The Wellness Edit with Our Director of Sustainability

Yes, we are soon to be sharing our strides in sustainability with you all, and VERY excited to do so… Until then, here are a few of Julie’s favorite, kind-to-Mother-Nature products…

For the last few years I’ve been try to reduce and simplify my beauty + wellness habits. Firstly, I’m always on the go. I live in NYC and work in Philadelphia, and my family is spread out across continents, So, between all the transport, I prefer sleep over routines and travel light. Secondly, I’m trying my best to incorporate sustainable choices into as many areas of my life as I can. As I step into a new role which sees me leading FP’s Sustainability initiatives, I strive to live in harmony with my values and practice what I preach – that means educating myself, making mindful choices, and keeping my personal impact in check. But I’m only human and it’s impossible to be perfect so I do my best. I’m trying to incorporate these values into all aspects of my life – both ethically and environmentally — and believe that all of the little steps add up. Here’s a selection of my favorite products that, in addition to being absolutely incredible, also possess a sustainable element: each is made by an independent brand made up of completely natural, vegan ingredients and lives in recyclable and/or reusable packaging.


Everyday Oil

I love this, not only because it’s a clean product with a subtle funky-in-a-good-way earthy scent, but because it checks multiple boxes in a single product, which means I can use fewer things. I use this as an allover body moisturizer, face moisturizer when I’m feeling dry, and also as a hair serum – I just took the travel sized bottle with me around Italy and it was the perfect post-beach product for hair and body when I was feeling dried out from the sun and salt water.

Humble Deodorant with CBD

This is hands down my favorite deodorant of all time!! I’ve been on a 2+ year hunt for the perfect organic deodorant (I’ve tried over six different ones at this point) and finally found what I need in this one. After learning that nearly 100% of what we put on our armpits is absorbed into our bodies, I was determined to cut out the nonorganic types but seriously struggled to find one that did the job. This is smooth to roll on, has a really nice subtle pine and cedarwood scent, and it really works for me, all day. I also have sensitive skin and the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of CBD mean no skin irritations — a plus for summer.

Moon Juice Lucuma

I’ve known about lucuma – a superfruit from the Andes — ever since I was little. My sisters and I would devour lucuma flavored sweets when we visited our grandparents in Chile. I always knew it was a tasty treat but had no idea it was also an anti-inflammatory superfood packed with minerals until I discovered this Moon Juice powder! It has a really nice light woody maple flavor. I add it to my morning smoothie, which adds a natural sweetness so I don’t need anything additional.

Dot Menstrual Cup

I’m getting extremely personal here, but this product’s positive impact on the environment is too good not to advocate for. I have to thank my teammate Koa for convincing me to taking this step in the first place – believe me, it was daunting to start. The average woman uses at least 250 tampons a year. This dot cup puts an end to our necessary waste and it’s good for 10 YEARS!!! Other perks — it lasts 12 hours and also comes with a cute little carrying case. Another added bonus — for every dot cup purchased, one is given to empower a woman or girl without access to menstrual protection. :) Even more perks — think of all the $$ you’ll save over the years off your pink tax!

Poppy and Someday Gypsy Rose Toner

After using this toner for a week, my [identical twin] sister told me my skin looked fantastic and asked why I was hiding a secret from her. She’s literally never said that to me so I took this as a mega compliment, and realized the only update to my routine was the Gypsy Rose toner. Also the little bits of rose quartz inside are the cherry on top.



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Thanks for sharing! Going to check out these products now. ❤️✨

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