perfect Harmony: Tips On Balancing Your pH

Most of us haven’t thought about pH since being handed a strip of litmus paper in science class… Maybe it’s time to bring it back to front and center… 

Balance is one of those things that many of us spend our lives trying to attain. It can manifest in many forms: work/life, awoke/asleep, sweet/savory, just general on/off…

What if we took the concept of balance a step further, and applied it to what we’re putting on and in our bodies? After all, everything exists to have a partner in crime, right? Well, maybe that’s true for most of us…

pH stands for “potential of Hydrogen.” Which, in easy-to-understand terms, means how many hydrogen ions exist in a water-soluble substance. Depending on the number of these ions, a substance can then be ranked from 1 to 14 on a scale of acidity, with the lowest numbers reflecting alkalinity, moving toward acidic as the numbers increase. Save for the magic number 7, which boasts itself as the perfect neutral between either acidic or basic. WATER is (or at least, should be) neutral — most water levels read between 6.5 and 8.5 — so remember to drink UP.

There are many resources available online to determine what foods to steer clear from (hello and sorry, cola), but we’ve curated a few items that, when used topically, will offer your body a little kindness via their neutrality. And, as always, please consult with your health care provider before integrating ANY of these into your routine.

Five of Our Best pH-Friendly Items:

Honestly pHresh’s Deodorant Sprays come in three unique scent combinations, and their pre/priobiotic make-up encourages the growth of healthy bacteria, and fight off the bad. See? BALANCE! Great for yoga mats, too!

Despite its name, Love Wellness created their “Killer” suppositories in an effort to make your vagina a happier place. Its prime ingredient, boric acid, is a mildly acidic substance, which makes it a bonafide opponent against yeast infections and BV (bacterial vaginosis, which is usually characterized by discharge). 

For those of you using a menstrual cup, CHEERS! You’re being kind to Mother Nature and your body… To be even kinder, OrganiWash is a pH-balanced cleansing solution made to keep your aforementioned cups bacteria-free without yielding any irritants that regular soap might. OrganiCup’s wash is also vegan, cruelty-free, and safe enough to use directly on your lady parts.

Here’s a fun one — Winky Lux has made personal pH an ART form! Take their Watermelon Jelly Balm, which appears clear when first applied but then “reads” your body’s pH and from there produces a customized shade of perfect pink! Look at it as a pH enhancer!

And then, as we move from your lips to your mouth, Goodwell Co.’s Bamboo + Binchotan toothbrush works to balance the pH inside your delicate palette with help from its activated charcoal bristles. Another plus? This brush creates a sustainable alternative to traditional toothbrushes that normally end up scrubbing the bottom of municipal landfills. True perfect Harmony!


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Thank you for these recommendations! ❤️✨

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