Prepare Your Next Spring Party with These Essentials

Sun’s out, fun’s out, so plan your next spring-y get-together with wellness in mind …

Now that we’ve shaken off the last of the winter doldrums, it’s due time to reconnect with ourselves and our friends in the sun and spirit of spring. Maybe a party would do the trick? Even if you find party planning a little stressful, a simple soiree with a few of your nearest and dearest can put everyone in a feel-good place.

Before you lift a finger, think about slipping some Balas on your wrists and ankles. Consider them the catalyst for a hands- and mind-free mini-workout while you’re organizing your party space…and if you forget to slip them off before showtime, no worries, as rumor has it these babies make for a pretty cool accessory.

And thinking about all of those heavy winter thoughts hanging round the place, a good ol’ cleansing smudge of lavender and sage will help to set the tone for a very enjoyable afternoon/evening/night/morning.

Once your home gets the all-clear, bring out these crystal coasters.  They’ll no doubt add an air of elegance and energy to the libations of your choosing. If your party is turning up after the sun goes down, candles are a must for setting the perfect vibe.

As magic hour approaches, dab some of the stuff by the same name on your wrists and neck for a surefire good time. Do a quick gloss-over of your space, cue your fave playlist, give yourself a smile or two for making it this far, and then give in to the occasion and ENJOY.


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Such cute items! Thank you for the lovely recommendations!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

2 years ago

So good! Those Balas are a great invention too!

2 years ago

Love this, especially that playlist ;)