Your Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of July 29-August 4

Mercury turns direct this week (meaning Mercury retrograde is O-V-E-R!!) So hopefully the good will balance out the not-so-good!




July 23–August 22

You might take it personally if someone wields their authority over you this week when the Leo sun goes up against rash Uranus. Take a break from responsibilities to do your own thing because you’re in no mood to cater to anyone else’s whims. Can’t pull that off? Juggle work and play as best you can. Venus has her own tiff with Uranus, hinting that you’re projecting a different image than you assume you are and you’re impatient to get where you’re going. Mars in your sign has an awkward meeting with Neptune, cueing you to adjust your modus operandi. You’re tempted to go all out but can’t accurately gauge what outside support you’ll receive. If your health, job or everyday circumstances aren’t making it any easier to execute your personal agenda, be open to workarounds. With Mercury pivoting forward, the inklings and hunches you’ve had in the last few weeks could crystallize into conclusions. You still won’t feel very chatty, since Merc is hiding out at the end of your chart, but the gift of gab will return soon enough. And you receive an even better gift this week — a new moon in Leo! This only comes around once a year, so make the most of it by launching a fresh start. What would a 2.0 version of you look like? How can you make a bold leap forward? What do you want to be different in the year ahead? Start putting the pieces in place. New year, new you!




August 23–September 22

You feel like laying low while the sun hibernates in your subliminal corner, but his skirmish with Uranus this week can trigger a conflicting urge to break out of a rut, have new experiences, broaden your mind, meet people and travel. Part of you wants peace and quiet, while another part wants to shake things up. Find healthy escapes that, at the very least, transport your mind. Venus has her own run-in with Uranus, reinforcing the friction between your desire to let go and drift and your itch for adventure. You could also feel inspired to help someone but aren’t sure if you’re seeing them in an accurate light. With Mars irking Neptune and Pluto, you might take ill-advised action that affects a relationship. These transits can cause you to misfire when aiming at your passions and ideals. Keep tabs on your subconscious motives and be willing to modify your behavior. The new moon offers the perfect excuse to begin a spiritual practice, go on a retreat, start a dream journal, download a sleep app and let go of something or someone for your own peace of mind. After your ruling planet, Mercury, gets back into gear in your network zone, you can repair any damage done by misunderstandings in your squad, on social media or in another group. You’ll be more sure of who’s on your team going forward.




September 23–October 22

When the sun in your network sector quarrels with Uranus this week, give-and-take probably won’t end up even-steven, and you could become impatient with someone if your expectations aren’t being met. Friction related to pooled resources, trust, money or jealousy is common with this transit. Your lovely ruling planet, Venus, has her own spat with Uranus, hinting that someone might catch you by surprise — or you might hook up with a platonic pal! Try to enjoy the moment without reading too much into it. And if an individual is acting fickle or detached, give them some space. Sex, sharing and interdependence can trip you up now. Focus on fostering mutually beneficial bonds, learning what you can from others and allowing them room to be themselves. Your health, mood, daily duties or family obligations can interfere with teamwork, due to discord between Mars, Neptune and Pluto, so be prepared to multitask. But the new moon in your network sector alludes to making new friends and professional contacts, joining an organization and bringing fresh faces into your circle in other ways. You could get a humanitarian effort off the ground soon or dive into a group endeavor of another sort. Luckily, Mercury is moving forward at last, which will help to straighten out career planning, communication with higher-ups and public relations. You’ll soon find it easier to formulate and articulate your goals.



October 23–November 21

With a cluster of planets hovering at the top of your chart, you’re focused on achieving your objectives, but relationship ups-and-downs or unpredictable people can lead you to take your eye off the ball this week when the sun in your ambition angle spars with Uranus in your interpersonal house. You could become bossy, especially if someone tests your patience. Try to give people plenty of leeway and remember that they may not share your agenda. Venus’s dustup with Uranus suggests you might not make the impression you intend to, so don’t be too attached to getting a specific response. Partnership isn’t the most reliable path to success under this planetary map, and relationship challenges can hinder self-promotion. You might have to change your strategy with someone so you can save face. Mars is forming awkward angles with Neptune and Pluto, so you might also need to tweak your approach to achieving a goal. You could be overthinking it or idealizing it. The new moon in your ambition angle encourages you to set new goals, embark on a fresh chapter in your career, chart a new course that shifts your life direction, change your public image or craft a business plan. Now that Mercury is pivoting forward finally, the big picture should start to come together. Learning and travel won’t be as glitchy, and you can get some clarity on your beliefs in the days ahead.




November 22–December 21

The sun’s discord with Uranus in your efficiency corner early in the week can throw a wrench in your plans. Your wanderlust or hunger for new experiences may be thwarted by shifting circumstances, or an inability to concentrate might cut into your productivity. You’re likely to feel scattered and could grow frustrated with limitations. Venus is also tussling with Uranus, calling for you to stay flexible if your workload, health or some inescapable detail threatens to curtail the pleasures of broadening your horizons. However, your restlessness can push you to overthrow the status quo without a second thought—and that might not be such a bad thing! Mars has his own battles to fight with Neptune and Pluto, so a melancholy mood, a lack of support at home or financial woes can make it harder for you to act with courage and push the boundaries to expand your life. You could talk yourself into or out of doing something now. However, a new moon prompts you to feed your hunger for adventure, and a big trip, new course of study or entrepreneurial venture could be just around the corner. This is a good lunation for adopting a new philosophy and taking a leap of faith. Mercury’s U-turn will improve your ability to get to the bottom of things and suss out substantial answers. Plus communicating with someone close to you and spelling out what you need will become less daunting in the days ahead.




December 22–January 19

You could be zeroing in on an important relationship, endeavor or personal matter, but with the sun in your depth zone fighting Uranus early in the week, an impulse to enjoy the lighter side of life might send you off on a tangent. An urge for independence can also disrupt closeness, especially since Venus is due to tussle with Uranus days later. Their clash can send shockwaves through your personal life if a sudden flirtation or sexual encounter comes out of left field. Expect the unexpected and allow for plenty of freedom. Resist any temptation to assume too much too soon. Infatuation and rebellion can combine now, creating quite a plot twist. Plus Mars is throwing darts at Pluto in Capricorn, which could pull you into a struggle for control. Practice restraint, and be open to revising your demands so nothing backfires on you. Just in the nick of time, Mercury corrects course in your interpersonal angle, paving the way for diplomatic dialogue and fence-mending. Aim to resolve any differences that came up in the last few weeks. The new moon suggests a new sexual relationship — or a new level of closeness in an existing one — could be in the pipeline. You might also start a new research project or investigation, tap into a fresh outside resource or undergo an empowering emotional transformation that gives you a newfound sense of strength.




January 20–February 18

Your ruler, Uranus, is generating tremors at the base of your chart and making life difficult for the sun and Venus in your one-on-one angle this week. As a result, your family, your mood or your living situation is apt to disrupt your rapport with another individual. If you do find yourself grappling with interpersonal conflict, pause and attend to what’s going on at home or inside you. And if you get pulled away from a date or other social plans because of a mood swing or domestic incident, be ready to change things up in response. It might be your own underlying urge for independence and change that’s impacting a relationship or your ability to get along with people — so take an honest look at your innermost emotions. Since Mars is feuding with Neptune and Pluto, buried feelings and private insecurities can absolutely make it harder to partner with others. But a new moon in your one-on-one angle suggests a new partnership (creative, romantic, business, etc.) may be in the cards, or you could make a serious commitment to someone you’re already involved with. You might start thinking about what you’re looking for in a relationship and try to connect with people who are more suited to you. And thankfully, Mercury is doing an about-face, improving your ability to analyze situations and problem-solve. Scheduling snafus, miscues on the job and overlooked details won’t trip you up so much going forward.



February 19–March 20

You’re driven to get a lot done, with three planets activating your efficiency corner. But they’re all scuffling with other planets this week, so your productivity could take a hit. The sun’s clash with Uranus in your mindset zone can make you anxious and distracted, and giving yourself timeouts to clear your head can help. Otherwise, you could go shooting off on a tangent and have a hard time getting back on track. Venus has a similar tiff with Uranus days later, hinting that relations on the job may hit a bump. Do your best to think on your feet and come up with creative solutions to problems. Indecisiveness can make it more challenging to enjoy what you’re doing, and again, building breaks into your routine could be the antidote. When Mars sideswipes Neptune in Pisces, taking care of your health or your responsibilities will be tricky, so make whatever adjustments seem necessary in the moment. But don’t get caught up in trying to get everything perfect! Mercury’s direct turn is a bright spot in the week, restoring your ability to express yourself and to understand what will fulfill you. Plus, a new moon invites you to get on a different schedule; start a new diet or exercise regimen; initiate a positive habit; improve your work ethic and time management; learn a skill; organize your workspace; make medical appointments; and change your default modus operandi.




March 21–April 19

Erratic confidence or finances can affect self-expression and fun this week when the sun and Venus in your joy sector quibble with Uranus in your worth house. Personal pleasure and creative or romantic fulfillment seem to wax and wane. Be flexible in your use of what you have going for you and try not to attach your emotions to specific needs. It may not be as simple as you’d like to have a good time, but you’re capable of riding out these bumps and enjoying life regardless, especially if you can gain insight into what’s truly most valuable to you. Your ruler, Mars, is out of sync with Neptune and Pluto, indicating that melancholy or the pressure to succeed could impair your drive to do what you want to do. If private wistfulness or professional responsibilities make you feel less footloose, don’t force yourself to have fun. But do try to take some action that has the potential to make you feel happy and free. The new moon can coax you to discover a new source of pleasure like a hobby, start a creative endeavor or make more time for fun in the coming months—and it can also spell the beginning of fresh romance. With Mercury powering forward at the base of your chart, communication with family and roomies begins to improve, and you won’t feel as confused by your own moods.




April 20–May 20

Uranus in Taurus is fending off challenges from the sun and Venus this week, who are both nestled at the bottom of your chart. Your patience with a family member or someone you live with could wear thin as a result, or you might have a sudden need to break free from the past. If you’re feeling rebellious, direct that energy toward liberating yourself from stuck emotions or an old pattern instead of overreacting to people in your environment. It’s possible that someone who’s known you forever is having trouble getting used to the person you’ve become (or are in the process of becoming). You may be too restless to stay in and relax despite your underlying desire to lay low. If you’re growing impatient with peace and quiet or the status quo, get out and do your own thing rather than upsetting the apple cart. And give yourself an out from a family event if you need space. Mars is at odds with Neptune and Pluto, which can also generate tension on the home front, particularly if you have a lot to do and would rather be somewhere else. But the new moon hints at a new development in your family or a fresh start that affects your living situation. It’s a good time for you to put a new self-care practice in place that will enhance your emotional wellbeing. And with Mercury getting back up to speed, you’ll feel more capable of making good choices and conveying your thoughts.




May 21–June 20

Tune in to what’s going on in the back of your head, as it’s likely to color the tone of your interactions this week when the sun and Venus in your cognition-and-communication house feud with Uranus in your subliminal corner. Your conscious thoughts and speech are at odds with subconscious impulses now, and unplanned words can throw a curveball into a conversation. A secret urge for freedom might lead you to flirt, which could pose a problem if you’re in a committed relationship and the object of your affection isn’t your partner. Seek out harmless excitement to stave off boredom. You may also seem impatient, disagreeable or rash, depending on the urges that are influencing your speech. Plus, Mars is driving you to assert yourself, but he’s rubbing Neptune in your ambition angle the wrong way, and you probably won’t get the benefit of the doubt if you come at an authority figure with charged words. A similar Mars-Pluto dustup warns against provoking someone close to you and winding up in a power struggle. The new moon can inspire you to change the way you communicate; embark on a quest to learn something; plan a short vacay or weekend getaway; gather information; and get in touch with people. Your ruler is shifting back into first gear, improving your financial judgment and your ability to set priorities — and possibly delivering a delayed payment.




June 21–July 22

With the sun and Venus in your worth house throwing darts at Uranus in your network sector this week, you may or may not get what you want from friends or another group, and greediness or possessiveness could make waves. Group interests and friendship aren’t lining up neatly with your concept of what you need, so reaching agreeable terms with people won’t be a cinch. Money, belongings, priorities, values and sharing are bound to be a bit of a minefield. Try not to get impatient, expecting others to gratify your desires. If you can manage to be more adaptable when it comes to personal demands, you’ll give people a chance to surprise you. Mars is also in your worth house, and his disagreements with Neptune and Pluto can make it even more difficult to behave appropriately when it comes to protecting your own interests. Don’t allow yourself to entertain illusions — and don’t hand over your power. If you can also take your ego out of the equation, you’ll be one step ahead of the game. The new moon can inspire you to create a budget, set fresh financial goals, cultivate a new source of income and work on strengthening your self-sufficiency or self-esteem. With Mercury powering on in Cancer, your silver tongue will gradually return! And your thinking will be much more on point, as you start to contemplate personal matters with the benefit of increasing objectivity.


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Lead image by Alessandra Olanow.


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I always look forward to your horoscope! Thanks!

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