Office Style: Meet Maggie

” ‘You do not just wake up and become the butterfly. Growth is a process.’ I don’t know why, but that quote just makes me happy and gives me perspective.”

Your position at Free People…
Sample Coordinator for Apparel.

Describe your personal style…
White is my favorite color to wear! I share jokes with my family, about being boho chic (haha) but I think I touch upon every Free People personality. It really depends on how I am feeling that day!

What makes you feel confident?
100% what I wear! I love looking down and seeing clothes that make me feel good! I can take on anything that is thrown my way!

Who is your style icon?
The people who inspire my style would have to be the ones I currently work with. I love seeing what my team comes up with each day.

Favorite part of your job?
My buddy good boy Marsh who sits next to me. He is a three-month-old Golden and I love him so much! And also, I just love my team!!

What do you do outside of Free People?
I am a big runner and love half marathons! My goal is to run a marathon one day! But I’m also equally content to be with my friends and family and relaxing watching any Bachelor franchise.

Wearing the Letter Bobby Pin

If you had to wear one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
My New Balance 574 sneakers. I’ve had the same ones for four years and they make me so happy.

Favorite place you’ve ever visited and why.
Florence, Italy! I studied abroad there for 4 months and miss it more than anything! How could I not want to go back and eat my favorite pasta and gelato?!

What song would describe you best?
“Happy”– Pharrell Williams.

Most embarrassing outfit you’ve ever worn.
When I would wear about three collared shirts at once and pop all of the collars, and THEN pair them with madras shorts. Oh, also… this doesn’t technically count, but when I got sidebangs. That was a bad time.

One piece of advice you’d give your younger self.
I love this quote! “You do not just wake up and become the butterfly. Growth is a process.” I don’t know why, but that quote just makes me happy and gives me perspective.

What’s the first thing you’d do if you won the lottery today?
A new puppy, everyone in my family their own nice and functional car, and then take a big vacation!!

What’s in your shopping cart? 
Oh my goodness, so many things!!! Here are my top right now! 😊
So Low So High Cashmere Sweater
The Briana Top
Jamie Cardi
Oasis Midi
Firecracker Flare Jeans
My Own Lane Jeans
Cassady Cord Lieutenant
Mother of Pearl Monarch Necklace

Wearing the Butterfly Evie Jeans.

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Those are the cutest jeans ever – bring back the 2000s! Thanks for sharing! ❤️✨

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