Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of May 27-June 2

Mercury is in a tangle with a few other planets this week — what does it mean for you?Follow @astrotherapist on Twitter and email to schedule a reading over phone or Skype. Available in-person in NYC! 


May 21–June 20

With your ruling planet, Mercury, zooming through the sign of Gemini, all your synapses are firing and you’re eager to share your thoughts — but Merc’s dustups with four other planets might throw you for a loop at times. Communication with authority figures will be muddled, and you may set unrealistic goals. If you’re attempting to craft a plan for success, wait until the fog clears. Other individuals can show you different sides of life, so cast your net wide instead of interacting with familiar people and people who are similar to you. Consult someone who knows more than you, and you could receive beneficial guidance from a wise soul. But be careful how you handle secrets and dialogue in a close relationship. A breezy tone may not strike the right chord. Luckily, Venus is enjoying good chemistry with heavyweights Saturn and Pluto, luring you to love with a kind heart and put your personal desires second. You might wind up getting what you want while helping another person. Private passion could heat up under this influence, or you might focus intently on a project you care about. You can get loads of satisfaction from devoting your efforts to whatever — or whomever — matters to you.



June 21–July 22

Mercury’s skirmishes with several other planets could make you question your intuition this week, and you might become discouraged. Speaking up for others who need your voice can lift your own spirits, so don’t stay silent. You may pile a lot on your plate before you figure out exactly how you’ll get it all done, but go ahead and embrace enthusiasm. A positive work ethic can take you far when Merc connects with buoyant Jupiter. Part of you may be reflecting on the past, while another part of you is straining to picture your future. Don’t feel like you need to have all the answers right now! Plus Venus in your network zone is gelling with Saturn and Pluto in your interpersonal angle, coaxing you to enjoy the company of friends and whoever else you value. Put in the effort if a connection is important to you. Even great relationships sometimes require work, but you’ll find they’re worth it. You could have a powerful bonding experience (possibly with a pal), and sexual attraction could very well be an intrinsic factor in those feelings. If you have a significant other, spending time with each other’s squads or attending big gatherings as a couple will be extra enjoyable.



July 23–August 22

Mercury in your network sector is mixing it up with a few other planets this week, complicating group communication. You may question the understanding you thought you had with someone and wonder what they think of you. One-on-one closeness can be a bit bewildering now. And if you’re engaged in teamwork, you might need to tweak your words or your modus operandi, as they’re not matching up and you might come off as too vague, too critical or too controlling. Part of you is thinking in terms of the big picture, while part of you feels compelled to get everything just right. Creative brainstorming should go quite well, so don’t limit yourself to individualistic artistry. You can learn from the people around you, and you might also connect with someone who brings more love and happiness into your life. Venus in your ambition angle is harmonizing with Saturn and Pluto, hinting that your work ethic will cast you in a favorable light with higher-ups, so if you’ve been striving to establish yourself, your efforts are likely to boost your appeal under this influence. Plus you could meet a potential mentor who has the power to make a difference in your career. That means it’s essential for you to be visible — not a problem for spotlight-loving Leos!



August 23–September 22

Your ruling planet is flitting through your ambition angle, keeping your mind on where you’re headed in life, but Mercury’s disagreements with various other planets this week can make it a tricky time to negotiate and create goals. With foggy Neptune in your interpersonal house joining in the action, you probably won’t get exactly the response you’re after. Try not to interpret everything so literally. You’re unable to enter into agreements with your eyes wide open under this influence. Fortunately, your underlying confidence, family support, good mood or happy home life can inspire you to keep your eyes on the prize and help you promote yourself to people who are in a position to give you a leg up. You’re inclined to take yourself seriously this week and to speak with authority, though it could be hard to strike just the right tone. On a different note, Venus’s harmony with Saturn and Pluto encourages you to transcend your everyday routine and experience love and happiness that’s well outside your comfort zone. This kind of experimentation with difference can deliver strong satisfaction. You could be drawn to a stranger or an unfamiliar culture or place — and that attraction has the power to become a long-term passion that changes you.



September 23–October 22

Your thinking is very abstract while Mercury sails through your exploration corner, and its run-ins with other planets this week can cause you to miss details. Your vision may be inspired, but you should make a note to finetune it later. You might also have trouble staying in the moment, as your mind naturally drifts to the future while the mental planet is in this part of your chart — plus Saturn and Pluto are at odds with Merc and might be pulling you back down memory lane. You’re inclined to broaden your mind and your horizons now by traveling, studying or connecting with new people, and venturing into unfamiliar territory will expand your perspective. A spirited debate could turn into a heated one, so keep an open mind and avoid self-righteousness in order to maintain civil relations. Your ruler, Venus, is vibing with Saturn and Pluto, luring you to enjoy the company of someone you feel safe with. A close relationship could get more serious, and intimacy is very grounding now. Be willing to delve deep in order to reap the benefits. You might receive substantial support from family or a partner, or an outside resource like a loan might enable you to change your living situation.


October 23–November 21

Your ideals could cloud your judgment when Mercury in your depth zone feuds with Neptune this week, so try not to build up romance, fun, creativity and personal happiness to the point where they feel unattainable. If you confide in someone close to you, you might be confused by the feelings that come up. It’s not easy to assess the true nature of a connection now. Merc is also mixing it up with three other planets, complicating your communication and your mindset. A serious talk in an intimate relationship could be especially challenging. You may feel prepared to ask for what you want, but it’s possible you won’t see eye to eye over money, belongings or another issue involving sharing, so focus on what’s really most valuable. Venus’s chemistry with Saturn and Pluto nudges you to devise a solid game plan for meeting romantic prospects if you’re looking for love or to take someone you already know more seriously. Your thoughts have a lot of gravitas and psychological insight, and you possess the power to see what lies beneath the surface. Pluto is compelling you to mull over the fact that change is inevitable, while Venus is helping you maintain harmony in your relationships.



November 22–December 21

Mercury is quibbling with a few other planets this week, casting a cloud over your one-on-one convos. Private insecurity or a wistful mood might cause you to second guess yourself, or someone’s words might trigger confusion or a brief bout of melancholy. If you’re preoccupied with pressing needs, you might be at a loss for words. But Merc’s face-to-face with Jupiter in Sagittarius hints that you’re likely to encounter people who teach you, inspire you or benefit your life in another way. Your interactions with other individuals will enhance your personal growth, as long as you approach them as a student of life and not as someone who has all the answers. Share knowledge both ways instead of preaching. It’s important to be an attentive listener, because another person can have a tremendous impact on your mind now. Since Venus is playing nice with Saturn and Pluto, a realistic view of relationships and an appreciation for reliable people will keep your feet planted firmly on the ground, and striving to improve a particular relationship can increase your sense of security. Creative work can generate income under this influence, so dig deep into your treasure trove of talents! Plus your celebrated optimism is bound to help you get along with colleagues and enjoy what you’re doing.



December 22–January 19

With Mercury in your efficiency corner fending off various adversaries this week, your sharp thinking may fail you at times. Watch out for miscommunication with coworkers, siblings and neighbors, and don’t let unimportant info take you off on a tangent. It’s not easy to zero in on the crucial facts when Neptune’s fog rolls in. And Merc’s skirmishes with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn call for you to tweak your analysis in order to create a workable plan. Try not to take it personally if you can’t understand something. Wandering off into your imagination can provide a welcome mental break, and you might be able to combine critical thinking with intuition for the win. Lucky for you, Venus in your fulfillment house is allied with Saturn and Pluto, so romance, creativity and fun will lighten your spirits — and whatever fills you with joy has the power to change you. A loved one may draw you out, and if you fall for someone new now, they’re likely to see you for who you really are deep inside. Pleasurable experiences are intense under this influence, which should give you plenty of incentive to follow your heart and drop the mask you sometimes wear in public. Give people a chance to love the real you!



January 20–February 18

You feel like expressing your humor, creativity and quirks, but Mercury’s discord with other planets can make it harder to be understood. If fears about what you lack or what you might lose overwhelm you, insecurity could prevent you from joining in the fun. Emotions are bound to color your state of mind, so you may need to pause and think about what you’re going to say. But do get up the courage to share your creative notions (and possibly writing) with others because people are likely to encourage you. You and your squad will feed off the mutual enthusiasm you’re generating. Your expectations are high, and you’re thinking big. Thanks to Venus at the base of your chart gelling with Saturn and Pluto, enjoying the comforts of home and family will help you make peace with where you are in your life and appreciate what — or whom — you can depend on. Self-care and solitude will have a transformative effect and put you at ease. Accepting some of the darker stuff deep within your soul can empower you to be more comfortable in your skin. You can gain psychological insight from solo reflection or spending quality time with family or someone who’s known you for a long time.



February 19–March 20

Mercury’s tussle with Neptune in Pisces early in the week can make it even harder than usual for you to see yourself the way others see you. Someone who knows you well — like a family member — might throw you for a loop, and everything is so subjective now that it’s a challenge to filter what’s real and what’s not. You’re in touch with your private thoughts and feelings but may not know what to make of them. Merc is also mixing it up with a couple of planets in your group zone, which could cause moody words to land wrong with friends. Take a breath before you say anything that you might need to walk back later. A Mercury-Jupiter faceoff alludes to a possible conversation with a parent that fires you up to achieve your highest aspirations. And fortunately, Venus is cozying up to Saturn and Pluto, enabling you to remain positive. Creative brainstorming with a group, professional networking and connecting with other people who can enhance your life are all favored. Give people the benefit of the doubt and put your social skills to good use. Your interactions with your squad can shed light on how your friendships work, so tune into the undercurrents.



March 21–April 19

When Mercury gets tangled up with other planets this week, you could get lost in thought, and communication will be a challenge. Lingering doubts in the back of your head can lure you off-track and deflate your spirits. You might disengage from people and question what it’s all about, so catch yourself before you fall too far down that rabbit hole and try to process things bit by bit. Talking to authority figures and setting goals is bound to be tricky too, and you may have to adjust your tone or your thinking if you’re missing the mark. Merc’s opposition with Jupiter might get you into a difference of opinion, but luckily, a learning experience is within reach if you let your curiosity lead the way and aim to have your eyes opened. Your brain is flitting from one thing to the next and seeking meaning; avoid major decisions, since you’re prone to glossing over the finer points under this influence. Fortunately, Venus is in cahoots with Saturn and Pluto, hinting that you can attract what you need thanks to the work you’re doing. So be on the lookout for any opportunities to earn income, and try to get clear on what’s most valuable to you. Investing your resources wisely can make all the difference!



April 20–May 20

Your financial judgment probably won’t be on point when Mercury wrestles with several other planets this week. A misunderstanding with friends over money, possessions or values could occur, and you might feel deceived or disappointed. Protect your interests and don’t try to come to an agreement. It won’t be easy to clarify your own needs and also satisfy group interests. If you’re tempted to take a big leap of faith in order to have a new experience, you might need to recalculate the cost to get an accurate picture. Merc is opposing Jupiter, which will turn your attention to a benefit you hope to gain from another person or an outside resource. You’re optimistic about getting what you want and may voice your expectations. But again, if you enter into negotiations, be careful not to skim over details. It’s not an ideal time to sign on the dotted line. Your ruler’s links with Saturn and Pluto will save the day by enabling you to charm a professor or mentor without really trying or draw in people who have something to teach you. You’re attracted to difference now and might fall hard for someone from far away or far outside your comfort zone. If it feels like a stretch, it symbolizes a powerful growth opportunity!


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I can definitely see a learning experience in store for me this week! I’m actually travelling in Japan all week, so the whole trip is already an experience in itself!

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