How To Gain Clarity

In order to advance to the next step of just about anything, it’s often said that one must find and maintain clarity. It may be easier than you think…

Even as I sat down to contemplate this word — clarity — my mind exhibited pretty much the exact opposite. Well, what exactly is clarity? Is it the same for everyone? If I meditate enough, will that produce enough focus? Come to think of it, my eyesight is getting worse — should I book an appointment with my ophthamologist ? Should Ray-Ban’s still be my thing?…

See… Clutter! Spinning. NOT clarity.

Merriam-Webster defines clarity as “the quality or state of being clear; LUCIDITY.” So yes, it seems that in order to make our best informed decisions about careers, relationships, outfit choices, dinner options, one would benefit best from doing so with a clear head. That’s not as easy as it sounds, or is it?

There are so many distractions in (most of) our lives: Netflix, HBO, Instagram, email, phones in general, ads, gossip, to name a few. It’s seemingly impossible to steer clear of these things which tend to consume us in some form on the daily. But there are a few things, and they’re free, that can easily start navigating you toward a stronger sense of self. And in that process, I’m willing to bet that you’ll soon notice less static in the messages that you’re giving and receiving. Hence, clarity.


I know many, many people who use meditation as a form of finding focus. I believe wholeheartedly in its magic but, personally, MY meditation looks a lot different than what is considered the traditional practice. Transcendental Meditation was introduced to me as a young child. I was granted a unique and secret word which I would repeat over and over in a chant-like fashion (well, it was secret until my sister and I decided to tell each other our words and…that was the end of that). I didn’t get it. As a young woman, I sat in bed each morning and closed my eyes for 15-20 minutes and tried to think of nothing. Problem was, I TRIED, so even when I saw only black behind my eyelids, I gave form and reason and question to it, which meant that I was still not giving in and letting go 100%. Hmmm, still not jiving with me. Cut to many years later, and it suddenly dawned on me. 

All of those times when I told people that I actually liked vacuuming? Doing dishes? Folding my clothes? Gardening? That was ME MEDITATING. In those precious minutes I carved out of my routine, I found focus. Granted, it meant staring into a sink of sudsy leftovers or a weed-infested corner of the yard. But it was there that I also turned off my brain, giving in to the matter at hand. And when my task was complete, I came out on the other side feeling accomplished, calm and ready. Whatever, however you find peace in your life, be sure to gift yourself the time to revisit it often.


The head and the heart, immersed in a constant battle since the beginning of time. I’m never sure which one to heed — they both seem to make really good points. So much so that sometimes I can’t even remember what it was I was trying to make a decision about, they’re both so full of what-if’s and why’s?

I find more often than not that, when I quiet my brain long enough (as its main objective is normally to ask “BUT…is that really what you should do?”) my heart is in the background trying desperately to get my attention. “I tried to tell you!!” it yells. Yeah, you did try and tell me. And I didn’t want to listen because I didn’t think you could be so right on so quickly. 

Far be it for me to say not to ever engage your mind and actually contemplate anything. But, when something is not sitting right in your being, consider giving your heart some attention. I’m still shocked and humbled every time it guides me to the right place.

Right place = absence of conflict = clear mind = clear conscience = clarity.

Or, you can pick up our Clarity ringer  to celebrate your newfound gift. 


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One thing I learned is to always trust my gut instinct. Our instincts are what makes us human, not robots! Thanks for the pointers!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

4 years ago


4 years ago

Beautiful and helpful article, Carrie!!! Clarity is so important and I appreciate this reminder that it doesn’t have to look a certain way – thank you! Did you know that worsening eyesight (and lack of focus) may be linked to elevated levels of heavy metals? I am down the rabbit hole! :)