The Wellness Edit with Our Design Manager

Known as the meditation guru here at Home Office, Jess tried some of our favorite wellness products. Read on for what she had to say. 

Anima Mundi Happiness Tonic

This tincture has really served me well. From the first use I felt a soft contentment fall over me. When I use it in my morning meditations I notice I am even more receptive to its properties and it is easier to hold a happy mood in a stressful work environment. The more you use this the more it works!

GOLDE Turmeric Tonic

This tonic is really wonderful! It has a great taste and I love making an Iced oat milk latte with this powder. I find that it sooths my digestion and keeps my energy up throughout the day. I am loving the anti-inflammatory properties, I it helped with my period bloat as well!

The Good Patch – Hangover

This patch was amazing! I had some wine that night before which tends to tire me out. I put on the patch right when I woke up and I instantly felt energized. I wore it all day and was bouncing around getting a lot of work done! Highly recommend this for people who have had drinks or even need a pick me up!

Biocol Labs Something For The Knackered 

These shots are great! Right away you feel a rush of energy. My mind was clear and I was able to get a lot done at work. It even increased my mood and gave me a shinny outlook. I would definitely keep these around in winter months when the days are shorter and you need a boost. More long lasting than coffee.

Keeko Pulling Oil

I love this! It gets in there and I’m able to get more of a clean mouth feel. The taste is also nice. I think it has whitened my teeth as well. Definitely a FAN!


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Ooh, curious about these products! They sound great! ✨

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