Office Style: Meet Our Summer Intern, Gabby!

Gabby, Social Media Intern in our Creative Marketing department, has an affinity for new ideas and new seasons… Learn more about her below…

What did you do before starting your internship at FP?
Before starting my internship, I was a student at Baylor University where I was a student News Writer for the Baylor Media and Public Relations Office.

Where is your hometown and what is your favorite thing about it?
My hometown is Des Moines, Iowa! My favorite thing about Des Moines — the Midwest charm is so hard to beat, everyone is so genuine. Plus they experience all four seasons, which I do not get in Texas.

Favorite thing/place/activity in Philly so far?
So far my favorite thing about Philly is Rittenhouse Square! I love to eat and I love to shop so that’s the perfect location for me to explore and find great places.

Best part of interning at FP?
Best part of interning at Free People is the willingness of others. Everyone I have encountered has been extremely willing to answer questions, help you out and of course hit up the 3pm snack.

What advice would you give to a potential intern?
I would tell a potential intern to be confident in who they are! The teams don’t have a cookie cutter employee, and they love diversity. New ideas and new personalities are what they look for, so be yourself!

List your current favorite items on 
Andi Flatform Sandal
Happy Hour Bodysuit
Beach Flower Belt Bag
Lia Jumpsuit
Ecology Bra and Legging Set

Wearing the Ranger Wide Leg Jeans

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In love with Gabby’s all-white outfit! Looks good! ❤️✨

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