Your Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of August 12-18

The sun and Venus conjoin on Tuesday — a positive alliance that only happens about every ten months. How good is good?



July 23–August 22

Your ruling planet, the sun, and Venus join forces in Leo this week, allowing you to radiate your singular brand of charm, creativity and beauty for all the world to see. Your personality will permeate your interactions, and people are likely to respond to you in a positive way. The law of attraction is on your side, and love or fun may come looking for you; you certainly won’t have to work to draw in what you want. Whether you’re feeling flirty, sociable, playful, affectionate, artistic or decadent — express yourself! Thursday’s full moon will oppose the planets that are gathered in your sign, nudging you to cede the spotlight if someone else requires it and to balance your own feelings and needs with those of others. It’s a good lunation for negotiation and compromise. A relationship could hit a turning point, in which case you might choose to go all in or walk away, depending on what feels right. With Mercury in Leo challenging Uranus in your authority angle, it’s tempting to speak with defiance and impatience, especially if you’re fed up with anyone having power over you. It’s difficult to focus on goal-oriented work now, but innovative career planning can go well because thinking outside the box will get you moving in a new direction. After Mars segues into your worth house, you’ll be more motivated to tackle projects involving your possessions, like cleaning out a closet and selling stuff online. Over the course of the next six weeks or so, the doer planet wants you to be more proactive in using the resources at your disposal. Take action that improves your finances or makes you feel more secure, and watch out for impulse buys.



August 23–September 22

With the sun and Venus lining up in the last house of your chart, dreams may seem more real than waking life early in the week. Your imagination is coming alive, and you should give yourself permission to drift. Listen to music, sleep, swim, meditate, watch movies, get lost in a creative endeavor or simply let your mind wander. Letting go of a past love or something your ego is too tied up in would be an excellent choice, while making a sacrifice for someone you care about will feel good. When a full moon lights up your efficiency corner, a health or work crisis could get your attention and point out a source of stress in your life. It’s a great time to drop something from your schedule, delegate a responsibility, kick a bad habit once and for all or complete a work project. But keep in mind that emotions will run hot in the workplace, and a little understanding will go a long way. Your ruler, Mercury, is fighting with Uranus, pitting quiet reflection against urges to broaden your mind, break out of your routine, meet new people and maybe squeeze in some summer travel. You’re apt to change your mind or say something totally out of left field but shouldn’t try to limit your thinking — instead, see where it takes you. Musing about the past or daydreaming can bring an insightful revelation to consciousness. With Mars barging into Virgo for a nearly seven-week stay, your drive is about to increase significantly. This is your chance to pursue your own agenda and further your own interests. Operate independently as much as possible so you don’t have to worry about stepping on toes. You’re motivated to show what you can accomplish and to stand up for yourself during this productive period.



September 23–October 22

When the sun meets up with Venus this week, your relations with other people will reap the benefits. Expressing your emotions and your personality will allow you to feel more connected to humanity. That sensation of knowing you’re not alone in the world and that your hopes and dreams intersect with those of other human beings can be so reassuring. Now’s the perfect time for you to join a group, socialize with plenty of people, attend a large event or do a bit of professional networking. A full moon in the opposite house may bring an urge to stand out from the crowd, have a good time or express something inside you. It may also bring a love affair to the brink, causing it to flourish or flounder — depending on what’s best for you. And you could finish up a creative project or pour your heart out after holding your feelings in for too long. Mercury’s skirmish with Uranus might spell friction related to jealousy, trust, money or shared resources. Try not to get impatient if someone isn’t meeting your expectations. Give-and-take probably won’t end up being precisely even, but don’t fret over imbalance. Yes, that’s a lot to ask of a Libra! But overly specific parameters can cause trouble in relationships now, and being open to alternative arrangements can save the day. After Mars sneaks into the last house in your chart, content yourself with operating behind the scenes and not getting tons of credit for your efforts. If you’re holding for applause, you’re going to get frustrated. So work in a low-key setting and/or in service of others. And watch out for self-sabotaging behavior! If you slip into an old pattern or shoot yourself in the foot, root out your subconscious motives — confronting yourself rather than others.


October 23–November 21

This week, the sun and Venus rendezvous at the top of your chart, enabling you to shine in public or in your profession and make a good impression on those who can help you to accomplish your goals. Don’t go about your business in a private manner; maintain a high profile. That way, you can gain some form of recognition. People will be inclined to recognize your value when they see how much you have to offer the world. This is a transit that calls for you to show off a little, so give your ambition free rein and put your talents on display. A family or domestic development may grab your attention when a full moon lands at the base of your chart, activating matters closer to home. Do your best to balance your personal life and public life, and spend time alone decompressing if you seem to be at the mercy of mood swings. A spat between Mercury in your ambition angle and Uranus in your interpersonal house suggests that unpredictable individuals or relationship ups and downs can distract you from your focus on goals. If someone is trying your patience, there’s a chance you’ll sound snippy or bossy, so listen to your tone. Remember that not everyone shares your same agenda, then do what you can to give people leeway. With Mars charging into your network zone, you’re set for almost seven weeks of productive collaboration. Look for opportunities to participate in teamwork and seek out people who share your objectives, interests or ideals. Try to find common ground and coordinate your wishes and requirements with those of others. Group physical activities like team sports would be another great use of this transit.



November 22–December 21

The appeal of broadening your horizons receives even more emphasis this week when the sun and Venus come together in your exploration sector. You might be inspired to learn something for sheer pleasure, perhaps starting a new course of study or traveling to immerse yourself in a foreign culture. Plus, you can learn a lot about yourself and about the world through relationships when these planets pair up, so seek out a wide variety of people or jump into new experiences with people you already know. When a full moon hits your cognition-and-communication house, fresh facts could come to light, or you might endure information overload and not know what to process first. Maybe a shift involving your sibling or your neighborhood will compel you to deal with some sort of fallout. Or a flurry of thoughts and interactions will pull you in different directions, generating nervous energy. Take a deep breath and focus on one thing at a time. If you’re overwhelmed, try to diplomatically explain your feelings. Mercury and Uranus are arguing, and their tiff can also make you feel scattered or frustrated. But brainstorming may lead to a breakthrough. Abstract thinking won’t readily apply to changing circumstances, so don’t assume you’re factoring in all the necessary details. If you’re trying to make changes that will improve your productivity, know that an impulse to escape your routine could pull you off-course temporarily. After Mars climbs to the pinnacle of your chart, you’ll be fired up to chase after your goals and make headway in your career. Your ambition will be in overdrive for nearly seven weeks, mobilizing you to achieve your aims. Work on independent projects if possible because headstrong Mars doesn’t like answering to anyone!



December 22–January 19

As the sun and Venus form a connection in your depth sector this week, you’re reminded of the importance of revealing yourself to another person and feeling loved. The value of knowing yourself — or someone else — deeply and loving who you (or they) are is another theme of this planetary configuration. You can become more aware of the way you’re wired by contemplating your psyche or experiencing closeness. Intense sex, emotional intimacy and personal introspection will all be gratifying. This week’s full moon shows up in your worth zone, creating a concoction of strong emotions and needs. An indulgent splurge may be the result, and if you want to stick to a budget, asking yourself what void you’re attempting to fill can help to curb spending. But your income or your self-esteem might receive a welcome boost, making you feel more secure. You also might ask someone for what you need now, but it’s essential to aim for a good balance of give and take. Mercury’s quarrel with Uranus hints that a hunger for independence could interfere with closeness, or an impulse to enjoy life may send you off on a tangent just as you were planning to focus on a relationship or an intensive mental pursuit. Deep reflection and dialogue are favored, but don’t be too surprised if a limited attention span cut them short. With Mars blasting into your expansion sector for a nearly seven-week stay, you’ll be motivated to explore new territory and will readily go out of your way to have learning experiences, perhaps even taking a major trip. The courage to fight for what you believe in can lead you to become a social justice warrior during this period, or it may lead you into heated debates.



January 20–February 18

A meetup between the sun and Venus in your one-on-one angle points to pleasant and engaging interactions with other individuals. You’ll enjoy being yourself with people and won’t have any trouble getting along with them, so don’t spend tons of time by yourself early in the week. Companionship is sure to inspire and energize you and keep you in good spirits. A romantic or creative partnership is highly favored under this influence. You’ll be inclined to indulge others so you can meet them halfway, and the reverse is true as well. Since your sign is hosting this month’s full moon on Thursday, you could be flooded with feels and require some TLC. It’s appropriate to put your own needs first now, but try to do so without trampling on anyone else’s. Ask for what you want, whether it’s extra attention, alone time or something else. This Aquarius lunation calls for you to honor your emotions and if necessary, let go of what — or whom — is no longer serving your growth. With Mercury and your ruling planet, Uranus, going at it the next day, you might experience interpersonal conflict. Your mood, living situation or family is apt to disrupt your rapport with others, so take a breath and deal with what’s going on in your home or inside you. If you’re on edge, your tone of voice will probably reflect that, so take note of how you sound. After Mars plunges into your depth zone, your libido revs up and you’re emboldened to take charge in bed or pursue someone you’re attracted to. You could also direct your passion toward a pet project, an investigation of some sort or an emotional matter that needs your undivided attention.



February 19–March 20

This week’s sun-Venus conference in your efficiency corner emphasizes the link between looking good and feeling good. These two planets are trying to persuade you to value your health and take excellent care of yourself. They want you to recognize and honor the connection between your mind, your body and your spirit and to nurture the wellness of all three. A good daily routine can help you do just that. Besides your willingness to work on self-improvement, this transit also gives you a positive attitude about working on relationships. Plus, your interactions with colleagues are likely to be quite pleasant now. But when a full moon lights up the last house in your chart, you may crave downtime to unwind. A spiritual crisis, striking dreams, the discovery of a secret or turbulent, buried emotions may compel you to retreat and reflect. You could probably use extra sleep to recharge your battery. Since Mercury is quibbling with Uranus in your mindset house, there’s a lot going on in your head, and you might get anxious or distracted. You’re liable to go off on a tangent or change your mind, despite the fact that you’re trying to concentrate on work and other practical matters. With Mars crossing your one-on-one angle over the course of the next seven weeks, you might experience tension in close relationships, but this is a good time to get grievances out in the open and work through them. Partnerships are productive during this period, and you’ll get more done with a companion than you will operating solo. Recruit other individuals for your chosen activities and endeavors and do your best to avoid unnecessary conflicts. Choose your battles well, striking fair compromises whenever possible.



March 21–April 19

You’re inspired to play, love and create when the sun and Venus align in your fulfillment house this week. If you let your personality and feelings shine through, you’ll enjoy life — and people will enjoy your company. Don’t worry about fitting in; relish the pleasure of standing out. Artistic expression, humor, romance, games and hobbies can all offer satisfaction. Thursday’s full moon pushes you to balance all this personal pleasure with group interests, and you may have to be there for a friend in need or drama in your squad might grab your attention. A humanitarian effort or team project can reach completion under this lunation. It’s also possible that you’ll want to spend time around a lot of people, living life to the fullest—so get out and socialize if the spirit moves you! A particular friendship, your role in a group or your affiliation with a certain organization may feel past its prime, and there’s a chance you’ll decide you’re done. Mercury’s dustup with Uranus in your worth zone implies that self-expression could be complicated by up-and-down confidence later in the week. Stepping back and looking more objectively at how much you have going for you will be to your benefit. With your ruling planet, Mars, cruising into your efficiency corner and camping out there for almost seven weeks, you’ll have the energy to tackle your job responsibilities, to-do list and daily duties — and more left over to squeeze in healthy workouts on a regular basis. Focus on making yourself useful and taking care of the most necessary business. Roll up your sleeves and get busy, without expecting a lot of recognition. Take satisfaction in being productive and helpful. And if you’re not in the mood to cooperate with others, work alone to whatever extent you can.



April 20–May 20

A sun-Venus alignment at the base of your chart this week emphasizes the pleasures of home and family and lures you to spend time with people who feel like family to you — and in places that feel like home (including the real deal). You’ll be in the mood to nest and indulge in comforts like yummy food and might also opt to do some decorating. Giving your décor an ultra-personal touch is important now. You want your space to represent your private self and to provide you with a sense of belonging and wellbeing. A full moon rocks the peak of your chart on Thursday, which may bring a goal to fruition or stir up drama with an authority figure like a boss or parent. You could be thrust into the spotlight, so be ready to perform at your best. And if you’re given a leadership role or more responsibility, this can be a chance to prove what you’re made of. Your career path, life direction, aspirations or public image could change, calling for you to leave something behind you as you shift your trajectory. Mercury is arguing with Uranus in Taurus, so your patience with a family member or someone you live with could wear thin, or maybe you’ll feel the need to break free from the past. Instead of randomly rebelling or overreacting, liberate yourself from an old pattern or stuck emotions. It’s possible someone who’s known you forever is having trouble accepting that you’re not the same person you used to be. With Mars arriving in your joy sector, you’ll find the courage in the next several weeks to chase after what you want and do as you please. Sexy sparks could fly, or a competitive spirit may drive you to play games and sports and show off your creative side.



May 21–June 20

The sun and Venus hold a summit in your thinking-and-talking corner this week, paving the way for vibrant self-expression, creative ideas and pleasant, energetic interactions. You’ll be in an agreeable, affectionate mood and inclined to reach out to people, convey your feelings and exchange views. And your glass-half-full mentality may inspire flirting and fuel an appreciation for beautiful surroundings and engaging convos. A full moon can trigger a crisis of faith or an urge to get out of your routine and have an adventure. You might complete a course of study or a publishing project or finally take a big trip you’ve been planning. Your perspective could shift with this lunation, making it a great time to weed out a belief that has limited your growth — then kiss it goodbye. A misunderstanding between Mercury and Uranus demands that you pay close attention to what’s going on in the back of your head, as it’s very likely to affect the tone of your interactions. Your subconscious impulses can throw your conscious thoughts and words into disarray, causing problems like sudden, unintended disclosures. After Mars descends to the foundation of your chart late in the week for nearly a seven-week stay, you’ll become busier on the home front, perhaps tackling a domestic project like a renovation or working remotely from home. You might find yourself getting prickly and fighting for reasons you don’t even understand, in which case you should try to get to the bottom of your compulsive behavior rather than lashing out instinctively. It may be hard to get along with family or people you live with, so spend time by yourself if you don’t feel like you can manage to keep the peace. Do what you can to increase your level of comfort and emotional wellbeing during this transit.



June 21–July 22

An alliance between the sun and Venus in your worth zone gives you permission to focus on your possessions, desires, material needs, finances, personal values, self-sufficiency and the pleasures of nature this week. Under this influence, you’re apt to identify very strongly with what you have and what is most important to you, and it’s appropriate to examine your relationship with money and things — asking yourself if they serve your needs or the other way around. To shore up your sense of security now, make good use of your unique talents. A full moon shines a light on the complex dance of give-and-take, inducing you to practice this delicate art. Strong emotions will color sexual relationships and might heat one up in a good way or a bad way. Intimacy feels loaded now, and you should try your best to balance your needs with those of another person. Someone may need your emotional or financial support, or you could settle an old debt. This lunation can push you to recover from a crisis, loss or wound and undergo a psychological metamorphosis. Since Mercury is sparring with Uranus, your financial judgment, personal priorities and conversations about belongings, money and sharing could veer off-track. Your concept of what you want and need might clash with group interests or friendship, and you could struggle to reach agreeable terms if you’re not willing to be flexible. Tolerance for people’s quirks will pay off. The arrival of Mars in your thinking-and-talking corner motivates you to speak up in the next several weeks, but you could become argumentative at times and might feud with siblings or neighbors. It’s a good time to get active in your community, tackle a writing or reporting project, pitch your ideas and take on challenging intellectual work.


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Lead image by Alessandra Olanow.


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Thanks for the horoscope. Looks like I’ll need to work hard the week ahead!

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