Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of September 23-29

The sun goes into Libra on Monday, marking the official start of fall! Will it mean a chill(y) week for you?



September 23–October 22

The sun bursts into Libra this week, marking the beginning of your birthday season. Now you’ll have more energy and the perfect excuse to focus on yourself. This is your time of year for making a splash and zeroing in on who you want to be. Let others revolve around you for a change! Venus in Libra has a run-in with Saturn that can point to domestic difficulty, a blue mood or the past catching up with you. If unpleasant feelings are getting in your way, deal with them. But if unpleasant individuals are getting you down, don’t let them. Relating is bound to feel harder now; spending time alone contemplating what you want from people could help. Mercury is also in your sign and tangling with Pluto, so you may have trouble getting strong emotions and memories out of your head. Don’t force yourself to talk everything out, but do tend to what’s brewing inside you. A disagreement with a parent or roommate is likely to be about control. Luckily, this week’s new moon is gracing Libra, inviting you to make a fresh start and set intentions for the coming year. Here’s your chance to reinvent yourself. Are you ready to change your look or show off a different side of your personality? You might opt to try something bold that starts your new year off on an exciting note. Happy solar return!


October 23–November 21

With the sun sneaking into the last house in your chart this week, your solar year is winding down. It’s appropriate to take a step back from the world whenever possible in the coming month so you can rest and reflect. Take an honest look back at the past year, but reserve judgment. See if you can shine a light on ways in which you’ve worked against yourself. You won’t have a lot of fuel in your tank, so do make time for relaxation. When Venus tussles with Saturn, you could have trouble coming to terms with an ending or have a sense of being cut off from people. If you’ve painted an overly rosy picture, you might get a glimpse of harsher reality now. If you’re struggling with a mental block and trying to get your feelings squared away, it might be better to let them go so you can heal. Mercury’s run-in with Pluto can also cause you to obsess over an interaction or idea. Before you speak, weigh the potential effect of your words and your silence. Stay mum if chiming in could do more damage. The new moon invites you to do some soul searching in a peaceful place, start a new spiritual practice, begin keeping track of your dreams in a journal or volunteer to help others.



November 22–December 21

After the sun blazes into your network sector, you’ll start to feel at least as invested in teamwork and mingling as you have been in pursuing personal goals. Now you’ll thrive on spending time with friends and feeling connected to the various circles of people in your life. But when Venus bumps into Saturn, there’s a chance that limited self-confidence will make you feel less gregarious or limited funds will prevent you from socializing to the extent that you’d like to. Rigid values can also keep you from enjoying time with your squad. It will take a little work to get past this; face facts and decide to proceed in a modified form that you can live with. When Mercury and Pluto have a similar dispute, watch out for a clash with a group or pal—possibly over possessions, money or priorities. There are bound to be differences among you, and you shouldn’t feel compelled to persuade anyone. You can make the most of this transit by seeking people’s input on changes you might make to improve a situation involving finances, belongings or self-esteem. This week’s new moon encourages you to get out and meet people, join an organization, make a new friend, get involved in a humanitarian effort or add something to your bucket list.



December 22–January 19

Your ambition will gain momentum after the sun climbs to the peak of your chart, an area that’s naturally associated with Capricorn matters like goals and career. You’ll start to think more in terms of your professional or public image and the direction you want to take in life. You might find yourself in the spotlight, where you’ll need to perform at your best and prove what you’re capable of. But when Venus and Saturn cross swords, you’re apt to get in your own way and might stop yourself from shining. Be sure your self-restraint isn’t completely offsetting your amiability, especially around authority figures. Be aware of how you present yourself, but don’t be too hard on yourself. Try polishing creative work or planning how you can build a positive reputation. Proceed with caution; just don’t wall yourself off entirely. With Mercury throwing darts at Pluto, you might belabor a point when talking to higher-ups or creating game plans. Let it go; don’t drive yourself nuts with tunnel vision. Being too attached to one point of view won’t work to your advantage. You could also get prickly if someone uses a bossy tone, since you want to be in control. The new moon coaxes you to set concrete objectives, embark on a new chapter in your career, craft a business plan or take a turnoff on your life path.



January 20–February 18

A wave of enthusiasm for learning experiences could hit once the sun sails into your exploration corner this week. Broaden your horizons by taking a trip, signing up for a class, engaging with people who are different from you and exposing yourself to unfamiliar ideas and beliefs. Get out of your routine to get a fresh perspective on life. Venus’s discord with Saturn could cloud your mind with regret, guilt, misgivings or melancholy, and that might keep you from pursuing someone or something new. You shouldn’t ignore your feelings, nor should you let self-doubt take over and talk yourself into playing it too safe. Use lessons from the past to perfect your plans, then consider taking a reasonable risk. Similarly, a tussle between Mercury and Pluto might trap you between visions of the future and remnants of the past. Avoid fixating on the negative. Look at shades of grey rather than zooming in on ominous clouds or only seeing blue skies. You’ll become wiser when you take in the whole picture, probe the dark corners of your psyche and accept that the truth is often complex. This week’s new moon lands in your exploration corner, nudging you to plan your next adventure, take a leap of faith, launch an entrepreneurial venture or adopt a new philosophy.



February 19–March 20

The sun plunges into your depth zone this week, giving more energy to a close relationship, passion project or emotional issue. You could become more absorbed in your personal life and matters involving sharing, trust, sexuality, control and psychology. Whatever you feel invested in will draw your intense focus. When Venus gets the cold shoulder from Saturn, social obligations may interfere with alone time or couple time — or your squad might present some kind of obstacle. Maybe they don’t approve of your latest love. Or peer pressure could push you to choose sides. Don’t let groupthink squash any good feelings that you’ve cultivated. Be mindful of how you handle information when Mercury spars with Pluto. Breaking a confidence can do plenty of harm now, so steer clear of gossip. And don’t put anyone on blast on social media because you’ll have a hard time walking it back. Power struggles are landmines under this influence, meaning you’d do well to sidestep them, too. A new moon alludes to the possibility that a new sexual relationship could be on the horizon, and it can also indicate that a new outside resource (such as a loan or grant) will be available to you soon. You might restructure a payment plan with this lunation or start to transform your emotional state, in the process of recovering from a loss or crisis.



March 21–April 19

Your one-on-one relationships become even more important after the sun crosses your interpersonal angle, fueling partnership in the coming month. You’ll draw energy from other individuals, so don’t insist on independence in all things. You can learn about yourself through others and gain strength from them. Pair up and strive to be the best mate, companion or friend you can be. When Venus contends with Saturn, however, your rapport with someone could suffer, especially if you don’t see eye to eye on goals or don’t seem to be headed in the same direction. Focusing too much on where a relationship is going might ruin the moment. If a person gets too bossy with you, that’s also likely to upset the equilibrium between the two of you. Mercury is battling Pluto in a similar fashion, which can compel you to dig in your heels in a conversation. Don’t try to strong-arm anyone into agreeing with you; a win isn’t as vital as it may feel. Hammering out some sort of compromise might even prove more successful than wrestling people onto the same page with you. The new moon indicates that a new partnership — romantic, business, creative or some other sort — may be in the pipeline, or you could soon take things to the next level in an existing relationship. This is a good time to go public with something you’ve been working on.



April 20–May 20

You’ll have plenty of momentum to get stuff done after the sun moves into your efficiency corner for a monthlong stay. Take pride in being useful and productive instead of trying to achieve big things that will earn a round of applause. Just roll up your sleeves and get to work on your to-do list, job responsibilities and wellness goals. Venus’s scuffle with Saturn could make you question what you’re doing, and you might lose faith in the premise that your efforts have meaning. Whether you’re striving to improve a relationship or your health or complete a project, it may seem like it’s not amounting to much. Maybe you feel constricted by the rules of life and are questioning the benefits of doing everything by the book. It’s fine to weigh how much you value someone or something now. You might become preoccupied with being right, though, when Mercury quarrels with Pluto in your perspective house. A strong opinion about the appropriate way of doing something can overshadow important, smaller points. If you avoid going to extremes, critical thinking can generate powerful knowledge under this influence. The new moon might inspire you to launch a job search; try a new diet or fitness regimen; get on a different schedule; initiate a positive habit; adopt a pet; learn a skill; and improve your time management and work ethic.



May 21–June 20

You’re ready to get out and enjoy life, thanks to the sun’s arrival in your fulfillment house this week. In the month to come, you’ll be inclined to set your own priorities and do as you please. You’re in a creative, fun, generous, romantic mood and should make time to play as much as possible. A tiff between Venus and Saturn implies that commitment feels heavy for you lighthearted Twins, and you may not want to put work into a close relationship. There’s also a chance someone will shut you out now. You might take a step back to examine the real nature of a connection. Perhaps you really want to be yourself and share your feelings, but you’re not getting the exact response you’re after. Your ruler, Mercury, gets into similar trouble with intense Pluto, calling for you to tread lightly in relationships. Your pride might be wounded if it seems like someone wants to change you. If you’re fixated on an attraction or other source of passion, it could be hard to dial it down. This week’s new moon occurs in your fulfillment house, hinting at the prospect of a new love affair altogether or new heights of romance and feeling in a current one. You could also get interested in a fresh source of pleasure like a hobby or start a new creative endeavor.



June 21–July 22

The sun dips down to your foundation angle this week, putting more emphasis on family, home and feels — all of which is right up your alley as a Crab. You want to relax in familiar surroundings with people who really know you and enjoy creature comforts like good food. You might crave alone time to reminisce or get in touch with your private thoughts and emotions. A Venus-Saturn dustup suggests personal obligations could keep you from unwinding at home. You’re extra sensitive to criticism now, so keep your distance from haters. Tension between maintaining the status quo and committing may also come up, and you can gain insight into your state of mind by connecting with a parent or a person who’s known you forever. Due to Mercury’s spat with Pluto in your interpersonal angle, you might voice your innermost feelings and find someone’s reaction quite strong. Plus, a power struggle can hinder family communication, and you might decide to keep your thoughts to yourself. But if you handle this planetary combo delicately, you could have a sincere exchange that foments progress in a relationship. A new moon at the base of your chart foreshadows a change in your living situation or your family and invites you to start a new self-care ritual or do something else that will enhance your comfort and emotional wellbeing.



July 23–August 22

Your thoughts and your everyday interactions will be infused with added energy after the vitalizing sun soars into your thinking-and-talking corner this week. You’ll be able to put a lot of yourself into everything you say and may be more inclined to explore your neighborhood or take short trips in the coming month. You’ll likely feel more talkative but should also make a point of listening, since this is a great transit for learning. But when Venus contends with Saturn, a tight schedule, onerous workload, self-criticism or fatigue may cramp your style, leading you to seem more somber. Try not to get completely bogged down by practical concerns. If you’re enjoying an experience, disciplined thinking and determination can actually help you keep the good vibes going. Mercury’s tiff with Pluto can make it difficult to wrap your head around a problem and assess what’s best. You could get hung up on details and start fault-finding. Your mind is moving quickly, but the need for thoroughness and correctness can stop you in your tracks. Be eager to get to the heart of the matter, but avoid overkill. When the new moon rises in your thinking-and-talking corner, the time is ripe for gathering info, planning a day trip, reaching out to a sibling, launching a community effort, filling out paperwork, connecting with people and making a decision.



August 23–September 22

When the sun exits Virgo and segues into your worth zone, more of your attention will shift from who you are to what you have and what you want. You’ll identify with your possessions, personal values, material needs and financial status and may examine your relationship with money and things — perhaps questioning whether your stuff is serving your needs or stressing you out. Venus’s clash with Saturn in your joy sector alludes to a possible dip in your self-worth or doubts about what you have to offer and whether your assets can provide security. But this transit can also keep a shopping spree under control by persuading you that the object of your desire won’t give you that much pleasure. In any case, you may be compelled to pick and choose. Your financial judgment is influenced by powerful desires when Mercury crosses paths with Pluto, again putting you in danger of becoming obsessed with something you think will make you happy and miscalculating the cost in the process. You might need to walk on eggshells to avert an argument in a close relationship if talking about belongings, money or values sets off a firestorm. The new moon pushes you to create a budget, set financial goals, open up a new stream of income, work on improving your self-esteem, reorder your priorities and indulge your five senses.


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Lead image by Alessandra Olanow.


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Looks like next week is going to be a little rocky! Thanks for the horoscope! ❤️✨

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