Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of June 17-23

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June 21–July 22

Once a year, you’re given the perfect excuse to kick a bad habit — and it comes along this week, in the form of a full moon in your efficiency corner. So get ready to give up a major time-waster that’s diminishing the quality of your daily life. You might also drop something from your schedule, eliminate something from your diet, leave a job or complete a work project. If you’re hit with a crisis now, it’s likely to impact your work life, health or overall productivity and can point to changes you need to implement going forward. Since Saturn in your interpersonal angle and Neptune in your exploration sector are linked up (as they were in January), you may be working on a relationship and learning a lot in the process. An important connection could be tested, and whatever lessons you take away from improving it or severing it are likely to have a spiritual or philosophical bent. Putting in the effort to build and maintain strong bonds can lead you to ponder life and wonder what connects people and what separates them. Are we really as different as we imagine ourselves to be? Your most challenging encounters and relationships are apt to teach you the most. As Neptune shifts into reverse for several months, your concept of what’s real and true could be thrown off, so be sure to look before you leap. Try to get comfortable in the realm of uncertainty because your personal opinions, spiritual beliefs, worldview and visions of the future are in flux. You’re reframing the big picture and might be tempted to buy into notions that seem to bring more certainty and make you feel more secure. Try not to dwell on personal vulnerability; rather, attune to the unity of all living beings and show compassion. Mercury and Mars in Cancer both lock into oppositions with Pluto this week, which could lure you into a power struggle or lead you to face resistance to your words and actions. Remember that you can only control yourself. Find common ground in order to effect positive change. It may not be easy, but it is possible. Dialogue and partnership are highly charged under this influence. With Venus and Jupiter also facing off, you have tons to do but would love to indulge in escapist pleasures. Stay optimistic, but not unrealistic, about what you can accomplish. You might get inspired to perform a selfless act that serves a higher purpose. The sun’s arrival in your sign kicks off your birthday season and infuses you with energy. This is your cue to be more self-centered and do what’s best for you. You can make a strong impression in the coming month, so step onto center stage. Happy solar return!



July 23–August 22

A full moon in your joy sector can bring a creative endeavor to completion or spur you to get out and play to your heart’s content. You might divulge your feelings for someone or share your passion in some other way. A love affair can sizzle or fizzle under this influence, and there are bound to be strong emotions involved. You have a need to express who you are and might show off a little. With Saturn and Neptune convening as they did early in the year, mind-body wellness moves to the forefront again. Be sure you’re doing everything you can to take care of your physical and psychological wellbeing. Productivity will help you to feel more independent and secure. If you’re in a committed relationship, working on it together can facilitate a higher level of closeness. If you’re working hard and feel good about the quality of your daily life, that will make it easier to share your life with someone without feeling needy. It’s possible to do something tangible that will heighten intimacy and trust, showing you that the inner workings of relationships don’t just magically flow smoothly. Neptune’s about-face marks the beginning of a five-month retrograde period that can stall an outside resource, put a close connection in limbo or lure you to sort through an emotional matter. If you’ve been in the process of coming back from a crisis, wound or loss, don’t force matters. And if you’re a bit bewildered by sharing and intimacy, resist the desire to press for progress. Clarity will elude you, causing you to make iffy choices. But do dig around in your psyche, contemplating what you discover there. Mercury and Mars are opposing Pluto, generating friction between your inner and outer lives. You could be inclined to retreat from the world but get pulled back in to tackle a health issue, daily duties or job responsibilities. Difficulty in communicating and cooperating with coworkers is likely, so be careful in your dealings with them. Listen to your gut and don’t get into a fight over the perfect way of doing something. Take time off to be by yourself. Creative work is possible if you’re open to pragmatic compromise. A Venus-Jupiter standoff may lead to over-the-top fun with your squad if you can reconcile the tension between doing as you please and going along with the group. Romantic sparks could fly with a platonic pal, and the chemistry is worth pursuing. After the sun slips into the last house in your chart, your energy is sure to wane, as your solar year is coming to a close. Tie up loose ends, get plenty of rest, pay attention to your dreams and let go of regrets.



August 23–September 22

When a full moon lights up the base of your chart, drama on the home front or a change in your family could be in the cards. You might finish a domestic project or attend to a personal situation that grabs your attention. A mood swing can cause you to feel like you need to be alone in a peaceful, quiet environment, and this is a great time to up your self-care game. With Saturn and Neptune holding another summit this week, everything you’re doing to become a more fulfilled, well-rounded person can enrich your one-on-one relationships. As you strive to become the best version of yourself, you’ll operate on a higher frequency, and that in turn will enable you to form healthy bonds. And for those of you who are making a conscious effort to find love, the planets are inclined to meet you halfway. Treating dating like a serious mission can help your cause. As Neptune goes into backspin mode in your partnership angle for the next five months, you could realize that you’ve been idealizing an individual or giving up too much in a relationship. If you look at someone as a fixer-upper and not as a person, you could go so far to help them that your own interests get lost in the equation. Take the rose-colored glasses off and view the reality of another person and the real nature of the bond between you. This isn’t necessarily to say that you’ve glossed over a harsh truth and must face it. Maybe things are just a bit different than they appeared — not worse. Resuming a relationship between now and late November may not be the shrewdest move, though. Since Mercury and Mars are both going head to head with Pluto, there’s a chance that an intense affair will pull you away from your squad, causing friction. Or maybe you’re caught up in a creative project or hobby and need to balance your personal fulfillment against group interests. Venus and Jupiter are also in opposition, so your underlying confidence can help you turn on the charm with higher-ups. But be careful not to overplay your hand — there’s a risk of appearing arrogant. On the flipside, you shouldn’t hold back and hide what you have to offer the world, because showing off your creative gifts can feed your self-worth. As the sun sets up shop in your humanity house, your social life will pick up and you’ll thrive in group settings. Say yes to networking events and other large gatherings and engage in team endeavors, which hold even more promise than solo ventures now.



September 23–October 22

Due to the full moon in your thinking-and-talking corner, you could feel overstimulated and pulled in many different directions. You might receive news, blurt out your feelings or deal with a development involving your community or siblings. Take a breath and try not to get overwhelmed by this flurry of busyness or a flood of ideas. Saturn’s harmony with Neptune can help you unpack emotional baggage and organize your life around a sense of higher purpose. There’s a strong possibility you’ll be working on your home or working from home, and it’s your spirit of service that will keep you going. You’re going through a maturation process and separating from your family on some level in order to establish yourself as your own person and discover what you’re meant to contribute to the world. Keep working to come to terms with the past; it will enhance your feeling of wellbeing. With Neptune going retrograde, the next five months call for you to ponder the quality of your everyday life. Resist the allure of perfection and don’t push for overnight success. Examine your diet and exercise regimens. Do you have the energy to be productive? Do you feel strong and healthy? Or stressed? Consider your job and whether you feel fulfilled and useful. Ask yourself if your routine accurately reflects your priorities. Are you dealing with health issues head-on? Do you have a sense of your ultimate mission that inspires you day in and day out? Ease off the gas and take all of this one step at a time. Mercury and Mars are going up against Pluto, creating rumblings within you and in your home that can keep you from maintaining the peaceful foundation you yearn for. Work on integrating the dark with the light, facing your real emotions and the problems in your personal life. Try to juggle your ambitious striving with these private struggles. When you honor what’s going on inside you, it’s less likely to generate tremors in a public or professional arena. Venus has her own faceoff with Jupiter, so your enthusiasm for enjoying new experiences may surge now. An encounter with someone from a different world can open your mind — plus opening your mind is what will help you relate to people from various walks of life! So it works both ways. If you’re traveling or chasing after novel pleasures, you’re bound to meet interesting individuals. Even exploring a neighborhood or checking out a new restaurant or type of music can broaden your perspective. Once the sun climbs to the peak of your chart, you’ll feel even more ambitious and should make a point of keeping a high profile. Show everyone what you can do in the coming month and be willing to taking on a leadership role or more responsibility.


October 23–November 21

It’s hard to distinguish between need and want when a full moon hits your resources house this week, and retail therapy may be your go-to move. Whatever you require (or desire), that feeling is bound to be strong. There’s no guarantee that indulging your whims will gratify you — because the pleasure is probably part fantasy. But a financial splurge isn’t a foregone conclusion; you might also receive a windfall under this lunation. If you’ve been waiting to get paid, the full moon should help things along. Saturn and Neptune are huddling again, as they did in January, bringing up the way your mind works and the way you communicate. Habitual thought patterns shape your perception, and endeavoring to change them can bring you closer to manifesting what you long for. When you cultivate new modes of viewing the world, processing information and expressing yourself, your reality and your dreams of love and happiness won’t be so far apart. With Neptune going off the grid for the next five months, your lens on love, happiness and self-expression will be recalibrated. If you’ve been yearning for the unattainable and suffering from divine discontent (a side effect of Neptune), letting go of illusions will help you make space for what’s real and attainable. You don’t have to sacrifice dreams in order to see romance and personal fulfillment from a more realistic angle. Are you waiting for someone to save you or trying to save someone else? That common pitfall of this transit is just one example of the ways in which we can deceive ourselves. Imagine another possible story about what or who brings you joy, feeds your soul and deserves your whole heart! Since Mercury and Mars are going toe to toe with your ruling planet, mental angst or interpersonal friction could give you trouble. It’s one thing to fight for what you believe in; it’s another to hit people over the head with your principles. Do your best to keep an open mind and see yourself as on a quest for truth — not the lucky one who’s already found it. You can transform the way you view the world if you resist digging in your heels. Venus and Jupiter have their own face-to-face, hinting that a feeling of intimacy can cause your confidence to soar or feeling good about yourself can free you to get closer to someone. You might be needy now, and there’s a good chance you’ll get what you’re asking for. After the sun soars into your exploration sector, the blinders come off and your laser focus disperses. Difference becomes more enticing, sending you in search of new experiences that will broaden your mind.



November 22–December 21

Sagittarius plays host to this week’s full moon, so don’t be surprised if you’re feeling extra emo and need to vent or go off by yourself for a while. Let people know what you need from them so you can avert a meltdown. You’re entitled to put yourself first, as long as you try to avoid trampling on others’ emotions and rights. This is the best moon of the year for noting what — or who — is past its expiration date in your life. If you’re pushed to the brink, see if you can pinpoint a specific issue or person causing you to say, “Enough!” It might be a good time to end things and move on. A Saturn-Neptune conference calls your attention to your security, reminding you that working hard to gradually become more self-reliant will increase your sense of wellbeing. Saturn is pushing you to earn a living and be able to provide for yourself and survive in the world as an adult. Doing so will help you to feel safe, grounded and at peace. Plus you can improve your living situation in the process. Since Neptune is beginning to backpedal across your foundation angle and won’t pivot forward until late November, you may start to contemplate your home and family and consider what makes you feel comfortable and nurtured. You could experiment with different ways of decorating your space, but a big move might have to wait. A healing professional like a psychotherapist could be helpful to you if you’re attempting to process issues left over from childhood. Setting firm boundaries with parents and/or roommates can also empower you. Mercury and Mars are both at odds with Pluto in your worth house, which will complicate sharing. It’s not easy to find the right balance of give and take now, and financial concerns or different values and priorities can lead to a conflict in a close relationship. If you feel compelled to maintain control over your resources, that makes compromise much more of a challenge. But compromise is exactly what eases the tension of oppositions like these. Are you knee deep in an investigation, passion project or introspection? Your focus and determination will enable you to make progress, given these planetary energies. Jupiter in Sag is facing off with Venus, which might bring someone positive into your life or spark a love connection. Another individual can encourage and inspire you, or you may be the one cheering another person on. This pairing will get you to see the best in people. As the sun dives into your depth-and-merging house, you’ll zero in on a particular issue, endeavor or relationship you feel strongly about and give it your all over the next month.



December 22–January 19

With a full moon occurring at the end of your chart this week, your dreams, intuition and imagination can carry messages, bringing something to light that’s been buried in your subconscious. You may require time alone to rest and reflect. Tune into what your body and spirit need; if you’ve been working nonstop, this lunation can force you to realize that you’re headed for burnout and it’s necessary to refill your tank. Saturn in Capricorn has his second summit of 2019 with Neptune in your thinking-and-talking corner this week. If you’ve been isolating yourself to focus on the changes you’re going through and the work laid out for you, you’ll find it easier to connect with people now. As you get to know yourself better, the process of finding your tribe becomes more natural. You can enjoy kind, compassionate interactions under this influence that break through the wall Saturn has built around you. With Neptune going rogue for the next five months, your attitude is due to shift, and you’ll probably feel like you’re on a different wavelength when trying to communicate with people. Any false assumptions you’ve been operating under are about to become more apparent, causing you to rethink your choices. This is an excellent time to reread and rewrite and revisit places you’ve missed. You could also reconnect with a sibling, old neighbor or childhood friend. Mixed signals can come to light during this period if anyone has misconstrued your meaning. Mercury and Mars are moving into oppositions with Pluto in Capricorn, so remember to focus on dialogue and partnership if things get tense. Attempts to control your environment, circumstances and other people tend to backfire on you, and you’ll be met with resistance if you come on too strong. Compromise is your best bet. Therefore, it’s essential to resist the urge to gain the upper hand. And do your best to notice when you’re projecting; it’s easy to assume that others are being difficult, when they’re simply reacting to the signals they’re receiving from you. Venus and Jupiter are also in opposition, so you could produce an inspired burst of creative output. Or you might be tempted to ditch the daily grind and escape for a while. Plus you could travel for work! You’ll enjoy being of service if you’re moved to make a generous sacrifice now. Once the sun crosses your one-on-one angle, that’s your cue to prioritize your connections with other individuals and spend as much quality time with them as possible. You’ve been working so hard to define your identity, but you’ll learn more about yourself through your relationships than you will by flying solo.



January 20–February 18

Drama in your squad or a friend in need could grab your attention this week when a full moon lands in your group zone. You might cut ties with an organization or feel like a friendship has run its course. A humanitarian effort can blossom under this influence, and you’d do well to try to balance what’s best for others with what pleases you, perhaps putting the greater good first for the time being. Saturn is synced up with Neptune again (they first connected in January), so the work you’re doing to wrap up old business, get closure, release guilt and clear the decks for the next chapter of your life should be making you less scared of not having enough and not being enough. Finishing literal, emotional and karmic business will enhance spiritual wellness and alter your priorities. So try to get in touch with your highest values. With Neptune turning retrograde for the next five months, it’s an appropriate time to look at the reality of your finances and possessions. If you’ve been kidding yourself in some way, get your head out of the sand and mull over the best way of proceeding. Accept your mistakes and forgive yourself. In all likelihood, you were driven by fear and insecurity. Are you owed money? It’s a good period for resubmitting invoices and chasing down checks. You might find a creative way to recoup losses now. And examining your personal values and attachment to possessions from a spiritual angle can inspire you to reshuffle your priorities. Mercury and Mars are in a tug-of-war with Pluto, suggesting that emotional tremors from the past can undercut your efficiency. To avoid sabotaging your own efforts, tune into your subconscious and talk your so-called dark side into cooperating with the rest of you. Inner turbulence can get swept under the carpet when your outer life demands a lot of attention. But suppression doesn’t work, and Pluto will not be denied! Bring these powerful forces to the surface where you can work with them in a conscious, intentional manner. When Venus and Jupiter go head to head, it may pit your pleasure against group interests and you could end up feeling conflicted. Your creative expression, personal happiness and your love life are at one end, while team camaraderie, friendship and your ideals are at the other. Do what you can to balance all this, perhaps by enjoying life to the fullest with a big group of people or by making an artistic contribution to a collaborative effort. If you’re hoping your crew will support your passion, chances are they will! Once the sun moves into your productivity corner, you’ll have even more energy to take care of business — tackling your to-do list, job responsibilities and health matters and improving your fitness



February 19–March 20

This week’s full moon illuminates the peak of your chart, which could bring a big goal to fruition or spell drama with a higher-up like your boss. Your career path or overall life direction may shift, as you look at where you’re headed and recalibrate your objectives. You might find yourself in the spotlight, so be prepared to perform at your best. This is no time to hide what you have to offer the world! Saturn’s summit with your ruling planet is a repeat from January, and the theme once again is this: Teamwork makes the dream work. Gather a circle around you that will empower you to manifest your ideals. Count on your squad to keep you grounded. Seek out wise mentors. Join organizations that represent your hopes. Rise above your personal agenda and strive to contribute something that serves a higher purpose. Neptune will be backtracking until late November, so you’ll probably feel like you’re not making as much progress with your aspirations, but it’s the perfect time to press pause and regain perspective. Maybe you’ve become so married to your treasured dreams that you can’t accurately assess whether there’s so element of fantasy involved. When you identify so strongly with what you long for, deducing what’s real and what’s not is difficult. Now you’ll have enough distance to gaze at the big picture. Consider the image you’re projecting and whether you might be giving up too much for something — or someone — that’s not everything you’ve imagined it to be. Work on keeping healthy boundaries and making the impression you want to make. With Mercury and Mars moving into oppositions with Pluto in your network sector, it may seem like pursuing your heart’s desire will go against group interests. Perhaps doing as you please conflicts with your obligations to others. Or your friends aren’t on board with a romantic relationship you’re in. If you feel torn between fitting in and standing out, look for middle ground between being too accommodating and too selfish. The happy medium between doing your own thing and collaborating is elusive, but it’s there. Venus and Jupiter are also facing off, so you could waver as well between enjoying the pleasures of home and chasing after your goals. Maybe you could blend domestic decadence and lofty ambitions by throwing a blowout party or relishing a rewarding interaction with an authority figure like a parent or boss. Aim for a balance between aspiration and relaxation to get the most out of this opposition. Once the sun shows up in your joy sector, personal pleasure becomes an even bigger priority, and you’ll be inclined to share your true self with others and wear your heart on your sleeve.



March 21–April 19

You might be inspired to take a leap of faith and have an adventure when a full moon shines in your exploration corner this week. A strong urge to get out of your comfort zone and try new things might lead to a memorable trip or another type of learning experience. This is the best moon of the year for looking at your personal beliefs and dropping one that limits your growth — so recognize it for what it is and let it go! Saturn and Neptune are convening again, as they did in January. Your efforts to live up to your potential and make your mark in the world are helping you to fill the existential void that leads you to question what we’re all doing here. Try not to worry that you’ve somehow failed. If life isn’t everything you’d hoped it would be, take comfort in the fact that it’s not too late. Keep fighting the good fight and finding your place in the scheme of things. As you continue to prove yourself, you’ll gain inner peace slowly but surely. Just moving forward one step at a time and dedicating yourself to achieving what you can makes you a winner. As Neptune shifts into reverse for five months, you’re called to get in touch with private emotions you may have ignored, especially if they made you feel vulnerable. Confusion, alienation, disappointment, regret, guilt, melancholy, longing, self-doubt, emptiness and spiritual query can all be part of Neptune’s transit through your subliminal sector. But so can forgiveness, healing, release, closure, imagination, empathy, selflessness, psychic intuition, spiritual awakening, dreams and a sense of oneness with all of life. Trust in the divine order of the universe to save you from falling into the abyss. Since Mercury and Mars are opposing Pluto, your home life could be pitted against your ambition, requiring you to juggle a bit. Underlying frustration and regressive behavior can harm your standing, so pay attention to your words and actions, which are bound to be heavily influenced by emotions. See if you can use strong feelings and a sense of what got you to this point in your life to instigate a shift in your career path or life direction. A Venus-Jupiter faceoff might trigger a spirited debate, or you could take off on an exciting trip. Even if you stay put, you have a good chance of encountering stimulating people who expand your world and inspire you. Soak in the love and beauty all around you. Get out and see people and places. The sun’s arrival in your foundation angle pulls your attention closer to home in the coming month, and you may want to focus on your family, living situation and emotional security during this time.



April 20–May 20

A full moon lights up your depth-and-merging zone this week, flooding an intimate relationship with feels or bringing an epiphany about a private, emotionally-charged issue. This lunation can prompt you to settle a debt, give someone the support they need or move past something that’s been weighing on your psyche. A Saturn-Neptune confab echoes one that took place in January, and it encourages you to keep soaking up knowledge so you can achieve your dreams. Your learning and growth are connecting you with people who are on your wavelength this year. This planetary pairing also nudges you to commit to a cause and aspire to serve the greater good. With Neptune going retrograde until late November, you’ll start to contemplate your friendships and affiliations with groups and consider whether there are any detrimental dynamics at play. Are you seeing people for who they really are? Did you click with them in the past but you’ve drifted apart? Do you feel taken advantage of, out of sync with or misunderstood by your squad? You’ll be sifting through such problems in the months ahead and might pull back from others in the process. Ideally, you’ll be drawn to those who truly support you and share the ethics, interests or goals that you think they do. During the retrograde phase, you might want to look at your use of technology to secure any vulnerabilities. Ask yourself whether your social media profiles reflect the real you and whether you’re protecting yourself against hacking, identity theft and the like. In the meantime, Mercury and Mars are facing off with Pluto, which could get you into a destructive disagreement, so don’t insist on being right. Seek out the truth instead of pronouncing it. You’ll learn more if you resist the urge to simply argue your position. You don’t have to shy away from a debate; just be willing to see both sides and try not to overidentify with your own POV. Separate your ego from your opinion! Your ruling planet, Venus, has her own opposition with Jupiter in your sharing sector, giving you a rather urgent desire to have what you feel you need. It may be best to dial down your expectations if you’re pinning your hopes on getting what you want from a partner or an outside resource. Appreciate your own ability to take care of yourself. As the sun enters your thinking-and-talking corner, kicking off the summer season, your mind and your daily interactions get an extra dose of vitality. It’s a great month to brainstorm ideas, express yourself through words and connect with people.



May 21–June 20

This week’s full moon lands in your one-on-one angle, which could bring an important relationship to the boiling point. You might leap to the next level of commitment, call timeout or walk away for good — and in any case, this shift has probably been in the works for a while. Do your best to balance your own interests with those of others and let them have the spotlight under this lunation. Saturn and Neptune are holding a conference that reminds you to invest in partnerships, because in doing so, you may be able to actualize a goal that seemed out of reach. To turn a dream into reality, you should consider doing the work that’s necessary to tap into outside resources — writing a grant proposal, for example. Get better at merging your own needs, assets, priorities and values with someone else’s. Try to accept the loss, pain or crisis you’ve been through and come out on the other side even stronger. Your faith in eventual success will build as a result. Neptune will be backpedaling across your ambition angle for the next five months, so it may dawn on you that an objective you’ve been shooting for doesn’t strike a chord in you anymore. Or perhaps a status you want to achieve or an image you hope to uphold doesn’t ring true. Neptune is shrouding the path ahead of you in mystery, calling for you to take your ego out of the equation and stay open to your calling, whatever it may be. You feel lost at times, but the false fantasies need to recede so you can discover what’s real. With Mercury and Mars going up against Pluto, tension could crop up in a close relationship. You might be met with resistance when asking for what you need or pursuing it. A struggle involving give-and-take could ensue, and interdependence probably seems like a very big deal, while self-sufficiency seems simpler. If you’re dealing with psychological turmoil or relationship problems, understand that profound change is happening and will take some time. Venus’s faceoff with Jupiter can heighten your desire for connection or lead you to want a lot from a particular individual. If you’re craving closeness with a partner, he or she might need more freedom. Or maybe you’ve built someone up to such a degree that honest, open dialogue is required now for you to find out if they can deliver what you want. As the sun exits Gemini and segues into your worth zone, your focus shifts from who you are to what you have and what you need. Give some thought to your finances, possessions and personal values — and reprioritize accordingly.


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So excited for the week ahead for me! Thanks for the horoscope! ✨

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

4 years ago

Like each week, I love your horoscope, and you see right through mine. Thank you for your dose of advice, each Sunday I can’t wait to read it.

4 years ago

Thanks for bringing this insight into our week! Beautifully written :D

Love and Light,
Patricia & Miguel