Ask Daphne (Javitch): Bloating Be Gone

This week, holistic nutritionist Daphne Javitch launches a new video series, “Ask Daphne,” which opens with the overly important and underexposed topic of digestion and bloat.

Perhaps best known as the founder of @doingwell, Daphne Javitch is an honest, relatable and important voice in the ever-growing world of wellness. So suffice it to say we were thrilled to collaborate on a new health-infused educational series. This month, Daphne will be fielding questions that our IG community previously submitted on the topics of digestion, stress and mindfulness. 

In her first installment, Daphne takes on a very delicate subject — bloating, and points to specific causes, symptoms, and solutions you can apply to your individual experience. Watch below, and follow along on YouTube and IG later this week for episode 2 of “Ask Daphne.”

Please consult your health practitioner before integrating any new products into your daily regimen.

Click here to learn more about digestive support via FP Beauty + Wellness.

Lead image by Sarah E. Elliott.


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Such a great video! Thanks for all the insight and tips! ❤️✨

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

4 years ago

What a nice post :) I really enjoyed reading it! Keep up the good work.

4 years ago

Yes, it’s true. It all goes down to the kind of food we eat. Like in this article The food we eat is the cause of bloating and a little tweak on our diet can solve it. A nutritionist can always help and suggest a fit diet for us considering anything that might trigger bloating or sensitivity of food. Our diet can make a big difference. Well, thanks for sharing this to us.