Earth Tu Face x FP: The Healing Power of Plants

For plant-based beauty line Earth Tu Face, the best decisions are those that benefit both Earth and ourselves.

Plants were always destined to play a leading role in Sarah Buscho’s life. When she was a child, Sarah’s father tended to an exquisite garden in California in his spare time. It was here she found herself always making things out of petals, fruit, seeds and leaves. “His love of plants inspired me, and made nature feel like home.”

Unfortunately, Sarah also suffered from sensitive skin. “I couldn’t afind products on the market that weren’t packed with harsh chemicals,” she recalls. When she was older, she started making her own. The first product was concocted in a tiny San Francisco kitchen which became the Face Balm, Sarah’s forever-favorite. “It still feels like a special treat after all these years,” she says, thanks to a winning combination of virgin coconut oil, beeswax, and immortelle and rose essential oils.

For Earth Tu Face, the use of natural ingredients opens a door to incredible healing benefits that have been celebrated throughout the ages. Below, Sarah speaks to her philosophy of plants as being our allies and teachers.

“Plants are the oldest “earthlings” — supporting all life on earth and returning to the earth harmlessly in a circular cycle. In fact, much of our modern medicine originates from the natural world. Aspirin, for instance, is made from willow bark, and even some alkaloids used in chemotherapy drugs are derived from plants like the Madagascar Periwinkle plant. So, it should come as no surprise that many plants also carry incredible medicinal benefits for the skin. 

“The heart and soul of Earth Tu Face lies in our philosophy that the best decisions are those that benefit both Earth and ourselves. We believe that every product should be created with the utmost care and forethought, to consider the effects our decisions have on all things – our bodies, each other, plant populations, animal habitats, and our economy. That is why we choose to make our products locally, use non-GMO organic pure ingredients, and utilize glass and biodegradable packaging. Loving the earth is an extension of loving ourselves.”

And here is a list of five of Sarah’s favorite plants, along with a description of their inherent magic and powerful attributes. Prepare to have your mind blown once again by the brilliance of Nature!


Though jasmine is famous for its intoxicating scent, these flowers also soothe the skin and spur cell turnover to help fade scars. In aromatherapy, jasmine is uplifting, euphoric and even serves as an aphrodisiac. Each flower requires delicate handling when harvested to protect its coveted aroma. Jasmine Grandiflorum (Royal Jasmine) blooms at dawn and its blossoms are handpicked — before the sun is too high in the sky — to extract the most fragrant essential oil. Jasmine Sambac (Arabian Jasmine) are night blooming and are harvested at night, by hand, while the buds are closed. Both of these precious species are present in our Jasmine Blossom Lotion, which is a true treat for the senses. 


Aloe possesses a natural SPF, and the viscous gel from the inner part of its leaves moisturizes skin and heals tissue. This miracle plant has been used for centuries to cool and repair burned, damaged, inflamed and irritated skin. Using aloe in our products has been a no-brainer since the beginning, and it is specifically helpful in our Face Wash to counteract stripping – keeping skin replenished with moisture after washing.


Geranium increases collagen production, improves skin elasticity and gives it a more youthful tone. It is deeply nutritive to skin cells and has the ability to balance both oily and dry skin. We love including geranium in our products and it is a potent ingredient in our Repair Serum. It grows abundantly in multiple climates and makes for a healthy plant population choice in our sustainable sourcing.


Antiseptic vetiver root speeds the rate of tissue rebuilding and it contains compounds that counteract aging of the skin. Its scent is also a foundational botanical in natural perfume, having a beautiful and complex aroma that is silky, smooth, resinous and even smoky. Vetiver has been touted in aromatherapy to reduce anxiety and depression. We use vetiver in our Skin Stick to boost the salve’s nutritive and healing properties. Aside from its numerous benefits for the skin, vetiver is a sustainable hero in the plant world, thriving in tropical locations with deep lovely roots that help prevent soil erosion. It grows quickly and is planted in abundance to hold the earth in place for the rainy season. 


Super-botanical Immortelle increases cellular regeneration and facilitates tissue repair. As its name suggests, Immortelle has long been considered to be a “fountain of youth” plant, endowing the user with immortal glowing skin. It is also a natural antiseptic, improving microcirculation and skin detoxification. We spike our Face Balm with this plant to keep skin sparkly and protected.


The Earth Tu Face Mantra

“The harder way is the right way.”
“Stick to your ideals even if those around you don’t share your vision. I learned to not compromise my values when I was creating Earth Tu Face. It’s more expensive to use glass packaging and cardboard instead of plastic. It’s more expensive and harder to source pure plant ingredients and to take into account their sustainability. I didn’t let these hurdles phase me while I was building my business because I was committed to making a better product, not just one that was easy to make and more profitable. If people are telling you that it can’t be done, you might just be on to something.”
Lead image by Jessie Kanelos Weiner.
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Plants are magical all the way round! Nice post!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog