Made To: Be Whatever You Want To Be

Movement — as a physical, mental and/or emotional exploration — is key to pursuing a fulfilling existence. How do you do it, however, is entirely up to you.

Six of our heroes, and now friends, recently took part in our newest FP Movement campaign, aptly named “Made To Move.” We wanted to share with you a bit more about what inspires and propels them forward each and every day. More from Olivia Burgess, Amanda Bisk, and Roca Moon (Mona Jane) below:


Made to Dance: Olivia Burgess

5 words to describe how dancing makes you feel: 

Free – Weightless – Unstoppable – Confident – Infinite.

Favorite dance you’ve ever learned and why?

As a BFA dance performance major at Ailey/Fordham, I was required to hire a choreographer in my senior year to set a solo on me. This was a unique opportunity for me, to choose someone I wanted to work with. Someone I felt could bring something out of me. I chose to work with Rena Butler who currently dances with Hubbard Street Dance Chicago. The piece she choreographed played into my strengths but also challenged me to push past my weaknesses and grow as a performer/story teller. It was exhilarating taking center stage, performing a piece that represented the dancer I am. 

Song that, no matter what, always makes you want to move:

“Retrograde” by James Blake, which happens to be the song we played during filming! 


Made to Break Boundaries: Amanda Bisk

Your go-to method of moving:

Usually sprints, plyometrics, or HIIT training. I have been an explosive style athlete my whole life (gymnastics and pole vault), so quick training is my favourite!

As a former Elite Pole Vaulter, what is your most memorable moment?

Competing internationally. I was lucky enough to have a few seasons of traveling and training in different countries and it really gave me some unforgettable moments. Meeting and becoming friends with other athletes, experiencing training in another culture/style, and feeling the rush of adrenaline walking into the field of competition is something else!

5 things that inspire you to move each day:

  1. Getting outside in the fresh air.
  2. Reminding myself how lucky I am to be healthy and have the ability to train any way I like, at any time.
  3. Finding a new workout, exercise or piece of fitness equipment I want to try.
  4. Wearing a new workout outfit.
  5. My puppies! They love going to the park, so I make sure I walk them every day to keep them happy. too!

Song that, no matter what, always makes you want to move:

“My Feelings For You” by Avicii & Sebastien Drums.


Made to Live Without Regret: Mona Jane

Your go-to method of moving (running, hiking, surfing…?)

Always depends on how much time I have, but generally surfing if the waves are good! Otherwise a quick run & HIIT circuit does me good!

What is it about moving that brings you the most joy?

It gives me a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment that makes me feel alive, young and connected.  

5 things that inspire you to move each day:

  • I never regret it ever!
  • Makes me happier and am a better mum, wife, friend, and person because of it!
  • The satisfaction of being breathless is euphoric to me!
  • Breaking a sweat always feels good to me!
  • It’s liberating to have a body that is capable of moving in the ways it can, so I always feel like I accomplished something, and my days are more productive. 

Song that, no matter what, always makes you want to move:

“Move Your Body” by Queen Beyoncé.


And watch the full video here.

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So inspirational! I definitely need to up my exercise game!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

4 years ago

This is so inspiring and I am listening to all the song recommendations too before I go for a long walk! Thank you!!!

4 years ago

Inspiring..Your body hears everything that your mind says.