort, and sharing that self with others isn’t always as easy as it looks. But it’s worth the work. Closeness can trigger fears now, making it more likely that you or the other party will try to wrest control. Or perhaps a relationship will expose a part of you that you don’t like and compel you to face your dark side. You might be willing to pool your resources with a partner but find the logistics to be a headache. And if you fall for someone new, your chemistry is apt to be combustible. As Jupiter reverses course for the next four months, your underlying sense of security and comfort may be affected, and a positive development in your home life could be delayed. You might begin to question putting down new roots and ponder where you belong. While family support may not be quite as forthcoming, it’s a good time to mull over what you need in order to feel at peace and at home. The sun’s link with Jupiter suggests holing up with someone special or devoting time to self-care will replenish your energy and boost your mood.



September 23–October 22

Your ruler’s tango with Neptune in your efficiency corner can inspire you to help out someone you care about or perform an act of kindness that benefits strangers — so let the spirit of service move you! You could also do highly creative work thanks to this planetary pair or find yourself attracted to a person you see every day, like a coworker or an acquaintance from the gym. Since the sun in your one-on-one angle is sparring with Saturn and Pluto in your foundation sector, a stifling home environment, underlying insecurity, an intractable family or emotional inhibition may be a determining factor in the role you usually play in your relationships. Identifying the problem is half the battle. Once you spot it, you can begin doing the work to resolve it. Another person or a specific connection can trigger difficult feelings deep inside you, which could lead you to react in a manner that doesn’t seem like you. You like to think of yourself as a peaceful person, but these intense emotions do need some kind of outlet. With Jupiter heading into its four-month retrograde phase in your cognition-and-communication house, you won’t keep up the same fast pace you’ve enjoyed since November, interacting with lots of people, making new contacts, speaking freely, thinking big and hatching optimistic plans. You might trim your sails when it comes to a buoyant tone and grand ideas, pausing to weigh what to invest in going forward. Consider your recent thoughts, hopes, opinions and acquaintances, with an eye to narrowing options. The sun and Jupiter are in cahoots, so you have a good chance of getting on the same wavelength with someone and being seen for who you really are. Keep an open mind and speak up. Other individuals can inspire and inform you, so make the effort to connect one-on-one.


October 23–November 21

Venus and Neptune are dancing in your joy house, allowing you to channel your muse and create noteworthy art. Get in the flow and let your imagination run wild. There’s a chance you’ll overidealize a romantic interest or pleasure now, since Neptune is generating a smokescreen around love and happiness. Both have an escapist, magical quality, and you may or may not choose to dial down. With the sun in your efficiency corner at war with Saturn and Pluto in your cognition-and-communication zone, a rigid, negative or all-or-nothing mindset can reduce your productivity. Black-and-white thinking is not your friend when it prevents you from getting things done. You might be pressuring yourself to perform every task perfectly; don’t let yourself become preoccupied with micromanaging. Use structured thought to your advantage and methodically plan how you’ll attack your to-do list. Jupiter is doing a U-turn in your resources sector and will be backpedaling until August. So a source of income may dry up for the time being, and you might scale back your spending. Belongings and money have had an easy-come-easy-go feel lately, but they won’t flow so freely during the next four months. Get a better grasp on your personal values and priorities, defining what’s most important to you. What do you truly need and want more of? That answer will enable you to channel the flow properly when Jupiter gets back into gear. The sun’s current vibe with Jupiter hints that your hard work will pay off. Maintain your humility, doing what needs to be done, and utilize your full range of talents to do the best job possible. That approach may earn you more notice and money than overt self-promotion will. The bonus is this: Turning your energy toward accomplishing tasks will make you feel better about yourself.



November 22–December 21

A Venus-Neptune summit at the bottom of your chart alludes to the irresistible pull that the pleasures of home and family have now. You could overdo it when it comes to comforts like food or become completely absorbed in beautifying your space. Escapist indulgences like binge watching or sleeping in will have loads of appeal because you’re in the mood to check out and dwell in a relaxing realm. You might opt to stay in with your S.O. rather than go out on a date, since domestic amour is favored. The sun in your joy sector is arguing with Saturn and Pluto in your resources house, though, so flagging confidence or financial pressures can restrain your joie de vivre. You want to express your personality, creativity and feelings but may run into doubts about whether it’s worth it or whether you have enough to offer. You could deprive yourself or indulge yourself and then suffer from resentment or worry. Respect what you’re made of and what you value — and work with what you have so you can enjoy life on your terms. Your ruling planet is shifting into reverse for the next four months, which will change the tone of its trip through Sagittarius. When Jupiter’s grandiose energy goes underground, you might feel less sure of yourself and catch a few less lucky breaks. But Jupiter still has your back! Review your growth since November and notice the blessings in disguise. Ponder the direction you’re heading in and ask yourself if your aspirations reflect your personal standards or those of society. Your inner wisdom overrides external circumstances now, so seek the paths that feel true to you. A sun-Jupiter confab will help you express your individuality freely and push you out the door to have fun. Show off a little and spend time with loved ones doing what makes you happy.



December 22–January 19

When Venus and Neptune unite in your cognition-and-communication house this week, pleasant thoughts and heartfelt words should flow naturally. You could dream up incredibly imaginative ideas out of the ether or get lost in a daydream. Plus you might be moved to tell someone how you feel about them and won’t struggle to find the words. The sun in your foundation angle is throwing darts at both Saturn and Pluto, who are traipsing across Capricorn. So you’ll be prone to isolating yourself from family or roommates; preventing yourself from unwinding; judging your emotions or your past; and falling into the power-struggle trap. Don’t beat yourself up. Honor the sanctity of your inner life, balancing ambition with relaxation. You could seem heavy-handed when in actuality, you’re really trying to change something for the good. You’re probably interested in getting a grip on your own feelings or circumstances in your personal life (likely your home life), but things could get pretty heated. Stay focused on positive transformation and controlling yourself — and yourself alone. Resist the urge to manipulate a person or a situation. Jupiter is turning retrograde at the end of your chart until August, so you won’t have the same tailwind for a while. Use this period to reflect on what you’ve learned about yourself lately and the lessons you’ve gleaned about surrendering your will and finding out where life takes you. A new spiritual dimension may have come into your life, and you should try not to lose hope if it seems like you’re just drifting along now. The sun is linked with Jupiter late in the week, increasing the appeal of chilling at home and enjoying a whopping dose of peace and quiet. Indulge in at-home spa treatments, quality time with your couch or meditation sessions. Or get in touch with your emotions by journaling or confiding in a wise soul.



January 20–February 18

It’s hard to distinguish between need and want when Venus merges with Neptune in your value zone this week, stirring a longing for something you don’t have. You might not be able to pinpoint why you’re dissatisfied and could build up the object of your desire as the answer to everything. Your self-image will likely be rather shaky, so tap into the deep well of empathy and compassion that this planetary pair generates and love your flawed but invaluable self. You’re perfectly imperfect! With the sun in your cognition-and-communication corner at odds with Saturn and Pluto, your thoughts and speech may be tinged with regret, guilt and doubt. You’re also in danger of undermining yourself inadvertently or being sabotaged by someone else. Regardless of which scenario you’re faced with, it may not be easy to spot, since those two heavyweight planets are lurking in a house that rules the subconscious as well as hidden enemies. Do your best to read between the lines and protect yourself. Deal with your emotions instead of pushing them further down inside you and try to learn from past mistakes. These efforts will improve your attitude and your interactions. Jupiter is going off the grid in your network sector for the next four months, possibly narrowing the wide array of people coming into your life and slowing the progress of a group endeavor. You might feel less enthused about recently conceived hopes and less supported by your squad. But it’s the perfect time to examine which new contacts, friendships, group ties and social media accounts are a good fit for you and which aren’t going to mean so much over the long haul. With the sun and Jupiter in cahoots, you’ll benefit from feeling like you’re a part of something bigger than yourself, and that experience can enhance your perspective.



February 19–March 20

As Venus and Neptune coalesce in your sign this week, love, imagination and beauty seem to have no limits. You could wander endlessly in a daydream and enjoy pleasant, effortless relating. If you’re caught up in a romantic, dreamy haze and exuding selfless kindheartedness, there’s a chance that others will misinterpret your signals and perhaps take advantage of your vulnerability. The sun in your worth house is elbowing Saturn and Pluto in your network sector, hinting that obligations to a group, peer pressure or other people’s interests could impact your self-esteem or finances. It might seem like your values, priorities, possessions or personal needs are taking a backseat to a cause, a movement or hive mind. Maybe a pal or peer doesn’t have your best interests at heart, and you feel threatened. Do take care of what you value most, but recognize that learning from others can help you clarify your priorities and fortify your resources. An important role in a group can also shore up your confidence. Consider what you’re getting from the powerful network of people in your life and whether there’s a way to reconcile your current personal concerns with the greater good. It won’t be painless, but it’s worth a try. Jupiter is going rogue in your achievement angle for the next four months, so you’re likely to lose steam in your pursuit of big goals. But are you charging ahead in the right direction? Pause to review your aspirations and revise them so that they’re truly yours. Your ego could be deflated by a temporary lack of recognition, but it’s time to define success for yourself. A sun-Jupiter conference helps you use what you have in order to achieve an objective. Put your talents on display and use all the assets at your disposal — including confidence and contacts — to make headway.


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Definitely going to be taking challenges head on this week! Thanks for the horoscope!

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