Your Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of August 19-25

As several planets segue from fun-loving Leo to hard-working Virgo this month, we get the feeling summer is winding down.



August 23–September 22

Your ruler, Mercury, is hanging out in your spirit corner and collaborating with Jupiter this week, practically guaranteeing that introspection will be worthwhile. Not only will looking within and reflecting on your backstory help you to understand yourself better, but it can also improve your mood. In addition, confiding in a family member (or someone who feels like family) can soothe your soul. With Venus and the sun waltzing into Virgo, you’ll receive a welcome dose of charisma and staying power. This is your month to be the center of attention and enjoy life. You can easily turn on the charm and get what you want, drawing people to you like moths to a flame. You’re in the mood to socialize and be yourself, plus you feel your most attractive when the planet of beauty graces your sign. So get out and date or have fun with friends — whatever floats your boat! The cosmic lovebirds, Venus and Mars, are joining forces now, putting everyone on notice that you’re irresistible and unstoppable. This combination of glamour and gall is pretty magical, so use it well. Recruit allies, seduce someone you’ve got your eye on, or crush a creative goal. Don’t manipulate anybody — but do put that alluring badassery to work for you! Happy solar return!



September 23–October 22

When Mercury in your humanity house forms a cooperative angle with Jupiter in your cognition-and-communication corner this week, honesty, an open mind and optimism should follow. Take a step back from your emotions and talk things over with people, setting an intention to learn from each other and to embrace your differences. Your conversations are likely to enrich you and broaden your way of thinking — perhaps particularly when you’re speaking with friends and siblings. Network and seek out fresh faces because you can easily make beneficial contacts now. Venus and the sun are both sneaking into the last house in your chart, which is sure to make you feel less sociable than usual. In the run-up to your birthday season, it’s appropriate for you to slow down and sift through the last year in your head, letting go of mistakes, regrets — and possibly a lingering attachment that’s not good for you. Don’t feel guilty if you need peace and quiet and time by yourself in the coming weeks; this is your season to unplug and unwind. However, Saturday’s Venus-Mars rendezvous can trigger a secret hookup that generates a potent concoction of love and lust. If you’re not attracted to anyone, a selfless effort or kindhearted gesture can be its own reward.


October 23–November 21

You can channel serious confidence when talking to higher-ups and make career plans that will boost your finances, thanks to Mercury in your ambition angle vibing with Jupiter this week. Exploit your full array of talents so you sound like you know what you’re talking about. And if you’ve been waiting for the courage to ask for a raise or promotion or make some other professional pitch that will enable you to bring in more money, Wednesday’s your day. After Venus and the sun segue into your network house, you’ll be more interested in getting out and seeing people. Not only will you have the energy to socialize, but you’ll also have the ability to get along with everyone and enjoy their company. Scorpios tend to prefer in-depth one-on-one interactions, but now you’ll thrive in group settings — so get your squad together, do some networking and go to parties and other big events. With Venus and Mars convening in that house now, social action is highly favored. Team up with people who share your ideals, goals or interests, and make something happen! It’s also the perfect time to join an organization, make new friends and establish career contacts. Plus this planetary mashup can set off sexual sparks with a platonic pal or make a big gathering exciting and memorable.



November 22–December 21

Jupiter in Sag and Mercury in your exploration corner are cheering each other on, emphasizing learning and growth this week. Stretch your mind so it can hold an all-encompassing vision of your future. Make sure you’re seeing both the forest and the trees and you’re not aiming too low. Let all the parts gel to form an evocative whole instead of deconstructing the big picture. Talk to people who are different from you to expand your world, or allow curiosity to lead you to a new place. Rise above prejudice and think outside the box. The knowledge and awareness you gain now can shape your evolving identity. After Venus and the sun climb to the peak of your chart, your goals and career path take on added importance. This is your time of year to step into the spotlight and show what you’re capable of — it’s easier to get noticed and make a good impression on people in power. And since Venus and Mars are tangoing, you can back up this positive PR with tangible action. Focus on a project you’re passionate about, and if Mars makes you seem too competitive, Venus will soften the rough edges. You might also be drawn to someone older, charm a mentor into helping you, or set mutual goals with your S.O.



December 22–January 19

Mercury’s vibe with Jupiter in your soul corner can persuade you to be brave enough to delve below the surface and get at the truth. This truth may pertain to who you are inside; how we’re all connected; what a certain relationship is really about; the purpose of someone in your life — or yours in theirs. And the more you face up to it, the more you’ll grow on a spiritual level. Mercury is quibbling with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, so you might be blocking communication in a close relationship or personal psychological revelations and need to get out of your own way. As Venus and the sun segue into your expansion corner, you’ll no longer be so laser-focused on a specific connection, a passion project or your own emotions. New experiences and unfamiliar people will gain appeal, and you may opt to broaden your horizons by taking a trip, embarking on a new course of study, dating outside your comfort zone or exploring different cultures. Venus’s encounter with Mars in that corner can inspire you to go for it, making the first move on someone who’s not your usual type; signing up for something slightly intimidating like tango lessons or Swahili classes; booking a vacation to an exotic dream destination; or taking some other meaningful risk.



January 20–February 18

You’re bound to have affirmative, upbeat exchanges with friends and other groups when Mercury clicks with Jupiter this week. Reach out to your squad for support and share your hopes for the future with them if you’re so inspired. You may make a new friend whose objectives, ideals or interests coincide with yours. Venus and the sun are plunging into your depth sector, narrowing your focus to what — and whom — you’re most passionate about and causing you to crave closeness and substance. Scratching the surface will leave you unsatisfied, so zero in on what (and again, who) matters most to you. Delve into your psyche to get in touch with hidden aspects of yourself and make peace with your complexities. Venus’s current tryst with Mars hints at physical passion—because it’s the perfect blend of drawing someone to you magnetically and playing the pursuer yourself. But this pairing won’t go to waste if there’s no partner in sight. You can solicit the support you want (including financial support); do some serious bonding with a friend; or tune into your emotional core, shift something deep inside you and subsequently recover from a loss, crisis or wound. Most of this is quite private, meaning you shouldn’t hesitate to set aside alone time or consult a healing professional.



February 19–March 20

When Mercury links up with Jupiter in your ambition angle this week, you’ll find you can express yourself well with authority figures like your boss and convey your message beautifully in a public setting, too. It’s an excellent transit for career planning and formulating self-improvement goals or professional targets. Plus learning a skill or doing challenging mental work can earn you a promotion or, at the very least, praise. Merc’s tussle with Neptune in Pisces suggests a disconnect between critical analysis and imaginative dreaming; you might need to tweak your mindset or your M.O. as a result. Venus and the sun are crossing your one-on-one angle now, adding further emphasis to your connections with other individuals. You’ll gain both pleasure and energy from pairing up for various purposes — romantic, creative and otherwise. And you can easily get along with others, make peace and strike compromises, so don’t spend too much time alone in the coming month. The union of Venus and Mars in this angle brings harmony to your relationships, but they won’t be sedate to the point of being dull. Au contraire! This cosmic pair implies major desire and attraction. Not interested in anyone at the moment? The energy is also ideal for creative collaboration and engaging in fun activities with a companion.



March 21–April 19

You should be able to find the courage to take a risk this week when Mercury in your fulfillment house meshes with Jupiter in your expansion corner. Chasing after new experiences and exposing yourself to a wider range of ideas, beliefs, people and places can teach you what you’re made of. Your views on life could change, and you may begin to see yourself differently as well. During this transit, your thinking is very creative because it’s inspired by a thirst for adventure. With both Venus and the sun entering your efficiency sector, more of your attention will shift from play to work, and you’ll have plenty of energy to get things done. Whether it’s working at your job or working on a relationship, you’re ready to roll up your sleeves. Since Venus and Mars will align this week, assertiveness and amiability will complement each other beautifully. Mars can help you accomplish tons, while Venus reminds you that you don’t have to do it alone. Your ruler is also nudging you to be proactive about improving your health — a mission that’s easier and more fun when you have support. Recruit an exercise buddy, ask your partner to check your back for suspicious moles or swap photos with a friend of what you eat each day.



April 20–May 20

Mercury’s confab with Jupiter encourages you to confide your private feelings and thoughts to somebody close to you or to probe your own psyche in search of personal truths. You can learn a lot by pondering your emotions, your past or the inner workings of a relationship. Consulting a family member or a person who’s known you forever in order to get their insights could also prove beneficial. After your ruler, Venus, and the sun burst into your joy zone, you’ll be in the mood to do what pleases you and enjoy life to the fullest. Make time for dates and romance, show off your creative side, get plenty of plans with friends on the books, play games and get involved in hobbies. You’ll feel your best when you’re being your real self, and your authenticity will draw people to you. An alliance between Venus and Mars in that part of your chart alludes to a connection that’s rooted in both love and lust. It’s also possible to channel this sweet stimulation into an artistic effort or really any fun activity that suits your fancy. The idea is to revel in being yourself and chasing after what you want—and you can pull it all off with a bold edginess offset by an alluringly soft touch.



May 21–June 20

Mercury forms a coalition with Jupiter in your interpersonal angle this week, which should help one-on-one communication to flourish. Make a point of connecting with a broad range of people, and welcome whatever you end up gaining from these interactions. You could have an enlightening convo or make a valuable contact. Other individuals will inspire you, support you and expand your understanding of the world. Plus it’s a good time to make plans for the future with a partner or good friend. As Venus and the sun dip down to the base of your chart, home and family start calling your name, and you’ll get more pleasure from staying in than going out. You might throw a party, redecorate your space, up your self-care game, bake or binge-watch during this period. You won’t have as much trouble getting along with your parents or roomies and should benefit from a positive underlying mood. Emotional bonding could be in the cards when Venus hooks up with Mars, but since Mars is associated with libido, you may end up going the Netflix-and-chill route. If you develop a new crush under this planetary map, chances are that the object of your affection will be a familiar person with whom you feel very comfortable.



June 21–July 22

When Mercury dovetails with Jupiter in your efficiency corner this week, you should be able to combine thoughts about money and resources with a positive work ethic. Financial planning based on a lucid understanding of job possibilities will be effective, and you’ll have a knack for cleverly assessing everything you have going for you. Now’s the time to create a budget and prioritize needs. If you’re eager to learn new skills and assume more responsibility, your enthusiasm can generate the belief that you’re capable of taking care of yourself. With Venus and the sun dancing into your thinking-and-talking corner, you’ll put a lot of energy and personality into your ideas and interactions in the coming weeks. Noticing the warmth in your encounters and the beauty in your surroundings will help you maintain a positive attitude. You have a lot to say (or write) now and can communicate with style. Newly coupled Crabs might be moved to let the L-word drop for the first time when Venus aligns with bold Mars. Local activism and community beautification are also favored, and they can connect you with cool people and keep your good mood going. This planetary combo offers an ideal opportunity for you to be assertive without steamrolling anyone, so stand up for yourself or sell people on your creative notions.



July 23–August 22

Mercury is skipping through your sign and jousting with Saturn, Neptune and Pluto this week, hinting that you may have to adjust your thinking or your words, perhaps especially when dealing with colleagues and the people closest to you. So try to stay somewhat flexible. Luckily, Merc is making music with Jupiter in your fulfillment sector, bringing out your joie de vivre and sense of humor. You can find the courage now to express your individuality and your feelings wholeheartedly. Plus you’ll enjoy using your brainpower for creative purposes and planning future fun. With Venus and the sun exiting Leo and moving into your worth zone, you’ll become more focused on what you need and want. Your tastes could get a bit lavish, but clarifying what’s truly most important to you will help you to handle this period well. A Venus-Mars meetup can make you more self-assured and forceful in your efforts to ensure that your needs are met. Under this influence, you can easily assess and act on your priorities and behave in accordance with your personal values. Have you been putting off hunting down items on your shopping list, tackling financial issues or cleaning out your closet? This planetary duo can push you to get going.

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Lead image by Alessandra Olanow.


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Seems like I’ll be getting a lot done this week! Thanks for the horoscope!

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