Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of June 24-30

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June 21–July 22

When Venus tangles with Neptune early in the week, your ideals can cloud your perspective, and the fantasy of being able to save other people is particularly tempting. Be sure you’re not sacrificing too much for the wrong person or the wrong reason. It’s a good idea to seek out a peaceful, quiet atmosphere where you can reflect on your relationships — past and present. Do they inspire you or leave you disillusioned? Are they rooted in truth? If you’re confused about a specific connection, ask yourself if you’ve taken on a martyr or victim role. Has a relationship run its course and no longer serves your growth? You can get the big picture of your personal life now and possibly release someone who isn’t healthy for you. Meditation, journaling, dreams and introspection can bring insights. Pay attention to what your intuition is trying to tell you, especially if it’s not what you want to hear! After Mercury skips into your worth house, you’ll start to think about your financial security, possessions and values. Look to your squad and other groups for stimulation and opportunities when Uranus in your network zone vibes with the Cancer sun. You can easily meet new people who bring something fresh to your life. Plus hanging with those you already know can lead to exhilarating fun — so get out and circulate!



July 23–August 22

Enjoy meeting and getting to know people, but keep an open mind regarding the nature of your connection. Venus gets into a scuffle with Neptune at the beginning of the week, warning you not to get caught up in gauging the depth of a bond. Trust and intimacy can be nebulous thanks to Neptune’s residence in your sharing sector, so resist any temptation to assume you’ve met your soulmate when that’s what you’re longing for. Ambiguous hookups are apt to be problematic when it’s this hard to read signals. You might think you can handle no strings, but if you’re nursing a subconscious fantasy, reality may not measure up. Make a point of appreciating the genuinely friendly quality in your relationships now. If you aim for growth, you won’t be let down. Hanging out with a variety of people instead of obsessing over one individual could be the safest strategy. With Mercury zipping into Leo for an extended stay, you’re able to express yourself more clearly and weigh personal matters with increased objectivity. It’s a good time to present your ideas because your mind is operating quickly and you’ll exude so much energy when you speak. Your ruler, the sun, crosses paths with Uranus later in the week, which could pull you out of hiding to go after a goal if you’ve been enjoying a retreat from the world.



August 23–September 22

You’re having an easy time winning over power players who can give you a leg up, thanks to Venus’s presence in your achievement angle. But when she and Neptune cross wires early in the week, it’s harder to assess people’s reactions. Try not to worry too much about what anyone thinks of you. And don’t waste time trying to read people’s minds and interpret ambiguous signals. Weed out any illusions you may be harboring about someone. The need to take care of another person could also throw you off your game. You may be of service to others through your work, but you don’t have to ditch your own ambition in the process. Focus on how you can help yourself shine! After Mercury — your ruling planet — sneaks into your subliminal corner, you’ll be more inclined to keep your own counsel than share your thoughts. It’s fine to play your cards close to the chest, but don’t keep mum if something truly needs to be said. Do study solo in a quiet setting and listen to your intuition, which will be more active this month. A sun-Uranus collaboration might give you a chance to interact with people who help you look at life from a different angle. A group endeavor can make a difference in the world under this influence, so throw yourself into meaningful teamwork.



September 23–October 22

Venus, your ruling planet, will scuffle with Neptune just as the week gets underway, so your craving for adventure might be diminished by low energy. Don’t push yourself if you’re tired; the promised pleasure may elude you if you do. You may have your doubts to begin with regarding whether or not the pleasure tempting you is good for you. The appeal of difference is coaxing you to seek out new people and experiences. You want a change of routine or change of scene, but maybe you need to tend to your health, fulfill your duties or take care of someone. You needn’t let your obligations or your schedule prevent you from enjoying an escape. But you probably will need to compromise in order to transcend the daily grind. Once Mercury zings into your network house, you’ll start thinking more about the various circles of people in your life and how aligned you are with them. You may find talking things over with friends will allow you to see things more clearly, so turn to them for their insights and advice. With the sun and Uranus forming an alliance, a new or unexpected partnership or outside resource could give you an opportunity to shine. So think outside the box when it comes to who or what will support your goals.


October 23–November 21

Although you’re in the mood for a profound connection, you should try to stay grounded when Venus becomes ensnared by Neptune early in the week, tempting you to see someone through rose-colored glasses and misinterpret the basis of your relationship. Do your best not to romanticize a bond or put someone on a pedestal. This reality check doesn’t have to be a buzzkill; it can actually help you to have a more authentic experience of closeness. Even healthy relationships are imperfect — as we all are — so don’t hold out for perfect love. True intimacy with another human being (including a best friend) entails sharing yourself with a real, complex, flawed individual, not a dreamed-of ideal. Yearning for someone to sweep us off our feet and save us with their love isn’t an uncommon fantasy. Being honest with yourself about such unspoken expectations can be cathartic now. With Mercury climbing to the peak of your chart, your mind turns to goals. You might craft a business plan, make your pitch for a promotion, set ambitious objectives and communicate with your superiors. You could also study something that will further your career. The sun’s meeting with Uranus might bring a surprise meeting with a stranger or some other illuminating encounter, and diverging from your usual routine will up the odds of having an interaction with someone who captures your interest.



November 22–December 21

A Venus-Neptune skirmish at the beginning of the week hints that you may not feel completely secure in a relationship. Or you could become disappointed in another person if your underlying hopes aren’t altogether realistic. If you feel let down, consider whether ideals you’ve been holding onto for a long time might be keeping you from seeing someone in an accurate light. You could also be yearning for a feeling of comfort and home with someone, and that’s clouding your perception. If domestic or family issues need your attention, your relationships could receive less of your energy now. A craving for peace and quiet may put you in the mood for alone time, and self-care should be a priority under this planetary influence. After Mercury rockets into your expansion corner, you’ll start to look at life through a wider lens and won’t be so laser-focused on one person or issue. You’ll probably get restless, and your trademark wanderlust is bound to kick in. Go in search of new people, places and experiences that broaden your mind! When the sun in your depth sector gels with Uranus in your productivity house later in the week, you could have a breakthrough with a passion project; form a new work alliance; figure out a health problem by doing research; or work through an issue in a close relationship.



December 22–January 19

This week’s Venus-Neptune dustup can cause you to gloss over details or speak less clearly than you intend. Your judgment isn’t quite as sharp as you’d like now, and confusion over work, health and other practical matters may ensue. You’re inclined to play nice, but your relations with colleagues and other people in your everyday life are likely to feel the effects of your subjective perception. You want to be useful and helpful, and yet you don’t understand precisely what’s required. Miscommunication is common under this transit. If you’re trying to address problems in a relationship, know that it’s difficult to view them realistically now. Do your best in all of these scenarios not to deceive yourself by thinking what you want to think. Tweak your approach in an effort to get along with people and be productive. Once Mercury plunges into your depth zone, you’ll turn some of your attention inward to private emotions. You could confide in someone you trust and have profound conversations in your closest relationships. Your thoughts might turn dark, but delving into difficult subject matter can facilitate healing. Chemistry between the sun and Uranus hints that you may strike up a creative partnership or connect with someone who brings out a different side of you. Impromptu fun with other individuals is highly favored now, so don’t play solo — recruit a companion!



January 20–February 18

Commotion between Venus and Neptune at the beginning of the week may lure you out on a limb for the sake of love or happiness without a clear sense of the cost. Don’t give up too much for what you think you want; it’s easy to indulge in the wrong things or people under this planetary map. An attraction could cause you to doubt yourself, which is a steep price to pay. You’re liable to give someone a pass if you have feelings for them, and chances are you’re not assessing their real value in your life. Your self-esteem needs to come from you, not from someone else. Are you unsure of what you have going for you? Are you basing your self-worth on your spiritual essence or on superficial attributes? Fears of lack and loss can impair your ability to enjoy life, experience love and express your feelings, personality and creativity. With Mercury crossing your interpersonal angle, dialogue takes on added importance. You could hash things out in a key relationship in the weeks to come, and you’re apt to have interesting convos with other individuals, so don’t shy away from a spirited debate. A sun-Uranus confab suggests that productivity will improve your mood. You might work hard to alter your living situation or do something to help a family member.



February 19–March 20

Venus and your ruling planet, Neptune, get their signals mixed at the start of the week, tempting you to overdo it with escapist pleasures. If you have a sweet tooth, you won’t be able to resist indulging it since eating and drinking are extra enticing now! If you’re entertaining, decorating or socializing with people you live with, the results could fall short of your ideals. This is a good time to remind yourself to appreciate imperfect joys. And if you feel let down by people, try to see them as they really are — and accept that reality. You could feel out of it or unsure of yourself, and that’s apt to keep you from enjoying your downtime. Are you unclear on your own feelings? You might be putting out vague signals without knowing it. Do your best to be aware of how you’re coming across. Neptune has a way of blurring your identity. After Mercury enters your efficiency corner, your thinking will sharpen and you won’t have any trouble taking on challenging mental work. Your attention to detail and careful analysis will be a boon, but you might need to watch out for critical tendencies. The sun and Uranus are in cahoots now, encouraging you to be yourself when meeting new people and to honestly share your creativity and heartfelt feelings. 



March 21–April 19

Although you’ve been in a positive frame of mind, you may get lost in your imagination or succumb to a tinge of nostalgia, loneliness, melancholy or doubt when Venus struggles with Neptune early in the week. It’s difficult under these circumstances to stay in the moment and appreciate the love, happiness and beauty right in front of you. But you can take pleasure in day-to-day life this week, enjoying your conversations and surroundings. First, soothe yourself instead of burying your feelings. Address whatever is going on inside you. If you feel a bit lost, center yourself with some form of spiritual practice. It’s also important during this transit to resist the temptation to view life and other people through a lens of fantasy. Nothing is quite what it appears to be when these two planets tangle. After Mercury skips into your joy sector, your sense of humor should return. Your mind wants to play now! Read and write for the fun of it. Amuse yourself with games, comedy and entertainment that hits the spot. You might also get up the courage to share heartfelt emotions in the coming weeks. With the sun and Uranus joining forces later in the week, you could work from home and give your income a boost. Or you might get rid of stuff you don’t need — reduce, reuse, recycle!



April 20–May 20

Ask yourself if you might be overrating someone and selling yourself short when Venus and Neptune get their wires crossed early in the week. You’re susceptible to doubting your worth in your squad or another group, plus mixing money and possessions with friendship can get confusing and upsetting. Your priorities and values are out of sync with those of others, and people may perplex and disappoint you. Or maybe you’re not getting what you want from a certain friend. Try not to worry about whether someone will come through for you — and resist the urge to compare yourself to other people! Last, if your wish list seems to be spinning out of control, you might need to curb extravagance. Aim to reconcile your earthly desires with spiritual, selfless ideals. Question whether you’re holding onto and letting go of the right things. That should help you get your priorities in order. With Mercury entering your foundation angle, you’ll start to tune into private thoughts and feelings, and your thoughts may drift back to the past. Confide in someone close to you if you need to get things off your chest. The sun’s harmony with Uranus in Taurus later in the week can liven up daily life and spur your curiosity. Exercise your right to freedom and individuality. Seek out fresh epiphanies. Engage in creativity. Change something close to home.



May 21–June 20

With Venus in Gemini wandering into Neptune’s fog at the beginning of the week, you could become unsure of how people see you. You probably think you’re putting out clear signals, and yet others aren’t reacting as you’d like. Higher-ups are especially difficult to read, and maybe your charms seem lost on them for the moment. Measuring your progress is no simple matter, and your current confusion over where you’re headed can mushroom into overall aimlessness. Try not to get discouraged if a goal eludes you or someone who has power over you throws you for a loop. It’s so tempting to emphasize what you’re not getting, but pause and ask yourself: What are my aspirations exactly? How committed am I to achieving them? What kind of signals am I putting out into the world? Truly not knowing what you’re shooting for could be the core issue. You also might remedy the situation by doing something creative purely for the pleasure of it. Once your ruling planet segues into your thinking-and-talking corner, your brain will begin to operate more quickly, and words will come more easily. Your restlessness and curiosity could inspire day trips and weekend getaways. A sun-Uranus coalition can prompt you to release something that’s been weighing on your spirit; in doing so, you may experience a surge in self-confidence.


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I’m definitely going to try to keep my head’s up this week – and most importantly, stay positive. Thanks for the horoscope!

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