Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of August 26-September 1

Half of our planets are making appearances in Virgo, and they’re vibing with Uranus, encouraging us to wake up and make changes.



August 23–September 22

Mercury skips into Virgo this week, giving you a welcome brainpower boost. Use it to contemplate personal matters with savvy objectivity and express your thoughts with flair. Half the planets are paying visits to your sign, and they’re all in perfect harmony with changemaker Uranus in your expansion house, clearing your path for enlivening experiences. You might be attracted to someone unexpected or show a totally different side of yourself — either way, unique individuality will be extra enticing. Interact with a wide range of people who can open up new worlds to you. You can discover what you’re made of by exposing yourself to stimulating encounters and events, so keep your distance from your comfort zone. Seeing things differently will allow you to do things differently. Unfamiliar undertakings have the power to provide fresh revelations about life, and they can also teach you about yourself. Take a trip and look at the world from a new angle. Or start studying a subject you don’t know much about and talk to people who can enlighten you. Venus in Virgo also happens to be in sync with Saturn in your fulfillment zone, underscoring the fact that taking what you have to offer seriously will allow you to put yourself out there in a way that gets you noticed. You’re working to become more and more yourself, and your hard-earned, authentic wholeness enriches your appeal. And courtesy of Venus, you’re radiating charm and beauty; her rendezvous with Saturn will help you to share your genuine individuality, your creative contributions and your heartfelt feelings. Plus, this week’s new moon in your sign invites you to make a fresh start. It’s time to try new things, and you might reinvent your look, launch a bold personal venture or change your communication style in the weeks to come. This lunation is about presenting the real you in a novel way. It represents your very own New Year, so make it count!



September 23–October 22

With a cluster of planets tucked away in the last house of your chart, your energy is super low-key at the moment. All of them — Venus, Mars, the sun, the moon and Mercury — are clicking with Uranus in your depth sector at one point or another this week, hinting at the possibility of emotional or sexual liberation. Getting past your inhibitions can bring a rush of closeness, so try going with the flow. Divulging a secret will feel freeing, while wandering around in your imagination can produce an a-ha! moment if you’re ready to get closer to the truth. You might also take a step back from the world and release something (or someone) that’s taking up space in your psyche or your personal life. The nature of these transits indicates that positive change begins within, and trying to grasp what (or who) would best be left in the past will foment progress. Carve out time for quiet reflection because it’s likely to result in eye-opening self-awareness. And confiding in a person you trust can seal your bond rather quickly. Intimacy and self-acceptance are both bound to make you feel light as a feather and free as a bird. Your ruler, Venus, is also vibing with Saturn this week, suggesting that you could end up taking care of a loved one — perhaps a roomie or family member. This pairing also highlights the recurring theme of letting your guard down with someone you care about; baring your soul can provide a sense of strength and security, not fear and vulnerability. And again, shutting the door on a previous chapter of your life (possibly a relationship) will give you much-needed closure. The new moon at the end of your chart also coaxes you to tie up loose ends and put finishing touches on old business in preparation for your coming birthday season. It’s the year’s best lunation for starting a spiritual practice, cracking open a new dream journal, going on a retreat or launching a selfless volunteer effort.


October 23–November 21

Unpredictable Uranus is clicking with a posse of planets in your humanity house all week, giving your interactions an exciting jolt of energy. Venus is involved, so there might be romantic sparks between you and a friend, or you could meet a fresh prospect through people you already know. If you’re in a serious relationship, you could probably use a night off now to enjoy an epic night out with your crew. You might also connect with someone new while you’re in the process of collaborating on a team endeavor, thanks to the influence of doer Mars. And since Uranus compels us to expect the unexpected, you should give others a chance to surprise you in a good way. You’ll also benefit from being totally yourself, being open to different people and being tolerant of everyone’s idiosyncrasies. You could take on a surprising role in a group when the sun syncs with Uranus, or a relationship might shift in a way you didn’t see coming. Other individuals are acting as agents of change in your life. Both group relations and one-on-one encounters are favored this week, and the odds of forming new connections are quite high. So whether you want to fall in love, make a friend, snag a great contact or establish some other kind of bond, you should make a point of mingling. Do some professional networking, socialize, attend big gatherings—get out and circulate! Venus’s chemistry with Saturn implies that being around people isn’t just about having fun. You’re meant to create lasting bonds, find mentors, learn from others, express yourself honestly and discuss matters of substance. And if you’ve put off having an important talk with a friend, this could be the time to grin and bear it. A new moon puts even further emphasis on casting a wide net and welcoming fresh faces into your life. You might soon join an organization, get involved in a humanitarian effort or add something to your bucket list.



November 22–December 21

Your ambition is in overdrive, thanks to the fact that half the planets are traipsing across your achievement angle, and their fortuitous encounters with Uranus in your efficiency corner this week can help you make significant headway. Be open to new ways of accomplishing what you want to; the more flexible you are in your approach to goals, the more likely you are to earn rave reviews. You can polish your public image or create favorable circumstances in your career and might pull it off in a surprisingly off-the-cuff manner. Keep finding new kinds of work and new ways of working — and operate independently if possible. Pursue your aims via methods that pique your interest. Showcase an uncommon skill. Be productive, not predictable! A change in your routine, skillset, responsibilities or work ethic can enable you to shine. Be ready to adapt to circumstances and break old habits. You can communicate with authority figures in a fresh way, articulate a new approach, plan the next chapter in your career, put a different aspect of your work on display and take on creative challenges that stimulate you. Success isn’t all about elbow grease, especially now. You need to promote yourself, look the part, attract the right people and demonstrate personal flair at times. Venus and Saturn are presenting a united front, indicating that solid PR will strengthen your conviction that you can become self-sufficient. Be sure to use your resources wisely — anything from a latent talent to an advantageous contact will come in handy. With a new moon rising in your achievement angle as well, this is a good time to set new goals; embark on a fresh chapter in your career; change the course of your life path; create a business plan; transform your image; take on a leadership role; or assume bigger responsibilities. You might find yourself in the spotlight soon, so be ready to make a splash.



December 22–January 19

Uranus is in favor of spontaneously saying yes to anything and anyone that will push the envelope, and this week, he’s gelling with several planets that are ensconced in your exploration zone, upping the stakes even further. Indulge in liberating pleasures by dating outside your comfort zone if you’re single or enjoying an unfamiliar experience — like a trip — with your significant other if you’re attached. You might be drawn to someone quite surprising under this influence. Find new ways to enjoy life, because an impromptu adventure or romantic encounter has the power to excite you and even change you. Your own thirst for learning, travel and stimulation is pushing you to broaden your horizons in whatever way you can. If you can’t manage to skip town, the seemingly simple act of exposing yourself to ideas, beliefs, people and cultures you’re not acquainted with can be exhilarating. Look for different methods for getting out of your routine; you’ll love looking at the world with fresh eyes now. Thinking outside the box and trying new things will pay off in unexpected ways. This is the right time to broaden your definition of fun, love, happiness and beauty to encompass more of life’s possibilities. Venus is in cahoots with Saturn in Capricorn, giving you further incentive to sample fresh delights. Visit a place you’ve never been to before, go out with someone you’d normally swipe left on or follow some other tempting whim. Saturn’s stabilizing influence practically guarantees that coloring outside the lines won’t be foolhardy. And the new moon double dares you to take a leap of faith for the sake of personal growth. Plan your next big adventure, embark on a new course of study, adopt an optimistic mantra, create a vision board or launch an entrepreneurial venture. This lunation can inspire you to paint a hopeful picture of your future and take risks to make it a reality.



January 20–February 18

Your ruling planet, revolutionary Uranus, makes magic with five planets in your depth-and-merging house this week, daring you to share your private self. You might reveal your innermost emotions, and opening up is sure to help you feel seen and understood. Sex can also be an emotionally revealing experience now, so it’s especially important to trust the person you’re with. Flying solo? Introspection and confiding in someone who’s known you forever can jolt you out of an old emotional pattern that’s stunted your growth and allow you to understand yourself better. You’re full of super-intense energy, and the planets are offering you suitable outlets. You might opt to throw yourself into a project that improves your living situation or probe your psyche for clues to breaking free from the past. Or do some digging into your family history to gain liberating answers. You’ll definitely benefit from spending time alone or with loved ones and should pay attention to the subtle nuances of what’s going on inside you or between you and another individual. Seek out insights that will drive positive change. You’ll get a sense of release when you delve into something dark or hidden and free yourself from the weight of keeping it buried. Making the choice to love and accept your true self can lead to a powerful internal shift. It’s the perfect time to unpack emotional baggage! Plus, Venus is meshing with Saturn in your spirit sector, persuading you to overcome your hangups — and perhaps close the book on an old relationship — in order to enjoy an intimate connection with a partner or pal. Don’t beat yourself up for mistakes you’ve made; guilt doesn’t serve anyone. Release whatever is burdening your soul and welcome love into your life with open arms. The new moon alludes to the potential for a new sexual relationship or a fresh outside resource like a loan, grant or inheritance in the weeks to come.



February 19–March 20

An attraction could take you by surprise this week when a handful of planets in your interpersonal angle harmonize with carefree Uranus. You might see someone you know in a whole new light or meet a new person altogether. A neighbor, sibling or friend could be involved, maybe by making the introductions. If you’re in a relationship, an honest conversation can reveal unspoken truths, helping you arrive at mutual understanding — plus it will feel good to get things out in the open. You may also gain a different perspective on a relationship now. And proactive Mars will enable you to think on your feet and find innovative ways to make things work between you. One-on-one dialogue can give you info and insights, and it’s a great time to connect with new people, so make an effort to circulate. Your daily interactions are bound to be extra stimulating during these transits, and a flexible mindset will allow you to enjoy them even more. A convo might open your mind to a new way of looking at things, or you could click with someone through an interest you recently developed. Venus is getting along very well with Saturn in your groups-and-tech house, so you can also connect with different people through your current crew or via the internet or a dating app. Attending events like club meetings or industry conferences can also help you make a match. And if you’re already seeing someone, it could be time to get to know each other’s friends better or to join a group as a couple. With a new moon landing in your interpersonal angle, a partnership—romantic, business, creative or some other kind — could be in the pipeline, or perhaps you’ll make an existing one more official. You might get into a negotiation, redefine the terms of a relationship or start looking for different qualities in the VIPs in your life in the weeks ahead.



March 21–April 19

When a cluster of planets in your efficiency corner connect with Uranus this week, you could tap into a new talent while working on a project or make a unique contribution on the job that earns the appreciation of your colleagues. Getting along with the people you work with and enjoying what you’re doing will not only make you feel good, but it might also make a difference in your earning power. It’s possible you’ll accept a gig that doesn’t pay as much as you want, for the opportunity to work with people you like or to work on something fun. Your ruler, Mars, is underscoring the link between your productivity and your worth, and if you’re putting your nose to the grindstone, that could boost both your cash flow and your self-esteem. On the flipside, making brilliant use of everything you have at your disposal will increase your productivity — so be aware of what you have going for you, and work smart! You’re capable of adapting to shifting resources and circumstances now; if you don’t have the funds, confidence or particular talent or skill that’s called for to do what you’re trying to do, winging it might just suffice! You’ll get plenty of satisfaction from serving others, and Uranus’s current placement in your chart hints that you’re not overly concerned with what you’re getting out of everything. If you opt to devote energy to tackling necessary tasks and improving your physical health, you have a good shot at enhancing your overall sense of wellbeing. And when Venus joins forces with Saturn, a crush on a coworker could turn into something more serious, or you could receive accolades for creative work. You can also make progress if you’re working on a relationship problem. The new moon nudges you to get organized; launch a job search; adopt a positive habit; get on a different schedule; start an exercise or diet regimen; learn a skill; or improve your work ethic.



April 20–May 20

Half the planets are rubbing elbows with Uranus in Taurus throughout the week, encouraging you to shake things up. Grab onto any fun or pleasure that comes your way because out-of-the-blue excitement is a major thems. Avoid doing the same old thing, and enjoy life in unexpected ways. A crush, a creative endeavor, generosity, amusement, affection — all this and more can get your juices flowing. You won’t be satisfied with playing it safe, so take some chances that will help you to feel more alive. Make a bold move and show the world a different side of you. Feel free to be yourself and to do as you please. Rebel a little! Expressing your feelings, humor, desires and personality will prove to be invigorating and can give you a welcome sense of forward movement. Play around with different ways of motivating yourself and keeping life from getting too stagnant. Sharing romance, warmth and pleasure will be especially liberating. Let your heart take the lead and challenge yourself to try something new — it just may prove life-changing! The planets are giving you full permission to indulge in what makes you happy, and simply having a good time can strengthen your faith in the future, thanks to a summit between your ruling planet, Venus, and Saturn in your exploration corner. Whatever fulfills you — a dreamy date, a night out with friends, playing with your pets, delving into an artistic project — go for it. Enjoying yourself can teach you something, and Saturn should act as a safety net if you’re worried about going overboard. A new moon in your joy sector urges you to keep discovering fresh sources of pleasure, perhaps by getting into a new hobby, a love affair or a creative endeavor in the coming weeks. Finding new avenues to happiness, fulfillment and love will contribute to the ongoing process of reinventing your identity, so explore the possibilities!



May 21–June 20

Several planets are hunkered down at the base of your chart, turning your attention to home, family and feels. Since they’re all melding with freedom-loving Uranus this week, you could get unstuck from lingering emotions and relish a sense of liberation. Maybe it’s time to cut ties with the past and let go of an old love or become more independent from your family. If you’re currently in a relationship, revealing personal secrets and private thoughts can trigger a rush of closeness. Confronting the past will enable you to understand yourself better and might help you break out of an old emotional cycle. Geminis like to travel light, and this week can allow you to do just that. If looking inward and backward seems heavy, remember you need to unpack emotional baggage before you can leave it behind you. Think about who you want to be going forward. You might decide to stay home and sift through mementos or memories to glean insights into what brought you to this point in your life. Try to be as conscious as you can of what’s going on within you and how you might be undermining yourself without meaning to. Talking to a family member can shed some light and provide a freeing feeling of closure. You could also enjoy unwinding at home with relatives or people you can be yourself with. Venus is cozying up to Saturn, emphasizing the pleasures of being comfortable in your own skin and being close to another person. If you’ve been working on yourself or on a relationship, now you can relax into self-acceptance or intimacy. And if you’re in a committed partnership, this pairing implies cohabitation could be in the cards, or you might just savor private time in the comforts of home. The new moon hints at a looming change in your living situation, a development involving your family or a shift in your emotional state. It’s the best lunation of the year for starting a new self-care ritual.



June 21–July 22

There’s a planetary party happening in your thinking-and-talking corner this week, and Uranus in your network zone wants to get in on the fun. Do you want to meet new people? Your best bets are technology, large gatherings, your squad and the larger circle of people you already know. Start mingling, swiping and working your contacts if you’re interested in fresh connections. If you’re already paired off, you could spend time as a couple with mutual friends or give each other space so you can hang with your respective crews. A nice feeling of camaraderie or an honest dialogue between you might come out of nowhere and perk up your relationship. It’s easy to let people be themselves and give them the benefit of the doubt under this influence. You might join forces with others on a neighborhood-improvement project, take a quick trip with friends or do a bit of professional networking and secure an interesting contact. And if you have a group presentation scheduled, you shouldn’t have any problem getting your point across with plenty of energy and opening people’s eyes. Express your ideas and views with bravado and reach out to those who share your interests, ideals or objectives. Brainstorming, collective communication and group learning are highly favored now. If you need to have an important convo, this week’s Venus-Saturn matchup gives you the perfect excuse to take the plunge. This combo is particularly conducive to talking about feelings, commitment and relationships. With patience and a positive attitude, you have a good shot at reaching an agreement. And if you’re drawn to someone new when these two planets get together, it’s entirely possible that you’ll form a lasting connection. A new moon can prompt you to learn something new, gather info, get active in your community, bond with a sibling, start a writing project, tackle paperwork or make a decision in the weeks to come.



July 23–August 22

With a planetary pack convening in your worth house and forming alliances with Uranus in your achievement angle this week, it’s a great time to set some financial targets or consider tweaking your career path in order to better provide for yourself. You should be able to clarify your personal priorities and align them with long-term aims and professional advancement. And your self-esteem could get a boost when you show off a distinctive talent or make headway with a goal. Courtesy of Venus, unattached Lions might meet someone worth dating at a professional function, so don’t play hooky! And for those of you who are in a relationship, you could have a talk about values and where you see things heading. Proactive Mars is in the mix, pushing you to find clever ways to pursue your objectives and make a living. Use a resource you haven’t tapped into yet — or use the same ones in a different way. The sun is also getting in on the action, enabling you to shine and make personal progress. You’re likely to have a strong urge for self-sufficiency and independence now. And thanks to Mercury’s involvement, you can effectively assess what you have going for you and how you might use it to climb the career ladder or accomplish a goal. Your speech and thinking related to money and assets are both geared toward positive change, so this could be an opportune week to make your case for a promotion or raise. Since Venus is sweet-talking Saturn in your productivity corner, diligence is bound to pay off, possibly financially or by making you feel good about yourself. Plus, utilizing everything you have at your disposal will empower you to get a job done, so tap into your treasure trove! The new moon encourages you to create a budget, open up a new stream of income, make an important purchase, improve the way you handle money and indulge your five senses—perhaps by spending time in nature.

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Lead image by Alessandra Olanow.


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Hmm, my horoscope seems tricky for this week! Better go forward with caution!

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