How to Woo An Electric Lover: A Pro’s Advice on Unbound’s New On-The-Go Vibes Kit

Sometimes it helps to have a hands-off guide to getting hands-on…

It’s been a long time coming, this new attitude about sexual wellness. Just a few years ago the concept of women taking their sex lives into their own hands was a hush-hush, taboo topic that was hardly discussed, much less celebrated across social media platforms and tapped by brands as the next self-care category to support. But aside from public opinion, real women are getting serious about the benefits of having a good time — for one. “As women, we are essentially taught that we cannot talk about sex and that self-love is something that ‘We’ as women have to do in extreme secrecy, while for men ‘it’s normal,’” says our Wellness, Love, and Self-Love Enthusiast-At-Large — a New York-based business babe who writes us under the pseudonym Randi McGrath.

“Self-love and pleasure makes me feel powerful and independent,” she notes. “And it allows me to seek out relationships for more than just a physical connection — because, honestly, I know it will be better with myself than with most partners .” Thanks to her forward-thinking approach to a relatively new frontier, it was McGrath who had the first chance to test out Unbound’s new Oh! To Go Kit, which features a whole bag of tricks in miniature, throw-in-your-purse sizes. Tiny treats like a Zip Vibe, Jelly Lube, Party Hat, and Booshies Wipe — to name just a few — come packaged in an iridescent pouch discreet enough to decorate a bedside table or carry as a clutch on the way to your next date. Below, McGrath’s no-nonsense tips to breaking into the electric love game:

How do you feel about the concept of sexual self-care?

To me, sexual self-care is just as important as any other self-care — unfortunately, it is something not widely discussed. I think the more comfortable you are with yourself as a WHOLE only helps you present yourself in a more confident and positive way in the world.

For babes that have zero experience with an electric lover, what’s your advice for breaking into the game?

When thinking of purchasing your first electric friend, start small…literally. Think more cute and chic rather than life-like. This will make everything less intimidating.

What’s your personal ritual // tips for getting comfy?

My personal routine for serious de-stressing is to light my candles, burn some palo santo and fluff up my pillows. Now that my space is cozy, I am ready for my electric lover.

After I make myself a relaxing golden milk latte, I use Ora powder, put on a layer of Sunday Riley Luna Oil, then I return to my bedroom and throw on some Bachelor in Paradise or 90 Day Fiancé and I am in relaxation heaven.

Do you have names for your favorite vibes?

I don’t have any nicknames for my vibes but I do sometimes tell them I love them.

This kit is about travel, even if that’s just to your date’s apartment—how did you fare with the package?

The travel kit is THE MOVE — nothing more awkward than showing up to your boo’s house with a Costco-sized bottle of lube. The travel pack is a cute way to spice things up without scaring anyone off or looking like you’re getting ready to move in.

Any thoughts on favorite features of Unbound’s Oh! To Go Kit?

The travel kit is really filled with all of the necessary items and some wild cards. I love the little travel wipe because there is nothing worse than feeling not fresh. The lube pack, to me, is perfect. As mentioned before, it’s a great way to incorporate lube without coming off too aggressive with your partner.

Anything you would improve?

The only thing I would improve would probably be different speeds — as a seasoned vibe user I like to mix it up… you know, keep me on my toes  . This is great for someone who is just starting to explore the electric game.

It’s pretty cuuuute, like, gift cute. Would you be so bold as to give this to a friend?

I personally think this is the cutest gift to give someone.  Make sure you are close, though. Maybe don’t give this out at your company’s holiday party. Honestly, to me, it’s the perfect bachelorette gift.


Lead image courtesy of Unbound.


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