Office Style: Meet Crystal

“I feel that every unfolding I experienced has taken me further along in life, and I keep learning to live earnestly and laugh freely!”

What did you want to be growing up?

I wanted to be a landscape architect as I love nature, plants, and was constantly impressed by the aesthetics of classical gardens. The exquisite layout and the culmination of many other art forms like painting, calligraphy, help create a great harmony between man and nature. Growing up, I began to understand architecture is more than just design — it involves planning, management and maintenance to make people use and enjoy the landscape.

Your first job – what/ where?

I worked as a journalist at Shanghai Media Group. I gained valuable experience from it, and always remind myself to be curious about all things and be honest to tell the truth. I feel that every unfolding I experienced has taken me further along in life, and I keep learning to live earnestly and laugh freely!

Toughest obstacle you’ve overcome:

Leading four student associations while being full-time honor student and scholarship winner, and honor graduate in the end. Maintained a healthy social life at the same time. I’m increasingly aware of the importance of good time management and team management.

Your current position at Free People….

E-commerce & Marketing Associate.

How did you land at FP?

When I came across the job posting of this position, I felt I was exactly the right person the team was looking for, with all the experience (Social Media, Digital Marketing, PR, Fashion, Analytics…) the role required. Philly is the first city I lived abroad when I first came to US on a high school exchange program, so moving back to Philly seemed like destiny after almost nine years.

What drew you to it?

I was impressed by the creative and relaxing working atmosphere when I came to the campus for the interview, which is quite different from the environment I was used to in New York. I felt it’s time to start a new life and welcome the new challenges. The role at FP was also a great opportunity for me to leverage my knowledge and expertise, as well as to grow with the brand.

Wearing the Molly Headband

Proudest work moment:

I hosted the FP Tmall flagship store’s 11/11 live-streaming last year. By broadcasting in real time, videoing myself and guests modeling FP clothes or accessories, we engaged customers with a “see now, buy now” mentality. Audiences were able to purchase the items they liked from embedded links immediately. (A brief background, “Double 11” is China’s largest shopping event, and live-stream shopping is currently the biggest craze in China’s e-commerce industry.)

What advice would you give someone who’d like to be in your role one day?

Work hard and work smart, they’re best used together! Tailor global marketing strategies to creative, distinct and relevant messages for Chinese customers.

Favorite part of working at Free People:

I enjoy working in such a global environment with talented teams and furry friends. It’s challenging yet exciting to help craft strategies and tactics to tap into omni channel behaviors in China, and lead to the brand’s global expansion.

Your anthem / theme song?

“Cranes In the Sky” by Solange.

What’s currently in your shopping cart? 

Tessa Teddy Coat
Hailey Puffer Coat
Aspyn Pullover
Fine Time Cardi
Paris Nights Heel Boot
Elizabeth Dress
Whisper Border Socks
Pippa Packable Puffer Jacket

Wearing the Fade Away Sweater Set

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Love the matching outfit! It looks so cosy and so nice to wear for fall! ❤️✨

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