Office Style – Summer Intern Edition: Meet Natalie!

Before we bid farewell to this summer’s extremely talented group of interns, let’s meet Natalie from the photo studio.

What did you do before starting your internship at FP?
I was living in South Carolina, finishing my senior year at USC. I was also working at the local Anthropologie store and, before that, spent four months living in London!

Where is your hometown and what is your favorite thing about it?
My hometown is Media, PA, which is about 30 minutes away from Philadelphia’s Navy Yard. I think my favorite thing about it is how close everyone in our town is. The people I went to high school with are still my best friends.

Favorite thing/place/activity in Philly so far?
I’ve lived in this area my whole life so I have a lot of favorites, but I have always loved going to Phillies games and concerts.

Best part of interning at FP?
Getting to work with such awesome and creative people!

What advice would you give to a potential intern?
My advice would be to make the most of your time from the very beginning and be involved in as many projects as you can!

List your current favorite items on (at least five please!)
Be Free Tie Dye Tee in Lavender Mint
Wave Bucket Hat
Rebel At Heart Coat
Andes Hiker Boot
3×1 High Rise Split Sean Bell Jeans
Something Special Tee
Gia Chain Necklace

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Love the skirt so much! Perfect outfit! ❤️✨

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