Lighten Up Your Mood: Mid-Summer Slump? Inhale These Scents to Stay Focused, Grounded and Energized

Clear the negative energy, bad vibes and anxiety around you with these mystical, spirit-shifting essentials.

With extreme heat, tumultuous thunderstorms and pummeling rainstorms — all hitting in the same week — the physical world can sometimes be a lot to handle, even in the supposedly idyllic lull of summer. There are times you just want to curl up inside and breathe in some comfort. To help lighten your mood — and create a sense of calm inside — consider the aura-changing potential of fragrance.

From experimental, out of-the-box incense to smudging mists to purifying fragrance oils made by a tarot priestess, here are five items to put into rotation to right everything in your world (Mercury in retrograde, who cares!).

Incense — Like You’ve Never Experienced it Before

Think incense only comes in skinny stick form? Fredericks and Mae offers eight different shapes and forms to suit your mood and design preferences: Choose from serene pine-scented piñon cubes to grounding chunky palo santo sticks to energizing cedar-infused ropes. Getting your fix has never been so much fun.

Candles That Release Only Good Vibes

Burning a candle can instantly put you in a different headspace. Spitfire Girl’s soy-based Ritual candles are designed to do just that with three balancing varieties, including prosperity-boosting Abundance with lime blossom and green tea; harmonizing Protection with osmanthus and red sandalwood; and Energy Cleansing with purifying rose, cinnamon bark and hinoki wood.    

Facial Sprays that Do More Than Clear Your Pores

Would it be great if you could just mist away your troubles? It’s worth a shot with Baiser Beauty’s trio of tonics: Each essential-oil blend comes with a natural crystal inside to impart healing benefits while also balancing your complexion. Go for the Rose if you need love, faith and hope vibrations; Lavender if you want to align your third eye; and Eucalyptus to align your chakras.

The Benefits of Smudging, Bottled to Go

Undo anything toxic around you with Smudged Cleanse + Protect Spray. Made to be help neutralize a multitude of bummers — from draining conversations to bad dreams to fearful thinking to “energy parasites” — the botanical-spiked, multitasking elixir also works as an antibacterial room spray and linen spray.

A “Magickal” Fragrance in Your Future

L.A. tarot card reader Melinda Lee Holm created this dry body oil and rollerball fragrance oil to enhance her “magickal” practice — and both already have a cult following among devotees. The alcohol-free formula combines frankincense, ginger and palo santo with woods, spices and florals to elevate energetic vibrations and bestow confidence and good intentions on the wearer.


Shop the full range of our mood-enhancing fragrance essentials here!


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Wow, will definitely check these out for myself! Sounds divine!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

4 years ago

Do you have a product you love for daily SPF?

4 years ago
Reply to  Neora

Thanks for asking, Neora! Our writer Kari is a big fan of both Supergoop! and Coola, if you want to check our their assortments? XO