Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of May 20-26

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May 21–June 20

The sun sails into Gemini this week, marking the beginning of your birthday season. Your extra vim and vigor will help you to make a splash if you’re seeking recognition. You have permission to be self-centered now, as you’re meant to focus on where you want to be in your life. Your ruler, Mercury, zips into your sign a few hours later, helping you to think about yourself objectively and express your POV with flair and authenticity. Those two planets meet up the same day (Tuesday), so you’ll be on fire! Reach out to people, speak your mind, conjure up clever ideas and make plans for the future. When Mars in your worth house syncs with Uranus later in the week, you should listen to your gut before you make any moves that affect your finances. This would be an amazing time to get rid of stuff you’re not using anymore — especially if it doesn’t spark joy. Happy solar return!



June 21–July 22

With the sun and Mercury ducking into your subliminal corner early in the week, your energy may wane, and your focus will turn inward. Your year is winding down, so it’s natural to retreat from the world and reflect on the past year. You need to recharge your battery and let go of emotions that are preventing you from attaining peace of mind. A sun-Mercury summit prompts you to tune into what’s going on inside you; shining a light on your subconscious will help you to understand and accept yourself. However, Mars in Cancer is vibing with Uranus in your network sector later in the week, nudging you to do things with a group. A new collaboration might come up, and this is an ideal transit for joining forces on a humanitarian effort. It’s also a good time for making new contacts and friends and having exhilarating experiences with others — so don’t fly solo the entire week.



July 23–August 22

Your ruling planet charges into your humanity house early in the week, redirecting your energy from goals to groups. Although Venus is still hanging in your ambition angle, encouraging you to dazzle your boss or show off your creative work, a big part of you wants to see your squad, do a bit of professional networking or team up on new efforts with others who share your interests and objectives. Mercury is also moving into that house and meeting up with the sun, so you’ll be in your element when you’re around a lot of people and can easily make new friends and contacts, brainstorm or present your own ideas to a group. Mars in your subliminal sector is dovetailing with Uranus in your ambition angle, hinting that laboring behind the scenes can pay off in the form of career progress, the accomplishment of a goal, increased freedom or recognition from higher-ups.



August 23–September 22

After the sun and Mercury climb to the peak of your chart this week and join forces there, you’ll be on a mission to accomplish your goals and improve your standing. It’s time to take center stage and prove what you’re capable of, so don’t hide your light! Promote yourself. Make a pitch for more responsibility. Examine the direction you’re heading in and the progress you’ve made. Plot the next steps in your career. Formulate objectives that resonate with who you are today. Mars in your humanity house links up with Uranus later in the week, introducing the possibility of spontaneous group adventures. Learning experiences will be way more stimulating if you can share them with others, so rally the troops! This would also be the perfect time to team up on an effort to create change in the world or make people aware of the truth. Band together to make a difference. 



September 23–October 22

The sun sails into your expansion corner early this week, and Mercury follows suit hours later. After that, the blinders come off and a wide range of possibilities seems to open up in front of you. It’s time to explore unfamiliar territory, so get out of your daily routine and travel, meet people from different backgrounds, embark on a new course of study and soak up as much knowledge as you can. When the sun and Merc meet up, you might identify with a belief or cause and speak your truth. Or you could make plans for the future that fuel your enthusiasm and inspire you to take a risk for the sake of learning and growth. Go-getter Mars in your ambition angle is collaborating with Uranus, suggesting that a partnership or insights into your own psyche can liberate your drive and mobilize you to chase after your goals with gusto.


October 23–November 21

With the sun and Mercury sneaking into your depth-and-merging zone, your focus narrows for the next few weeks, as you zero in on a close relationship, passion project or private issue you feel strongly about. This part of the chart is ruled by Scorpio, meaning you’re no stranger to its intensity. Your hardcore sign loves this kind of deep dive into what matters most, so go all in and don’t come up for air. This is the season for tuning into your own psyche, the subtle emotional nuances between two people and anything that is hidden. You might delve into a research project or investigation or poke around in your own head for valuable discoveries that can help you change. But a Mars-Uranus hookup later in the week persuades you to be open to suggestion and to enjoy impromptu experiences with other individuals, so on second thought, do come up for air when the spirit moves you!



November 22–December 21

The sun and Mercury both cross your interpersonal angle early in the week, so you’ll divert much of your energy and attention away from work and toward your one-to-one connections. Other individuals are bound to revitalize you and capture your interest, so you should make a point of reaching out and engaging. Form partnerships, talk to people you can learn from, enjoy lively dialogue and carve out quality time with someone you care about. Since those two planets are forming an alliance, you can easily talk things through in a relationship and express where you stand. Not only will you feel heard, but you should also be able to get on the same page with another person. Since Mars is jibing with Uranus, a flexible approach, new work, unique skills and liberating yourself from old patterns will mobilize you. Plus an investigation or research project could have a breakthrough, so keep digging!



December 22–January 19

The sun arrives in your efficiency corner this week, nudging you to get back to work. This is the season for tackling your to-do list; getting on top of job responsibilities; making exercise a regular priority; being of service to others; and ensuring that your skills and work ethic are up to snuff. Since Mercury is following on the sun’s heels, you can also do detailed mental work, apply critical analysis to any problems you face and make airtight plans for accomplishing a lot. A sun-Mercury coalition will help you communicate on the job and assess the best way of approaching the tasks at hand. Plus this is a great transit for examining your personal health and plotting steps to improve it. A connection between Mars in your interpersonal angle and Uranus in your joy sector later in the week will hopefully give you a chance to lighten the mood with impromptu play, creativity or romance!



January 20–February 18

Once the sun soars into your fulfillment sector this week, you’ll have more energy to get out and enjoy life. You’ll want to set your own priorities and do what makes you happy. And thanks to Mercury zipping into that same sector hours later, you’ll also be inclined to express your personality, passion, sense of humor and creativity. Be yourself—and let people see the real you. Show off the unique contributions you have to make. Speak from the heart. Let your inner child out to play. Pursue your hobbies and discover fresh sources of pleasure. When the sun and Merc coalesce, artistic inspiration could strike, or you might share your true feelings with someone you’re drawn to. Mars and Uranus put their heads together later in the week, hinting that you’ll get tons done working from home — and productivity can have a positive effect on your mood or your living situation.



February 19–March 20

With the sun dipping down to the bottom of your chart, you won’t feel quite as interested in being out and about seeing people in the month to come. Instead, your attention will turn to your domestic life and family, and you’ll be most comfortable in familiar surroundings. You need a home base to center yourself and get in touch with your feelings. And thanks to Mercury, you’ll be able to tune into your private thoughts and emotions and put them into words if you choose to. You might become more sentimental or nostalgic, perhaps connecting with people who know you well or spending time by yourself in quiet contemplation. But since Mars in your joy sector is vibing with Uranus later in the week, you’ll probably get restless at some point. Seek out a bit of excitement, perhaps in the form of a creative risk, fun with friends or audacious flirtation.



March 21–April 19

With the sun and Mercury zooming into your thinking-and-talking corner one after the other early in the week, your mind and your daily interactions will come to life. The tempo of your thoughts and speech picks up, and the environment around you will be more stimulating. Curiosity and restlessness can lead you to travel, connect with people, get active in your community, gather information and start studying a new subject. You’ll feel more talkative and might reach out to siblings and neighbors if you’ve been out of touch. A sun-Mercury summit will help you to convey your ideas and put a lot of yourself into everything you say. This is an ideal transit for writing, learning and taking short trips. Since Mars is meshing with Uranus later in the week, try using your resources in a different way to get something done. Family activities and productivity around the house can boost your self-worth.



April 20–May 20

Both the sun and Mercury exit Taurus early in the week and segue into your worth house, turning your attention from who you are to what you have and need. It’s time to focus on your finances, possessions, resources, values and priorities. Think about what’s most important to you and consider how to improve your security. This house is connected with all things Taurus, so you might also feel pulled to get out in nature or enjoy the belongings you treasure. Take a close look at your relationship with money and ask yourself how it might reflect your self-worth. Since Mars is dovetailing with Uranus in your sign later in the week, you’ll be able to think on your feet and speak your mind. And this is also a chance to come up with clever action steps leading to exciting personal change. Bold, original thinking can help you break free of deep-rooted patterns and reinvent yourself!


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Sounds like it’s going to be a good week! Thanks!

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