Your Free People Horoscope with Tracy Allen, Week of July 22-28

Be sure to make the most of your week — Tracy Allen says it’s the easiest one that July has to offer!




July 23–August 22

Happy solar return! Just as the week gets underway, the sun — your ruling planet — bursts into Leo, marking the official start of your birthday season. You’ll be full of vitality in the coming month and can easily make a strong impression when you choose to. Consider this your green light to express your personality freely and place yourself firmly at the top of your priority list. Plus, Venus will sashay into your sign at the end of the week, putting you in a much more social mood so you can celebrate your special day with your favorite people and enjoy being fêted. The love planet lends you natural charm and magnetism, helping you to draw others into your orbit. And since she also makes you feel flirty and attractive, the next few weeks are a great time for dating and romance if you’re interested. Although Mercury is still retrograde, its meeting with Venus midweek can stimulate your intuition and creativity to the point where even a pleasant daydream might yield a nugget of useful info about yourself. Showing your compassion for others can bridge the communication gap. Mars in Leo is collaborating with Jupiter, giving you the courage to take a well-timed, worthwhile risk for the sake of pleasure, love, personal fulfillment or creative expression. A taste of freedom and progress can inspire you to make a bold move or simply enjoy life to the fullest. So go ahead and pursue what — or whom — you want!




August 23–September 22

With the sun slipping into your retreat corner for a monthlong hibernation, your solar year is winding down and it’s appropriate to step back from the world and reflect on the last eleven months. You won’t have tons of energy anyway, so give yourself permission to unplug and unwind. You need to clear the decks — emotionally and mentally — and recharge your battery. Find some peace and quiet to process your feelings and past actions and patterns, but reserve judgment! Seek closure, and don’t get caught up in self-recrimination. Take an honest look—with acceptance and forgiveness in your heart — at how you got to this point in your life. It’s productive to heal and prepare to move on now. In contrast, Wednesday’s Mercury-Venus summit in your group zone encourages you to connect with people and collaborate. You can easily get back in touch with someone under this influence, so reach out to a professional contact, long-lost friend or some other peer you want to reconnect with. Mars and Jupiter are also in cahoots, favoring bold self-confrontation that increases your understanding of yourself. Family support may enable you to deal with a psychological issue. Working from home or on your home will also prove beneficial, as will sacrificing personal interests and helping others. Venus’s arrival in your retreat corner enhances the spirit of benevolent love in the next few weeks, and it can also point to a secret relationship.




September 23–October 22

After the sun lands in your network zone, the spotlight shifts from your goals to your squad, and you’ll be more interested in connecting with people than climbing the ladder. Look for opportunities to join forces — or create them if they’re not readily apparent. You’ll thrive on teamwork, since this part of the chart is all about large groups. Venus aligns with Mercury midweek, briefly turning your focus back to personal ambition. You might draw public or professional attention or tweak a creative project to make sure it’s good to go. Since Mercury is messing up literal communication with higher-ups, to polish your image, you should dress to impress or let your work do the talking. A Mars-Jupiter link will help you actively network with a wide range of people and make advantageous contacts. You can get your message across and align your ideas with coordinated group efforts. You might also teach others how to do something or learn a lot by observing their actions. You’re sure to draw inspiration from collective energy, and your optimism will spur you to pursue your interests and ideals. In turn, people who share those interests and ideals with you will feed your optimism. And since your ruler, Venus, will pirouette into the same zone at week’s end, you’ll soon be in a super social mood. Make plans with friends, go to parties, attend events where you can meet new faces — in short, get out and see people!



October 23–November 21

With the sun climbing to the peak of your chart early in the week, you’re ready for your close-up. It’s time to focus on your PR, your career and your overall life direction. You might find yourself on center stage in the month to come, so be prepared to prove what you’re capable of. Don’t hide what you have to offer the world; keep a high profile and shine your light! You might take on more responsibilities — and possibly a leadership role — or make headway towards a goal. A Mercury-Venus meetup in your exploration corner can allow you to broaden your horizons midweek, so make a point of venturing into the unknown, literally and figuratively. If you can’t manage to skip town, feed your hunger for difference by getting out of your routine at every opportunity and coming face to face with a wide range of people and cultures that are foreign to you. Since Mars is gelling with Jupiter, your ambitious efforts could pay off financially, boost your confidence or make you believe in your ability to take care of your own needs. Your highest values can drive you to achieve your aims, while prioritizing meaningful work will prove productive. Venus’s ascent at the end of the week will smooth public relations and help you make a favorable impression on higher-ups in the next few weeks — plus your creativity and ability to get along with others can put you in a good light.




November 22–December 21

With the sun sailing into your exploration corner at the start of the week for his annual monthlong visit, you’ll no longer be zeroed in on a particular relationship or project. In true Sagittarian fashion, you’re fired up to cast a wider net and expose yourself to more of what the world has to offer. You might take a big trip or embark on a new course of study, as this part of the chart governs travel and education. The overarching theme is expanding your mind, and you can do that in countless ways that appeal to you. When Mercury and Venus align in your depth-and-merging house midweek, you might rekindle an old flame or delve into strong emotions and confide them to someone if you’re willing to make yourself vulnerable. This would be an excellent time to examine any personal issues linked with relationships. For instance, you could look at a fear of intimacy to find out how it shapes your experiences. A collaboration between Mars and your ruler, Jupiter, (who’s still hanging in your sign) doubles down on the idea that learning experiences are sure to foment growth. You may take a stand for what’s right, head out of town, engage in a lively intellectual exchange or take action that requires courage. With lovely Venus following the sun into your exploration corner, you also might try long-distance romance, enjoy a vacay fling or date someone you wouldn’t typically go for.




December 22–January 19

Once the sun dives into your depth-and-merging zone at the beginning of the week, your focus will narrow to a VIP in your life, a passion project or a private emotional matter. You want to experience life on a meaningful, profound level now and won’t be prone to short cuts or easy answers. Psychological examination, research, intimate sharing and intense feelings are all associated with this part of the chart. Mars is there as well, and he’s forming an alliance with Jupiter midweek that suggests being brave enough to confront something in your psyche — or to get close to someone — will promote a sense of peace, connectedness and self-awareness. Spirituality and sexuality may commingle, creating a powerful experience. You could also dig into something you want to learn more about. But an awkward Mars-Saturn encounter can turn collaboration into a minefield, so be willing to bend your rules. You may hit a wall if you push to get what you want from someone or from outside resources. Mercury’s meeting with Venus encourages you to keep the lines of communication open, no matter how faulty they seem during Mercury retrograde. You could reconnect with a person from the past, and reunions are apt to feel good. After Venus follows the sun into your depth-and-merging zone, your craving for closeness will grow, and superficial relationships won’t satisfy you. If you get involved with someone now, your bond is bound to feel intense.




January 20–February 18

One-to-one relationships take on added importance after the sun crosses your interpersonal angle early in the week for its annual monthlong visit. Connecting with other individuals will revitalize you, so seek out companions for your activities, spend quality time with your S.O., consult others when you need advice, and draw strength from partnerships. Several planets are reminding you now not to go it alone. A Mercury-Venus conjunction in your productivity corner can fuel your enthusiasm to put your nose to the grindstone. You might use your energy to revise something for work or take on a cerebral or artistic project. Due to Mercury retrograde, crossed wires with colleagues could be causing headaches, but a kind word or thoughtful gesture will help to smooth ruffled feathers. Since Mars is harmonizing with Jupiter in your network sector, teamwork, socializing and shared adventures get the go-ahead. Joining forces can teach you something and inspire you to aim even higher. You might make new contacts and widen the circle of people in your life under this influence. And you can count on your friends for their support and wisdom if you’re having trouble in a relationship. Venus follows the sun into your interpersonal angle at the end of the week, helping you get on the same wavelength with people and tune in to what they want. Pleasant relations can offset the nuisance of Merc retro, and you might even make peace with someone in the next few weeks.



February 19–March 20

As the sun moves into your efficiency corner and prepares to camp out there for the next month, your work ethic gets further fortification, enabling you to tackle much of what’s on your plate. Focus on the tasks at hand and take pride in a job well done. Feeling useful and being of service to others can keep you going now. It’s also a period for shining a light on your physical wellbeing and treating your body with the respect it deserves. With Mercury and Venus coming together midweek, you’ll still have a chance to play and might express your affection, generosity, creativity, humor, joy and personality. Have fun, flirt and show off your imaginative talents. If you’re at a loss for words when trying to articulate your feelings, know that people can pick up on what’s in your heart if you have the courage to wear it on your sleeve. A Mars-Jupiter confab could reward your hard work with greater responsibility or recognition, and your willingness to learn and aid others will serve you well. Even though you’re doing what’s required of you with a degree of humility, you should stay optimistic and confident, keep your eyes on the prize and focus on long-term progress — not short-term gains. You’re in the process of actively growing your career. Venus’s arrival in your efficiency corner will help you get along with coworkers and enjoy being productive in the weeks to come.




March 21–April 19

You’ll be more inclined to get out and enjoy life after the sun zips into your fulfillment house at the beginning of the week and sets up shop there for the next month. This transit makes you feel free to be yourself and express your desires, creativity and quirks. You want to set your own priorities now and do what makes you happy. It’s a good period for romance, hobbies, fun with friends and other pleasurable pastimes that gratify you. With Mercury and Venus convening at the base of your chart midweek, you could get into a sentimental mood and have an urge to relax with family or other people who get you. It’s the perfect time to reconnect with people you’ve known forever because this planetary pairing is all about comfort. There’s also a chance you’ll be inspired to host a party. Your ruler, Mars, is vibing with Jupiter in your exploration corner, nudging you to be brave and go after what you want. Taking a risk in order to expand your horizons is apt to pay off, so don’t play it too safe; go out on a limb. Whether your aspirations involve self-expression, travel, learning, creativity, adventure or love — pursue them! An optimistic outlook will help you seize an opportunity to try something bold and unfamiliar. After Venus segues into your fulfillment house, your desire to play will increase even further, and you won’t have much trouble showing warmth, affection and generosity.




April 20–May 20

There’s no place like home after the sun dips down to your foundation angle as the week begins, emphasizing the comforts of familiar surroundings and people. Your personal life and living situation will draw your attention, and you’ll probably need some alone time to relax and get in touch with anything that’s going on inside you. Mercury is still retrograde and linking up with your ruler, Venus, midweek, giving your interactions with people a jolt of positive energy. You’re likely to run into people you haven’t seen in a while and might reconnect with old neighbors. You could also bond with a sibling over shared memories or revisit a place you’re fond of. Mars and Jupiter have their own tête-à-tête that can help you unearth buried anger in an effort to understand yourself better. Dealing with dormant emotions and aiming for meaningful transformation will be worth your while, so face those feelings bravely — and consider trusting someone with them. Intimacy in the privacy of your home is also favored now. After Venus descends to the base of your chart, you’ll definitely be in the mood to nest and might opt to cook, bake, entertain, attend a family reunion or redecorate in the next few weeks. (If you do play with your décor, postpone drastic changes until August, when mental Mercury will be back up to speed.) Enjoy spending time with people you’ve known for ages and indulging in creature comforts like delicious food and drink!




May 21–June 20

The house that rules Gemini matters like cognition and communication will host the sun for a month, starting at the beginning of this week. Your thoughts and speech will benefit from added vitality, even though your ruling planet, Mercury, is still traveling retrograde. The tempo of everyday life will also pick up, and you’re not likely to be bored. You might become restless, but you can scratch the itch by getting out and letting your natural curiosity lead you to new experiences. Merc’s alignment with Venus in your worth zone will add extra layers to your financial judgment. You could overidentify with what you have and what you need, which will introduce an emotional component to your spending. But you could also gain a keen intuitive sense of what’s most valuable, and your taste will be on point. Next, a Mars-Jupiter connection encourages you to assert yourself in conversations; pitch your ideas to someone; reach out to a lot of people so you can make beneficial contacts; and make an effort to learn about relationships and learn through relationships. Your mind is very active now, and you’re inclined to espouse a strong viewpoint. At the end of the week, Venus follows the sun into your cognition-and-communication house, which should help to make your interactions pleasant and your mindset positive. Relish the warmth in your encounters and the beauty in your environment — and tell people you care about them.




June 21–July 22

The sun’s entrance into your worth zone at the start of the week shifts your focus from who you are to what you have and what you need. This is a period for taking stock of your finances, assets, possessions and talents. It’s time to assess what’s most important to you and align your priorities with those values. You might also consider your self-esteem and how it influences your relationship with money and things. Appreciate what you own and the gifts you’ve been given — and put them to good use now. Mercury is backtracking in Cancer, so you’re feeling somewhat tongue-tied, but a meeting with Venus should give your communication a welcome boost. Both your speech and your thoughts will benefit from an extra dose of warmth and amiability. And Mars is playing nice with Jupiter in your productivity corner, enabling you to use your resources well and get tons done. You can acquire new skills if you jump in with confidence and maximize your talents. A strong work ethic will do you a world of good. Go after what you need and channel your exuberance into actions that can open up avenues of income. Don’t be afraid to fight for your security and take on more duties. After Venus enters your worth zone at the end of the week, your tastes could get more lavish, and beauty will be the main draw. Although avarice can lead to overspending, your earning capacity could also increase.


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Love that my horoscope incorporates creativity for the coming week! Sounds great!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

4 years ago

A taste of freedom and progress can inspire you to make a bold move or simply enjoy life to the fullest. So go ahead and pursue what — or whom — you want!