You Read Right: Strawberries As Natural Skincare

You’ve likely heard the phrase “you are what you eat.” But what about the lesser-known but equally important, “your skincare is what you eat.” Enter strawberries.

It’s true — so much of what we consider food also makes for excellent self-care ingredients. And while DIY-ing an avocado and honey mask is definitely a great option, there’s another level of food-as-skincare you should know about and with spring fast-approaching, it only makes sense to focus on the berry variety today. That’s right: I’m talking about your standard fruit salad ingredient popping up in beauty products.

Strawberries, while delicious to eat, also serve a serious purpose when it comes to your face.


What is strawberry extract?

It’s pretty straightforward, really. Often listed as fragaria chiloensis on ingredient labels, strawberry extract is made from the superfruit, antioxidant-packed, vitamin C-loaded berries. All this good stuff works to nourish and protect your skin when slathered on your face…just ask Marilyn Monroe. (Rumor has it the movie star rubbed mashed strawberries onto her face every night and we all know how gorgeous her skin was.)

How does it work?

Vitamin C: Strawberries are loaded with the free radical-fighting powerhouse vitamin C, which works to maintain oxygen and collagen in skin, keeping it happy and healthy. Vitamin C also works to fight excess sebum production, keeping that mid-afternoon oil slick at bay. Fun fact: strawberries actually contain more vitamin C than oranges so, think about that next time you feel a cold coming on.

Folic acid: Like your skin cells fresh and youthful? Want then to regenerate regularly? Interested in bright, hydrated skin? The folic acid found in strawberries is your new best friend.

Ellagic acid: Where do I even start with this stuff?! Ellagic acid is the workhorse of strawberry extract: it’s a powerful antioxidant that prevents collagen destruction, protects against and fights UV damage, and as an acid, it helps to naturally lighten blemishes, scars and dark spots. It also has slight astringent properties that work to lessen inflammation and serve as a natural exfoliant. 

How can I use it?

However you want! Go the DIY-route and channel your inner Marilyn by rubbing the fresh fruit over your face at night. You can either mash up a handful of the berries and apply them as a mask. After 10 minutes, gently massage the fruit off your face to take advantage of the physical exfoliation the seeds provide.

Or look for a product that contains strawberry extract (remember: it’ll be listed as fragaria chiloensis), most likely a mask, oil or serum like Mad Hippie’s Antioxidant Facial Oil. The higher up on the ingredient list strawberries are, the more you’ll notice their power. Happy fruit salad-ing!



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So strawberries aren’t just delicious to eat! I’d love to add it to my skincare route… if only they weren’t so expensive in Hong Kong! ❤️✨

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

2 years ago

Who knew?! Thank you! I will try this (and then eat them as a nice compote ?!)

1 year ago

Wonderful beat! I love this recipe, thank you for sharing. Keep it up!

Yes, you are right. Strawberries are great if you add it to your diet as they contain antioxidants. I’m going to add this to my skincare routine. Thank you so much for taking the time to share it with us.