Office Style: Meet One of Our Moms – Blair

“Watching them blossom into their own little people with interests and opinions is so incredible.”

Our office is full of incredible moms, and this week — in honor of Mother’s Day — we chose to highlight Blair, our Wholesale Planner. Working here for nearly a decade, Blair juggles a busy career, two adorable children, and a fur baby named Marley Rainbow by her human siblings. 

Your position at Free People…

Wholesale Planner.

Favorite part of your job?

It’s the perfect combination of left brain and right brain; I work with incredibly creative people and beautiful clothes but manage the strategy to hit our financial targets. I have been here almost 9 years and, in that time, many of us became moms around the same time, so I have a great support group of women!

What did you want to be when you were growing up?

Somehow I was always going to end up in retail. From telling my mom at 9 I was going to work at The Gap to working in a skate shop/boutique in high school,  I’ve always enjoyed being around clothes.

Best advice ever received about motherhood:

“Your Kids only have one mom…” A super smart mom friend at work told me this and it helps me find that “work/life balance.”

How do you obtain family life & work balance?

That balance is part obsessively planning, and part choosing your battles and picking what’s important to you. For example, eating a healthy, home-cooked meal as a family is a non-negotiable,  but sometimes that means doing work after my kids go to bed. I am really fortunate to have a supportive boss who understands that we all have lives outside of work so that helps shed some of the ‘mom guilt.’

Describe your personal style…

You can find me in one of two outfits  1. Printed Maxi dress or 2. A lot of black. I once read that your personal style is defined best by the decade in which you did most of your growing up, so I have a soft spot for all things Singles or Reality Bites.

Describe your kids’ styles. 😊

Clementine is totally a Meadow/Candy hybrid — we have a Sunday night routine where we look at the weather and plan out her outfits for the week. She puts accessories with everything and even matches her underwear to her outfit.

Evert thinks he’s Eddie Vedder, so he lives in band tees and flannel shirts —  his favorite is that Easy Street Record shirt which is a shop in Seattle.   

What makes you feel confident?

Nailing an open to buy meeting — ha! A new outfit always helps.

What are your beauty + wellness must-haves?

My must have is a quick five-step makeup routine and some dry shampoo — my mornings are hectic since I will always choose more sleep over waking up early. My chocolate lab, Marley Rainbow, ensures that I leave my desk and get outside for a walk. And at the end of the day — a weighted blanket, Netflix and boxed wine. Oh, and a good lipstick and a sense of humor can take you a long way!

Favorite things to do with your family.

Now that they aren’t in that baby/toddler phase we love going to concerts with them. Last year we took them to a music festival in Asbury, NJ and it was awesome to watch them fall in love with of some of our favorite musicians. It’s fun to be able to share something my husband and I love, and watch their personal music tastes develop as they grow. I cant wait for all the concerts we have planned this summer!

What’s the one thing you hope to pass down to your children?

Work Hard, Be Kind and Help Others.

(Oh and whole lot of clothes – sorry C!)

What song would describe you best?

“The Mother” by Brandi Carlisle.  The first time I heard it I stopped dead in my tracks and cried. It perfectly sums up the sacrifices you make when you become a mom but how at the end of the day you wouldn’t trade it for the world. My daughter is partial to the YouTube clip of Brandi singing to her daughter but I love the ACL clip because she beautifully describes the song. 

Best part of being a mom.

Watching them blossom into their own little people with interests and opinions is so incredible; seeing your personality traits or your interests come through in each of  them is really fascinating. They may look alike but they are so different, which makes being their mom both challenging and rewarding.

What’s in your shopping cart? 

Blair is wearing the Papillon Maxi Dress and Marley Rainbow is wearing the  Ombre Rope Dog Collar

Follow Evert — Blair’s Son  — on Instagram. He’s gotten some pretty good likes including one from Matt Cameron,  the drummer from Pearl Jam.

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I think this has got to be my favourite photoshoot! Such a lovely family! ❤️✨

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Holly Mc
2 years ago

As a colleague, i can say assuredly, it is always uplifting to be near Blair- who has such enthusiasm for her work, family, dog and music.
I share those loves, too.
Happy Mother’s Day to all of the beautiful, warm, nurturing people out there <3
I really enjoyed this read!