Summer in the City

As the world is buzzing with summer, let’s not forget that our cities have a LOT to offer us in the form of good times…

The most popular weekend destinations during this oh-so-fun time of year usually require one to head OUT of the city, maybe in search of endless beaches or mountains, maybe in search of a whole lot of nothing. 

But for those of us who choose to stay put, whether it be to save money or vacation time or sanity, what is there to do in the hood? Here’s a hefty list of ideas guaranteed to provide you with all the city summer fun you need!

Picnic in your favorite park.

Every city lays claim to at least one small conservancy of nature, so go find it! Grab a friend (or three), a large blanket, a bag full of your favorite snacks, and lay back and enjoy!

Be a tourist in your own city.

Want to brush up on your local history? Don’t answer that! Learning is imperative to your well-being, so be open to finding out how your city came to be. If you’re into the spookier side of life, look around for a good ol’ ghost tour. The warmer months often make for best sunset walks, which can make for great stories to share with your family and friends.

Create your own food tour.

Are you a foodie? Love pizza more than life itself? (Philly does!) Challenge yourself to try all the best spots in town to finally award one absolute winner.

Visit a museum.

How often do we really take time to enjoy the art in our own backyards? Many offer discounts or even free entry on certain days, so be sure to check their online schedules. A great and easy recommendation for any guest planning a visit!

Shop your nearest farmers’ market. 

Summer means delicious fresh produce. Take advantage of the great opportunity to stock up on all your seasonal goodies! Not only can you better ensure your food is 100% organic, but knowing that you’re supporting a local farmer is the pesticide-free cherry on top.

Get adventurous and rent a bike!

Do you normally use public transportation? Or are you one of those who sits in traffic on a daily basis? Take advantage of the nice weather and explore your city in a whole new way! Plus, it’s a great workout!

Take an outdoor workout class. 

Speaking of workout, many studios are likely offering outdoor classes when the weather’s nice. Yoga on a rooftop? Yes please! Bootcamp in the park? Sign me up!

Join a sports team.

If you prefer sports to workout classes, why not join a team? Kickball, softball — there are plenty of choices with the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and also make new friends!

Attend an outdoor concert.

The offerings will of course vary from city to city, but most offer some sort of outdoor music events during the summer. There’s nothing more beautiful than listening to your favorite artist while relaxing under a starry sky.


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I’m stuck in my city the whole summer (can’t complain, I travelled to three countries already this June!) so I’m looking forward to exploring new places here! Great post! ❤️✨

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog