What’s The Deal with CBD? A Newsworthy Breakdown + High Summer Playlist for Your Chillest Conversations

There’s a cultural shift around cannabis that’s worth your attention…

Surprising to no one, CBD (aka cannabidiol) has taken over the beauty, health, and wellness space this year as legalization has become a part of the national conversation. And while it still seems edgy to conservative-minded Americans, even the Midwest is making huge leaps in racial equality by passing what’s been deemed “the most equity-centric law in the nation” via Illinois. What better time than the wake of our favorite USA holiday to brush up on what the history books never really covered? Especially when the benefits of a controversial plant are spanning from improved sleep and pharma-free pain relief to a boost of brain cells and possible superbug fighting powers.

Below, find a handful of punchy CBD stories to help you stay afloat during topical convos, plus one chilled-out High Summer playlist to get in the mood to embrace some change, welcome new feelings, and get blissfully carried away in comforting sonic currents:

Still a little green on what CBD even really is? LiveScience breaks down the mysterious substance and sheds light on a few of its most popular uses. It’s a tough conversation, mostly because federal testing is still on hold, so when it’s mentioned that studies haven’t been conclusive on many of its possible benefits, there’s an obvious reason. You can’t confirm what you aren’t yet allowed to test. Still, there are various independent studies that note CBD as an aid for health issues like depression, autism, alcoholism, and, of course, skin conditions. It’s part of the reason that products like Cannuka’s CBD Healing Balm are gaining popularity over chemical-heavy drugstore brands. And if you’re still worried about getting high on your beauty supply, fret not. “CBD is non-psychoactive, meaning it doesn’t have a strong effect on cognitive brain activity and doesn’t cause the ‘high’ associated with marijuana.”

The American fix for a wide range of ailments has long been a Z-Pak, those all-too-familiar antibiotic tablets that seem to be prescribed on every other doctor visit. A cough? A sinus infection? It was a simple solution. The problem with widespread antibiotic use is simple—your body gets used to them, making you that much more susceptible to what scientists refer to as “superbugs.” Though studies are fairly new, at this year’s meeting of the American Society for Microbiology, a senior research chemist reported that CBD is “remarkably effective” at eliminating antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria. From pneumonia to skin infections, it could present a future-focused solution for global health.

This list of five CBD secrets is worth scanning, if only for the topical party banter. Like, who doesn’t want to know that a team of Brazilian scientists is finding that low doses create something called “neurogenesis,” aka brain cell stimulation? And across the globe, German scientists found that unlike alcohol, which is a neurogenesis disruptor, “antidepressant properties of CBD, THC and several other compounds are contingent on enhanced neurogenesis and neuroplasticity, the ability to adapt to stress and injury.” Stay flexible, stay spry, skip the cocktail for a spritz of Burnout Mist, which soothes topically thanks to 50mg of activated hemp extract.

Considering a CBD massage? The Fresh Toast offers up a guide to the experience, noting that “adding a cannabis topical, such as lotion or oil to a massage can given one added benefits such as helping to manage pain, decrease inflammation, and improve relaxation.” The rest reads very much like insider tips to a typical muscle therapy session. Hydrate before and after, enjoy. And if the idea of being outside of your comfort zone for your initial foray into cannabidiol stress relief is too much, try it at home first. Philly-based brand Bouquet’s CBD Massage Oil is organically grown and infused with a sweet floral scent to whisk you away.

One episode of the new season of Big Little Lies is all it takes to understand the dangers of prescription sleeping pills. Walking around your house, or your town, while your mind is at rest? Please no, never. And as more and more Americans struggle to drift off into a peaceful slumber every evening, there’s a natural solution that’s helping everyone from grandmas to construction workers. In a peer-reviewed study performed in Colorado (of course!), 84% of people said that marijuana helped them sleep, and over 83% of users were able to reduce or completely kick sleep aids. For those that are looking for a low-key hemp alternative, The Good Patch offers a Nite Nite sticker that helps you snooze with the uncomplicated delivery system of a band-aid. Zzzzzzz….


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Thank you for the thorough information! There’s a lot of misleading stuff about CBD out there!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

4 years ago

Thank you for sharing!

3 years ago