Sun-Safe Makeup for Long, Hot Days

Because the best makeup this season comes with SPF, sunscreen already built in. How easy is that?    

When it comes to sun protection, you can’t overdo it. The more areas of your face you can shield from the UV rays, the better. Which is why it makes sense to combine your SPF efforts with makeup — swiping on formulas that offer a little contouring and color along with sunscreen. Lately the options have expanded far beyond foundations and BB creams to beautiful lip tints and even eyeshadows (yes!). Here are all the makeup basics you need to block out UV damage and boost your natural glow.  

Shimmery, Sun-Safe Eyeshadows:

Your eyes are one of the first areas to show the signs of aging. The skin is super thin and delicate — and directly exposed to the sun’s rays during the day. But finding eyeshadow with SPF is rare — and even if you do, the level of protection is usually paltry (think SPF 4). Enter Supergoop’s Shimmershade, a soft cream shadow that’s loaded with SPF 30 and blends in without streaking or clumping. You can wear solo or layer under any other shadow like a primer to deliver protection and staying power.

Bright Lip Balm:

Now you can keep your lips soft, smooth and safe at the beach and beyond. Coola’s Mineral Liplux SPF 30 contains organic butters and botanical oils to seal in hydration and comes in five sheer tints, from peachy nudes to a bright berry.

UV-Blocking Base:

Save yourself a step in the morning by swiping on a base with built-in sunscreen. You’ll instantly perfect your skin and shield it from future sun spots, lines and photo-damage. CLE Cosmetics’s hybrid BB and CC cream combines moisturizing plant extracts with lightweight coverage to give you a glow that doesn’t actually feel like you’re wearing any makeup at all.

Touch-Up Powder:

Finally, dust on Supergoop’s Invincible Setting Powder, a sweat-resistant formula that comes in four shades and has a velvety, matte finish. It’s the easiest way to reapply your SPF during the day and tone down shine.

Stylish Sunnies:

Last step! Grab some sunglasses with UV-protection lenses. You’ll block out the rays and protect your eyes while you’re at it. Pick a pair that matches your mood, outfit, lipstick — whatever you’re into.

+ How else do you stay sun-safe in the heat? Share your tips with us.



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Thanks for the product recommendations! So helpful for summer!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

2 years ago

Two fabulous summer skin products are Blossom Photonic – Light Shifting Solution SPF 25 Broad Spectrum Facial Sunscreen + Moisturizer, like a super light tinted moisturizer that makes skin look amazing and feel weightless on skin. And La Bella Figura Summer Edition Daily Elements Defense Face Oil for after sun and daily use to moisturize and make skin look even and glossy.

2 years ago
Reply to  Liz Thompson

It’s Blissoma Photonic, dang autocorrect!

9 months ago

I often wondered why some makeup is so much more expensive than others. I figured it was just the name.

Then I tried some eyeliner in the $20 range, and what a world of difference. When I lived in Florida, a day at the beach would be a nightmare for cheap eyeliner.

But not with the $20 one! It stayed on all day, smudge-free. Yet, it came off easily with make-up remover.

Great tips Kari!