Mama’s Got A Brand New Bag (Full of Fun Beauty Things)

My friend, are you in desperate need of a bag refresh? If so, there’s no better time to do it than RIGHT NOW.

Have you ever had that thing happen where you’re running around like the strong, busy lady you are when you realize you desperately need lip balm/hand cream/floss/anything of the like? You assume you’ve got some in your bag because of course you do but after digging through every possible compartment, that thing you really, really need is nowhere to be found. After checking your bag a second and third time, you realize that lip balm/hand cream/floss is actually in a different bag and you’re just going to have to deal with chapped lips/dry hands/salad in your teeth for the rest of the day. Or you do find it but it’s depressingly empty. Or you don’t find it because it was never in any of your bags to begin with even though you tell yourself at least once a week that you should always carry it with you.

My friend, it sounds like you are in desperate need of a bag refresh and what better time to do it than RIGHT NOW.

Here’s what I want you to do: go home and pull out every bag you use on a semi-regular basis. I’m talking cross-body bags, backpacks, totes, messenger bags — if you use it at least once a week, add it to the pile. Then go through every one and remove everything you find. Open all the zippers. Turn out every pocket. Run your hands along every inch of that bag looking for lumps.

Look at what you’ve likely accumulated as a result of your bag raid. Pens? ✔️Chapsticks? ✔️ Hair ties? ✔️Totally random thing you forgot about? ✔️✔️✔️

Ok, now ready to build your new kit? What products do you find yourself reaching for again and again throughout the day? What’s something you always wish you had on you, just in case, but never seem to remember to throw in your bag in the morning? Are there products that can pull double duty so you can cut down on the amount of stuff you’re schlepping? What would devastate you to lose if you found yourself on a desert island tomorrow?

Here are some die-hards to get you started, along with a few nice-to-haves:


Tinted lip balm: What’s worse than chapped lips? Maybe chapped, boring lips.

Our pick: Love + Sage Lip Balm because it hydrates lips while depositing a lovely sheer color and can double up as blush in a pinch.

Moisturizer: The only thing worse than the aforementioned chapped lips? Dry hands. Don’t let it happen to you.

Our pick: Lanolips’ Rose Hand Cream. The small tube packs a mighty punch without taking up too much space in your bag.

Floss: Do I really need to explain this one?

Our pick: The super-travel-friendly Goodfloss from Goodwell Co. As good at taking up virtually no space as it is getting food out of your teeth.

Deodorant: For the days you just straight-up forgot to put deodorant on in the morning. Or need a refresh. No one wants to be “the smelly one.”

Our pick: Hoppin’ Fresh Deodorant from Ursa Major because the scent rocks without being overpowering and one stick will last you all year.

Sunscreen: You never know when you’re going to be whisked away to a tropical beach or, you know, outside in the sun for longer than you expected. Make sure your skin is always protected by toting around sunscreen. You’ll never be mad you brought it, but you might be if you forget it.

Our pick: Supergoop!’s Everyday Sunscreen. Slather it on your face, shoulders, the part in your hair, back of your hands…

Cleansing wipes: Find yourself unexpectedly spending the night somewhere that isn’t your house? Or, you know, go to the gym at the end of the day? You’ll want to cleanse your face as best as you can without your nighttime arsenal.

Our pick: Clean AF Wipes from Patchology will leave your face clean, refreshed and soft.

Brow pen: Definitely not a necessity but if eyes are the windows to the soul, then eyebrows are the soul’s curtains and they deserve to be respected.

Our pick: Mellow Cosmetics’ Brow Definer because it’s stupid-easy to use and makes a big-yet-subtle difference.

Hair styler: When you get caught in a downpour/hail storm/wind tunnel and your flyaways are just too much to handle, a drop of smoothing oil works wonders.

Our pick: French Girl Organics’ Rose Hair Oil for its ability to tame, hydrate and make you smell faintly of a gorgeous garden.

Luminizer: Because nothing can wake your face up quicker than a few dabs of luminizer.

Our pick: The Illuminating Wand  from Flora Remedia because it’s brightening without covering your face in glitter and enhances all the right parts of your beautiful face.

Pictured is the We The Free Paris Convertible Backpack.


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Great product recommendations! Ready for a day out!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

4 years ago


4 years ago

This is definitely a good list for a lady bag!