Real FP Customers Are Giving These Four Josie Maran Argan Products ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Recommendations

From “leaves skin soft and balanced” to “very versatile and easy to wear,” real Free People customers sound off on why Josie Maran’s line proves that “beauty products don’t have to be complicated.”

There’s a reason that Josie Maran’s products revolve around a single hero ingredient — argan oil is her personal favorite moisturizer. And thanks to her ability to bottle it in its purest form, mix it with other hero ingredients, and simplify the process into a tightly edited line of straightforward products, FP customers are already joining the model-turned-skincare-guru in singing its praises.

Full of essential fatty acids with soothing antioxidants, there are new studies showing that argan oil could increase skin elasticity. Even for hair, the oleic and linoleic acids that make up its structure are incredibly beneficial for moisturizing both scalp and strands. Plus, wound-healing is believed to be increased significantly by using the oil topically on cuts and burns, while stretch marks can be visibly reduced with regular application. There’s a reason why one customer (below) touts the straight-up oil as “a little miracle in a bottle.”

For Maran, who started modeling at age 12, the idea to launch her argan-infused line came from sitting in makeup chairs and realizing that the ingredients from the skincare and makeup being applied to her face were often toxic, and rarely good for her complexion. Now, years later, the real-life reviews of her products speak to the powers of her organic blends and the Moroccan argan trees that offer their natural fruit oils to the potions.

Below, four unsolicited FP customers weigh in with their personal experiences on four of Josie Marans’ five-star hero products:


Way ahead off the waterless product trend (which reduces packaging waste), the Argan Exfoliating Cleansing Powder shakes out finely milled argan shells and rice enzymes that gently buff skin without scratching.

*****A five-star review on Free People’s site from a customer from Franklin, TN who goes by Sungato starts with “WOW!” and continues: “gentle exfoliating and leaves skin soft and balanced. Like it along or with a cleanser. Permanent addition to my skin care. Highly recommend.”

As a lip-nourishing balm or tint of color, the Argan Lip Sting Butter plumps (with a gentle stinging sensation) and hydrates with manuka honey and moringa butter.

*****London-based Olgasnow announces in her five-star review that it’s “nourishing and natural” before admitting “I have all four colors and find them very versatile and easy to wear. The lipsticks feel like balms but the color payoff is fantastic. There is a faint smell of honey which I find very pleasant.”

Mixing it up with shea butter and olive fruit oil, the pretty metallic tube of Whipped Argan Oil Hand Cream is a spill-proof, portable option thanks to its whipped formula.

*****Hailing from “Earth” and going by the name Ms1v, this FP customer followed the five-star rating with “Great hand lotion: This smells more like peaches than apricot vanilla to me, but either way it’s a nice scent. Not too strong and doesn’t linger long which I prefer. This hand cream is very moisturizing. I only need a little. It’s soft & creamy rather than greasy or oily. Sinks right in. Leaves no residue & hands feels very soft. Great for throwing in my handbag or keeping by the bedside.”

Take the 100% Pure Argan Oil dropper, finally, which is not only organic but only requires a few drops—wherever you want it—to see results.

*****On Free People’s site, a Philly-based fan by the name of Cy11113333 announced, “I’ve been turning to cleaner beauty options, & this argan oil has been on of my main go-to’s. After I wash my face at night, I put this all over to moisturize and on my eyes as an eye cream. When I get out of the shower I put it in my hair to make it easier to brush out. I also use it on my lips as a lip balm. I literally use this stuff everywhere. It’s so simple, but it’s kind of like a little miracle in a bottle. Beauty products don’t have to be complicated. Will purchase over and over.”



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Oh wow, I want to try these products! They sound good!

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