Ask Daphne (Javitch): Learning Mindfulness

Slow down, check in, and respond from a place of awareness. Want to try?

Today, holistic nutritionist and founder of Doing Well, Daphne Javitch, is here to discuss the practice of mindfulness, especially as it applies to eating. It turns out that developing a conscious and present relationship with your food may ultimately seep into how you conduct relationships with friends, family and partners.

Considering the space in between moments allows for making more informed, deliberate choices, thus creating thoughtful response instead of spontaneous reaction. Wise words for the next time you find yourself reaching for a not-so-healthy snack just to pass the time.

Watch below to learn how to apply this to your daily routine, and follow along for more wellness tips on YouTube and IG.

Remember — please consult your health practitioner before integrating any new products into your daily regimen.

Perhaps best known as the founder of @doingwell, Daphne Javitch is an honest, relatable and important voice in the ever-growing world of wellness. So suffice it to say we were thrilled to collaborate on a new health-infused educational series. This month, Daphne is fielding questions that our IG community previously submitted on the topics of digestion, stress and mindfulness. 

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Lead image courtesy of Daphne Javitch.


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Great video and wise words! ❤️✨

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog