Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of September 16-22

Saturn turns direct, and Mars and Pluto share a good vibe. Jupiter and Neptune battle for the third and last time — hooray! — and Mercury and Saturn have a little dustup.



August 23–September 22

When Saturn pivots forward after traveling retrograde for months, you’ll feel a renewed determination to live a well-rounded life and might even decide to turn dating into more of an official mission. And since the main idea is to take your own happiness seriously, you could also get serious about a particular romance or hobby. If you’ve struggled with a fertility issue, a creative block or a stalled love affair, Saturn’s U-turn can help resolve matters. With Mars in Virgo sidling up to Pluto, rest assured you have the power to transform this area of your life — personal fulfillment — for the better! Acting on a strong desire can result in an intensely pleasurable experience. Mercury’s scuffle with Saturn suggests you may doubt you have what it takes to get what you want. It’s fine to view your prospects in a realistic light, but don’t second-guess your own worth. With Jupiter getting lost in Neptune’s fog for the third and last time, you may have noticed by now that someone isn’t giving you the emotional support you’re hoping for. They might even be MIA. It’s possible you yourself have checked out when your sensitivity — or a family or domestic situation — overwhelms you. Feelings are out of balance, as is give-and-take. Keep trying to maintain fair expectations of yourself and others, and practice patience and empathy. There’s a worthwhile emotional lesson to be learned in all of this.



September 23–October 22

With Saturn turning direct at the base of your chart this week, it’s a good time to make self-care a priority. He’s been backtracking since spring, nudging you to mull over private feelings and memories. Those could begin to crystallize now, so you might need a little extra TLC. Mars and Pluto are in sync, giving you an opportunity to confront a regressive behavior pattern, make one last push to wrap something up or dive into a big domestic project. Facing something within yourself will allow you to transform it, so be brave. Mercury’s run-in with Saturn hints that insecurity could keep you from speaking your mind, and your family or roommates might judge what you have to say. Look for constructive criticism that you can use and lessons from the past that will sharpen your current ideas. Jupiter and Neptune are entangled once again, as they were in January and June. So you’re thinking big and might be biting off more than you can chew lately but are probably missing some details. Don’t agree to do endless favors and poorly-defined tasks. Remind yourself that people-pleasing doesn’t always work out, especially when you don’t have all the information. Keep slowing down and figuring out how to translate your enthusiastic attitude and helpfulness into actual productivity. And set limits!


October 23–November 21

Saturn has been retrograde for nearly five months, and this week he moves forward in your thinking-and-talking corner, gradually restoring clarity and perhaps nudging you toward a decision. If you’ve been ruminating over something that doesn’t hold water, this no-nonsense planet’s pivot will help you suss out what’s real and doable and what’s not. Your co-ruling planets, Mars and Pluto, are collaborating now, indicating that teamwork will shift your mindset. Acting on your ideals, going after new goals and pursuing new interests can also change your perception for the better. When Mercury crosses swords with Saturn, you’re liable to judge your thoughts, but you can try to use this subdued energy for introspection or serious, private study. Just do your best not to get down on yourself. Jupiter and Neptune are enmeshed for the third time this year, so you’re in danger of risking too much for the sake of dubious pleasures. Your desire seems limitless, and the object of it promises idealized joy. But you might not be able to identify exactly what you’re yearning for and what it will cost you. Maybe you’ve picked up on the fact that grasping at an illusion of fulfillment can threaten your security. Give yourself a chance to assess what’s truly most valuable to you. A generous spirit and kind heart represent the best of this complex combo.



November 22–December 21

Saturn is wrapping up his months-long retrograde phase in your worth zone this week, which can stabilize your finances and get your priorities in order. If your self-esteem has been waning of late, take stock of everything you have going for you and build yourself back up with a serious pep talk. Harmony between Mars and Pluto queues you to take action on a goal, and when you do, you’ll reinforce this growing sense of self-empowerment. You’re stronger than you realize! Mercury’s run-in with Saturn might spell a stalemate over belongings, values, funds or priorities. Don’t allow anyone’s words to make you feel less than you really are. Jupiter is still in Sagittarius and squaring off with Neptune in your foundation angle now — a repeat of their meetings in January and June, and the last such one. Although your ruling planet’s transit through your sign is highlighting your adventurousness, these clashes introduce some uneasiness about charging full steam ahead into the future. If your personal growth seems to come at the cost of your home life, family, roots or comfort, you may feel insecure or even guilty. Are you afraid that if you follow your path, and not one laid out for you by others, you’ll lose touch with the past? Continue setting healthy boundaries to increase your confidence.



December 22–January 19

Your ruling planet has been backpedaling in Capricorn since the end of April and will shift back into gear this week, clearing a path for you to navigate. Your priorities will begin to gel, and you’ll start to see a way forward. Now you can put together a game plan that’s even more workable and airtight than the last one, as you likely discovered some cracks over the last five months. Soon you’ll be back on solid ground, resuming your climb to the top. A Mars-Pluto alliance endorses taking a chance in order to grow — so advocate for a noble cause, broaden your mind and pursue new experiences. Doing so can change you on a profound level. When Mercury spars with Saturn, you might stop yourself from speaking with authority. This is a good time for disciplined planning, where you slow down and think everything through thoroughly. Jupiter and Neptune are entwined for the third time this year, tempting you to believe what you want to believe, which is not usually a problem for your skeptical sign. Do pay attention to your intuition, but don’t bank on it entirely. Spiritual inspiration can guide you to love thy neighbor and express empathy and compassion. But try not to let it lead you down blind alleys. The soul’s wisdom is trying to break through; the trick is to decipher it without adding a fantastical spin.



January 20–February 18

Now that Saturn is moving forward after several months of backspinning, you can get a spiritual practice back on track or start to feel more at peace after unpacking emotional baggage. If you’re playing a martyr or victim role somewhere in your life, work on maintaining firmer boundaries. A Mars-Pluto summit hints that boldly facing your demons will pay dividends, in the form of empowering psychological transformation. Charge through the tunnel of emotional turmoil and emerge into the light of healing. If you get close to someone now, it will be an intense experience, and if you focus on a passion project, you’ll work hard and see it through to the end. Mercury’s brush with Saturn, however, can cause doubts, regrets or melancholy to creep in. Visions of the future might be overshadowed by thoughts of the past; instead, try letting past lessons inform future plans. Friction between Jupiter and Neptune is a carryover from January and June, reintroducing confusion over belongings, values or money related to a friend or group. Perhaps everyone doesn’t understand who’s contributing what, or you’re unsure of your ability to get what you need from people. Peer pressure could affect your self-worth, or you might doubt whether a group you belong to reflects your priorities and values. As you expand your circle, this planetary tension is pushing you to ponder which people mean the most to you.



February 19–March 20

Rallying the troops won’t be such a struggle after Saturn finally gets back into first gear in your network sector this week, where he’s been retrograde since the end of April. His reversal should also mean that group projects will come out of limbo shortly. Since Mars in your partnership angle is joining forces with Pluto, collaborations continue to be favored, especially ones that will help to change the lives of others. There’s so much power in shared endeavors now, so make them count. Mercury’s quarrel with Saturn prompts you to be selective, though, as you might feel judged by some people. Fortunately, if you’re trying to get to the bottom of a weighty issue, constructive feedback can help you fine-tune your thought process. Jupiter in your ambition angle is at odds with Neptune in Pisces again, resuming skirmishes that took place in January and June. Your aspirations can lead you to get ahead of yourself, and it’s important for you to seek the middle ground between relentlessly driving yourself to achieve your goals and being a dreamer who waits for things to happen. Keep aiming high, but also make time for healthy escapes (something Pisces always needs!) Flip your switch to medium instead of high or low, so you don’t burn out or miss out. You’ve got this!



March 21–April 19

Recognition will soon be forthcoming, thanks to Saturn powering forward in your ambition angle this week after traveling retrograde there for the last several months. If you’ve been questioning where you’re headed, now you can begin to formulate a more definite plan for success. As you work on defining success for yourself, you’ll continue to sense the potential for progress. A Mars-Pluto alliance indicates that diligent labor is getting you back on track and making you feel more in control of your destiny. You need to feel like you’re being useful, so let the spirit of service fuel your work. Mercury’s quibble with Saturn implies a conversation between equals can run into problems if one person asserts their authority over the other. You may have trouble agreeing on goals in a relationship and feel like you’re at an impasse, but this feeling won’t last too long. Jupiter’s dustup with Neptune, a repeat of their meetings in January and June, can also take the wind out of your sails. Self-doubt, regret, guilt or melancholy threaten to diminish your enthusiasm for exploring new possibilities. Resist the pull of the existential void — as you’ve done before. You’re on a quest for wisdom and meaning and might adopt some iffy beliefs along the way. Take your time sorting out what rings true for you and what doesn’t as your spiritual journey unfolds.



April 20–May 20

Once Saturn turns direct this week, you’ll find it easier to turn your vision into a reality and make plans for the future. Problems connected with travel and education should also start to subside. With Mars in your joie de vivre zone vibing with Pluto, you’re prompted to go after what makes you happy and jump into the swing of things. Expressing yourself confidently — especially if the point is to bring about change in the world — will be completely worth it. Mercury’s spat with Saturn can spell a mental block, however, if you’re not convinced what you’re doing is ultimately going to mean something. Don’t let this temporary lack of faith burst your bubble. Jupiter and Neptune are quarreling again, as they did a couple of times this year, so your belief in a relationship may waver, and what you’re receiving from people may not meet the high expectations you’re placing on them. If you’re feeling disillusioned, ask yourself if your interests are truly aligned with those whom you think are on your team. Are you asking for too much? Giving more than you’re getting? Is the nature of a particular connection what you assume it to be? You’ve been grappling with such questions since January and exploring the themes of personal freedom and boundaries. Now hopefully you’re coming to grips with what is authentic and real in your relationships.



May 21–June 20

You’ll soon feel more empowered to deal with touchy stuff, courtesy of Saturn’s reversal after a lengthy retrograde period. You may be able to resolve matters related to sharing, finances, trust, intimacy or change and should feel more in control now. And thanks to this week’s Mars-Pluto convo, partnering with or confronting a family member, working on your home, dealing with hidden anger or facing the past can all result in serious transformation. Your ruler, Mercury, is scuffling with Saturn, though, implying that you may not get the reaction you want from a certain individual when you express your feelings and personality. But what you can get is useful feedback, especially if you’re discussing a creative project or piece of writing with a partner or trusted friend. When Jupiter and Neptune become entangled, themes from their past encounters in January and June will resurface. This year, your personal growth is facilitated by your bonds with others — and possibly an important relationship. But you may be disillusioned by high hopes and divergent goals. Or maybe you’ve lost sight of your own ambitions while pouring a lot of energy into your relationships. Continue learning as much as you can from this challenging energy, including how to reconcile seemingly competing interests. You may sense where this journey is headed by now, and hopefully you’ve gleaned meaningful truths along the way.



June 21–July 22

Since April, Saturn has been backtracking across your interpersonal angle, compelling you to come to terms with the lessons you’re learning about relationships. This week, he pivots forward, which should help you translate any knowledge you’ve gained into a potential plan for moving forward. Whether you’re meant to strengthen or sever a connection, now you’ll find the path to be clearer. Mars in your thinking-and-talking corner is gelling with Pluto, further enabling you to frame your thinking in terms of what you can do to change things in your relationships. Find the courage to initiate an honest, direct dialogue about it. Mercury’s tension with Saturn might discourage you from sharing your feelings, but only if you give in to fears of judgment. With Jupiter and Neptune squaring off, as they did in January and June, friction between your aspiration to accomplish a ton and your longing to escape will be evident once again. You really are eager to work hard, and yet you can’t help but wonder what it’s all for. Sometimes you just want the freedom to explore other avenues and envision different futures. Idealizing a vocation might be keeping you from getting into a flow and finding your own way through trial and error. Keep pushing the envelope instead of settling for the status quo. Just aim for the middle ground between trying to do too much and shying away from the unknown.



July 23–August 22

You’ll be motivated to resume a project you put on hold, get back on track with your wellness goals or implement a streamlined daily routine after Saturn powers forward in your productivity corner. Saturn is teaching you how to run your life like a well-oiled machine; efficiency and organization are what it’s all about now. You might make a bold move to get things moving in that direction when Mars clicks with Pluto. Use all the tools in your toolbox to the best of your ability for maximum effect. Since Mercury and Saturn have a run-in scheduled, you might hit a stumbling block in your thought process if something doesn’t seem doable. Your brain is moving quickly, but you could stop short, deciding it’s just too hard. Realism should refine your thinking, not rain on your parade. Jupiter and Neptune are going at it for the third and last time in 2019, again implying that romantic hopes can keep the reality of a relationship shrouded in mystery. Maybe an affair is moving fast, and you’re not certain you want the same things. Or you’re looking at someone through rose-colored glasses because getting swept up in a wave of passion feels so good. Even if your connection is real, insecurity could be sowing seeds of doubt. Keep aiming to learn from this situation, without settling for easy answers. The truth lies between blind faith and controlling mistrust.


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Lead image by Alessandra Olanow.


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A quest for wisdom! Sounds so exciting!

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