The Smoothest Summer Transition: A Sheet Mask for Every Body Part—And WHY

Full body masking? It’s happening, and these are the face, chest (and even feet!) options to take for a summer spin…

There’s a reason that Cindy Crawford, the 90s supermodel that put “American girl” glamour on the map, admitted to masking before important photo shoots — it works for every age.

For Cindy, a medical-grade silicon patch applied to her décolletage before bed (quite similar to this new Wrinkles Schminkles adaptation) meant that she would wake up with a surprisingly hydrated, smooth chest that was free of the “accordion lines” that are often visible after hours of sleeping on your side. Now, the same silicon magic is available for neck bands (those creases that deepen every time you look down at your cell — aka “tech neck”) and forehead creases that surface on those of us that have yet to shoot Botox into our faces. Why bother with a toxin when you can go au natural with a simple scientific step?

And swapping silicon for serum-soaked face and body dressings, sheet masks are providing smooth transitions and brighter skin to tired eyes, dry hands, creased lips — plus offering a more balanced complexion to areas only visible when you take off those bikini bottoms. Below, a head-to-toe map of where to mask and why:

Forehead: Wrinkles Schminkles Forehead Smoothing Kit

WHY: Silicon is a magical thing. Doctors often send patients home with silicon patches to apply to scars after surgery to help smooth them. The same logic applies to expression lines, and these patches are the future of anti-toxin solutions.

HOW: Before bed, peel off and apply to clean, bare skin (you can moisturize the surrounding areas, but skip your forehead!) — in the morning, remove, rinse, and return to the plastic storage sheet. BONUS: they can be reused 20-30 times if you continue this care routine!

Eyes: Joanna Vargas Bright Eye Hydrating Mask

WHY: Rather than just covering the undereye area like most eye patches, this beauty wraps around your entire optical area like oversized ski goggles — which means more bang for your buck.

HOW: Try them before an early morning call time — it’s an easy way to fake a fresh-faced full night of rest. Take off the plastic backing and place over eyes for ten or fifteen minutes, remove, and pat in any remaining serum before applying makeup directly on top.

Lips: Ms Soho Lip Plump Mask

WHY: Editor suggestion: try before considering face-altering lip filler! If you’re eyeing the creases in your lips in the mirror or simply want to prep before a bright lip shade, the 24-carat gold and collagen in these can plump your pout without a trip to the dermatologist.

HOW: On clean, dry lips, press the patch over your mouth and chill out for twenty or thirty minutes while you knock out the rest of your routine. Embrace the tingle, that means it’s working. Remove, rub in excess, and apply your favorite balm, gloss, or color to a dewy fresh kisser.

Neck: Wrinkles Schminkles Neck Smoothing Kit

WHY: Lines that wrap around your neck are natural, even children have them! Still, years of looking down at tablets and cells may be creating deeper creases (and faster) than generations before us. If you’re interested in a photo-ready portrait neckline, these can floof up neck bands for a more even surface.

HOW: Before catching your nightly Zzz’s, place the sticky side down onto clean skin. When you wake, remove, rinse, and store for the next twenty or thirty uses. Tip: cleaning them brings them back to life, so don’t reuse without refreshing!

Hands: Patchology Perfect Ten

WHY: Maybe you want to admire your crystalized nail art against a glowing backdrop. Maybe you’re planning in holding hands with your crush and want them buttery soft. Maybe your Instagram video tutorials focus on your fingers and you want them to really dazzle. These work for any and all of the above.

HOW: Apply like a pair of dainty gloves before a manicure (or after you’ve pressed play on the latest episode of Bachelor in Paradise) and lounge for at least ten minutes. The self-warming formula and your own body heat combine to help coconut and rosehip oils absorb.

Chest: Wrinkles Schminkles Chest Smoothing Kit

WHY: Once I watched an episode of Oprah where guests of every age claimed that sleeping on their back was the trick to staying wrinkle-free. It is really hard to learn to sleep on your back. If you, too, struggle with side-sleeping, these silicon masks can stop lines on your chest before they ever start.

HOW: Shower before bed (or just extend your face care routine downward) and apply to clean décolletage with the heart-shaped arches upward, the bottom of the heart dipping into your cleavage. Sleep easy, and remove and store in the morning.

Bum: Bawdy Butt Mask

WHY: Heatwaves don’t do any favors to the parts of your body that stay tightly covered. Breakouts, rashes, and little bumps and dry patches are common bum side-effects of high-temperature situations. The soothing aloe and chamomile in this formula can hydrate and calm skin down for revealing Brazilian bikini bottoms and in-the-buff moments alike.

HOW: There’s a separate mask for each of your cheeks. For a self-care moment to remember, set up a comfy spot on the couch, lay on your stomach, and position them as needed on your bare behind. Hang out for at least ten minutes and feel free to apply any excess serum from the packet to the rest of your body while you wait.

Lady Parts: Muff Masque 

WHY: Is it even a mystery? Bikini lines get aggravated from grooming, spin-classing, simply being alive and a woman… The skin-calming ingredients like witch hazel and hydrating coconut oil in this formula can help chill out razor burn and irritated skin for a nourishing below-the-belt refresh.

HOW: Why not start with a luxurious bath to set the mood? Once your dried off and in your birthday suit, apply to your lady-est parts and let it fall as it may into your (very) personal natural shape. Relax and recline for ten or fifteen minutes as you enjoy the perks of 2019’s taboo-free self-care trip.

Feet: Patchology Posh Pedi Peel

WHY: Your pedicure future is here, and it’s free of calluses thanks to this skin-sloughing formula that will truly make your feet shed away layers of old. The surprisingly safe mix of acids is what drives the obsession with these foot masks — plus, it even helps clear away the little cuticles on your toes for a smoother application of your favorite nail color.

HOW: PRO TIP: Soak your feet for half an hour (or take that bath we talked about?) ahead of the treatment for even better results. Pour the Activating Essence into the socks provided and let it smoosh around in the lining before your pop your feet in and seal them up with the tape provided. Then, kick your feet up for an hour and then take off and rinse away excess with some soap. At first, you won’t see immediate results, but that doesn’t mean you didn’t do it right. Your skin will shed off slowly but surely after a few days, and will continue to shed for a few more — so make sure you don’t have to be in sandals for about a week.

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I had no idea there were sheet masks for areas other than your face – wow!!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

4 years ago

Very nice information about Summer Transition