Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of October 21-27

Venus clicks with Neptune and Pluto, while Mars fights with Saturn. The sun goes into Scorpio on Wednesday and, a few days later, Scorpio gets its annual new moon!


October 23–November 21

Venus in Scorpio is waltzing with ethereal Neptune in your joy zone this week, inspiring you to flirt with abandon; get dressed up; pour your heart out; pine for your crush; and indulge in as much fun, romance, fantasy or creativity as you please. Under this influence, you might fall in love, change your appearance or lose yourself in pleasure and passion. The love planet is also vibing with Pluto, your ruler, ensuring that your interactions will have lots of intensity and substance. You have the ability to exude potent appeal now, so why not take advantage of this magnetism by hanging out with someone you want to get closer to? With Mars and Saturn squaring off, though, pause and think about your actions, as you might operate counter to your own best interests. If you’re tempted to act on instinct, be sure you’re filtering out fact from fiction. The sun’s arrival in Scorpio marks the beginning of your birthday season and infuses you with vitality. It’s easy for you to make a strong impression now, as you’re oozing charisma and verve. Focus on yourself and ponder what you want out of the next six to twelve months. The new moon in your sign follows on the heels of the sun’s entrance into Scorpio, symbolizing your annual fresh start. This lunation offers the perfect excuse to reinvent yourself in a big way. Whether it’s time to debut a different look, launch a bold personal venture or let a neglected side of yourself move to the forefront, now’s your chance to reboot and move into the next year better than ever. Happy solar return!



November 22–December 21

The simple pleasures of home and quiet time could hit the spot when Venus in your spirit sector gels with Neptune in your foundation angle. Hole up at home — either alone or with someone you’re comfortable with — and relish peaceful relaxation. If you find yourself in an introspective mood, you might try releasing an old love, healing a relationship wound or attending therapy. Venus’s conference with Pluto in your worth house also encourages you to unwind and implies that R&R can replenish your reserves. Letting go of a desire or an attachment from the past can do wonders for your self-esteem now. And getting rid of old belongings can also make you feel better. When Mars in your network zone feuds with Saturn, you could hesitate to join a group effort, especially if your funds or confidence are lacking. Strict values and rigid priorities will inhibit teamwork, but you can make the best of this transit by proceeding with caution and coordinating with others based on what you have to work with. As the sun sneaks into Scorpio, your solar year begins winding down; it’s time to recharge your battery and reflect on the past year. A new moon in that part of your chart encourages you to start a new spiritual practice; crack open a dream journal; launch a volunteer effort; retreat from the world and enjoy your solitude; and let go of anything that is weighing on your soul. You need peace of mind so you can start your new year next month with a clean slate.



December 22–January 19

You’re feeling sociable and can connect with people in an effortless, organic way when Venus in your humanity house flirts with mellow Neptune in your thinking-and-talking corner this week. You can relate to almost anyone now, especially when you trust your instincts and read between the lines. Don’t be afraid to show your sentimental side; your squad is sure to be extra receptive! Venus is also in sync with Pluto in Capricorn, helping you to feel an even stronger emotional bond with others. Spending time with friends and other people who share your interests or ideals can soothe your soul. Since Mars is battling Saturn in your sign, you’re super driven to accomplish goals but are likely to hesitate before carrying out any major coups. You’ll breathe a sigh of relief later. Think through any bold, authoritative moves and make sure you’re on terra firma. It may seem like you’re blocking your own initiative, but due diligence is your best bet. After the sun soars into your humanity house for its annual monthlong visit, you’ll be inclined to identify strongly with your tribe. Team up with like-minded people and funnel your energy into group efforts that you care about. The new moon in that house inspires you to expand the circle of people in your life. In the coming months, you can make easily new friends, secure professional contacts, join an organization, add something to your bucket list and launch a philanthropic endeavor. New hopes and wishes will lead you to form new connections, bringing some fresh faces onto Team Capricorn.



January 20–February 18

This week’s Venus-Neptune confab coaxes you to tap into hidden talents and work for the love of what you’re doing, not just for monetary profit. By doing so, you can make a positive impression and perhaps score valuable contacts. Neptune beckons you to transcend financial motives and honor the gifts you’ve been given. And when Venus aligns with Pluto, you’ll have another opportunity to make a favorable impression on higher ups or on a big stage. Maybe there are parts of you that you view as negative and have tried to keep under wraps, but you’re slowly coming to grips with them. Tap into these aspects of yourself; they may turn into secret weapons if you put them to appropriate use. And showing off a different side of you can be empowering! Mars is mobilizing you to break new ground, but his scuffle with Saturn advises you to tie up loose ends before proceeding full steam ahead. Be sure you’ve learned from past mistakes before you take a risk; that way, you can calculate the odds and make a smart move. After the sun climbs to your ambition angle, you’ll be even more primed to make a splash in your profession or in public and boost your standing. The new moon at the peak of your chart nudges you to set new goals, start a fresh chapter in your career, create a business plan or embark on a new course in your overall life path. You could assume a high-profile role, a leadership position or bigger responsibilities soon.



February 19–March 20

Your ruler, Neptune, is making sweet music with Venus this week, hinting that sampling a broad range of life’s pleasures will facilitate a transcendent experience — or at the very least, a lovely escape. Revel in unfamiliar joys and be your dreamy self, but since new love and happiness can have a profound effect on you now, wait until your feet are back on solid ground before you make any major leaps! Venus is also in cahoots with Pluto, which might give you a chance to share one of these positive, novel experiences with a group or a friend. If you’re drawn to someone new, odds are they’ll be quite different from you or won’t be your usual type. With Mars and Saturn duking it out, though, intimacy and friendship could clash. Maybe you or your love interest is ready to commit, and the other needs space. Or a relationship your squad doesn’t endorse is getting more serious. You might also be knee-deep in a passion project or intensive introspection, making collaboration a non-starter. But feedback from others can avert a rash financial move, so take it under advisement. The sun’s arrival in your expansion corner fuels you to keep broadening your horizons. Seek out learning experiences that will enable you to grow. A new moon in that same corner inspires you to take a leap of faith; plan your next adventure like a big trip; launch an entrepreneurial mission; embark on a new course of study; institute a new mantra to live by; or do something else that requires courage and promotes growth.



March 21–April 19

When Venus and Neptune form an alliance this week, they’re apt to generate a spiritual vibe. Themes of emotional healing and soulful intimacy move to the forefront, and your experience with this planetary energy will be rather private. Closeness with another individual and quiet solo reflection can both soothe you, so sneak off and dig into deep feelings. Venus and Pluto sync up later in the week, and their chemistry could give you the satisfying sense that a partnership or relationship is headed in an important direction. If you’re on your own, knowing yourself inside and out — and accepting who you are — can fortify your determination to make a significant contribution to the world. Your ruler, Mars, is squabbling with Saturn, however, which can complicate partnership. Maybe your objectives aren’t precisely aligned with those of someone you’re working with or involved with, straining collaboration. If you’re embroiled in interpersonal conflict, you may be giving your own aspirations short shrift. If you can slow down and get on the same page, the results will be worth it. But don’t let a person who is your equal push you around. The sun’s entrance into your depth house nudges you to zero in on a relationship, passion project or emotional conundrum and give it your full attention. And the subsequent new moon hints that a new sexual relationship, research project or investigation might be around the corner. A fresh outside resource like a grant could become available to you in the coming months. Plus, this lunation offers a good excuse to make a fresh start after a crisis or loss.



April 20–May 20

Your ruling planet is dancing with dreamy Neptune in your network sector, dropping hints that a platonic friendship might morph into a romance. Or you might feel a deep connection — maybe even a soulmate vibe — with someone in your extended circle. This could also be the beginning of a creative partnership or significant friendship. Since it’s easy to form bonds now and technology is also ruled by that sector, dating apps are worth a try if you’re looking for love. Venus is also linked with Pluto in your exploration corner this week, so sharing an experience like a romantic trip, social activism or a learning opportunity with another person can bring you closer. And you might be irresistibly drawn to someone new who comes from a different world than you do. Relationships are your classroom during this transit, and you stand to learn something substantial. After the sun crosses your interpersonal angle, you’ll direct even more attention to your one-on-one connections. People have the power to energize you, so don’t go it alone too much. The new moon in that angle suggests a new partnership could be in the pipeline, or you could make a bigger commitment in your current relationship. A Mars-Saturn dustup could stress you out, though, if you have a lot to do and become frustrated with the need to play by the rules. But taking care of business in a methodical manner will eventually pay off, so forget about short cuts. Your actions need to be thorough and part of a bigger plan.



May 21–June 20

Since Venus in your efficiency corner is mingling with Neptune in your ambition angle this week, you can get along famously with colleagues and higher-ups. You’ll gain a sense of purpose from being of service to others and from doing creative work. If you combine a positive work ethic with selfless devotion to a calling, you can discover more meaning in your mission for success. And a conference between Venus and Pluto in your depth zone later in the week can coax you to delve even further into an undertaking you’re enjoying and work in tandem with a partner. Working to improve a relationship or doing a sweet favor for someone will pay off in the form of closeness, showing you it’s the little things that matter. Except with Mars and Saturn at odds, a relationship that’s been heating up might cool down as soon as reality sinks in. Sustaining a connection over the long run requires effort and commitment. Mistrust, jealousy, fear or inhibition could come between you now. You might also be having fun with creative pursuits, friends or hobbies when a personal obligation or lack of support brings you down to earth. After the sun cruises into your efficiency corner, you’ll be more motivated to get a lot done and to do everything to the best of your ability. The new moon there can inspire you to launch a job search; streamline your schedule; start a different diet or exercise regimen; introduce a good habit into your routine; adopt a pet; make medical appointments; and learn a skill.



June 21–July 22

You could throw yourself into an experience that transcends your daily reality when Venus in your joy zone syncs up with Neptune in your expansion corner this week. Travel, romantic dates, lavish parties and other escapist pleasures get the go-ahead. This planetary combo offers a great excuse to indulge in fantasies. But given Neptune’s spiritual nature, your heart may be full of empathy and compassion, perhaps for wrongs done to — or pain inflicted upon — people whose lives are distant from yours. The line between you and others is blurred now, permitting you to feel at one with the world. Venus and Pluto are also on the same page, which could help get relationships on track. You might enjoy a strong attraction to someone new or become closer to a person you already know. Even just spending one-on-one time with a friend can enrich you. Regardless of the type of relationship, emotions are bound to be powerful (in a good way!) under this influence. However, when Mars feuds with Saturn, you might get into an emotionally charged conflict if you think someone is testing you or blocking you; you’d be wise to proceed with caution and modify your actions, taking constructive criticism into account if you receive any. After the sun sets up shop in your joy zone for a monthlong visit, you’ll revel in being yourself and expressing your creativity, heartfelt feelings and personality. A new moon in that zone may signal that a new love affair, artistic endeavor, hobby or other source of pleasure is in the works!



July 23–August 22

A Venus-Neptune summit can help you tune into your innermost feelings and share sweet moments with someone close to you this week. This pairing is all about private love and deep connection; if you’re flying solo, that translates to self-love and being in touch with your core self. Accepting and loving yourself just as you are will offer major catharsis, and this might be the perfect time to give yourself the gift of forgiveness. Venus’s harmony with Pluto in your work-and-wellness house can enhance your sense of wellbeing, particularly if you opt to indulge in self-care from the comfort of your own home. You could also have success beatifying your space or doing something to help out a member of your family. With Mars marching through your thinking-and-talking corner, you have an urge to sell your ideas, but the warrior planet’s clash with Saturn suggests now is not the time. It will probably feel like the more you assert yourself, the more resistance you meet. Instead, use feedback to reshape your plan of action. Figuring out how to work within a system would be a preferable strategy to barreling ahead. Your ruler is slipping down to the base of your chart for its annual monthlong stay there, turning your attention to matters close to home. You’ll feel most comfortable in familiar surroundings and may want time by yourself to process emotions and memories. A new moon hints at a coming change in your living situation or your emotional state. Consider what you can do to make yourself feel more safe, secure and at ease.



August 23–September 22

Thanks to Venus gelling with dreamy Neptune this week, you’re viewing the world through rose-colored glasses instead of your more typical realistic lens. Everyone and everything has a lovely glow now, inspiring you to show your sappy side, flirt and spread warm, fuzzy feelings like affection and empathy in the world. Relish the pleasant feeling of being on the same wavelength with people and seeing beauty and goodness all around you. Your relationships are almost sure to benefit from this heaping portion of lovingkindness. Plus, Venus is fused with powerful Pluto in your joy zone, kicking the door wide open for the expression of love and other strong, positive emotions—as well as potently pleasurable experiences. Profound happiness can come from cultivating an attitude of gratitude and letting people know how much you care. Note that Mars is battling Saturn at the moment, suggesting that taking yourself seriously (in a good way) can drive you to demand more. Fighting for what you think you need and for what you value the most could lead to a stalemate in a relationship, but you know what you’re worth. If you feel like you can’t spend as much as you want to in order to enjoy the fun, romance or happiness you’re after, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to rein in impulsivity and extravagance. With the sun segueing into your thinking-and-talking corner and the subsequent new moon there, your brain and your daily life will amp up. Soon you could find yourself gathering info, making a decision, dealing with paperwork, getting active in your community, connecting with a sibling or taking a quick trip.



September 23–October 22

Harmony involving your ruling planet and Neptune in your work-and-wellness corner this week enables you to feel good about doing good. Use your talents to do creative work or spiritual work that helps other people. You can also easily make the connection between feeling good about yourself and taking good care of your body. So you might opt to focus on eating a clean diet, working out in the fresh air or doing a form of exercise you find soothing. Venus’s vibe with Pluto can bring an opportunity to enjoy an experience with family (and/or at home) that pleases your senses. Nature may stir deep emotions, while comforts like good food have the power to transform your mood. However, Mars in Libra is at war with Saturn, and that might lead you to fight rather than face your own insecurity. Or you could run into resistance on the home front, tempting you to push harder. Don’t turn withdrawing or sulking into a coping strategy, but do go off by yourself if it helps you modulate your actions and/or your mood. You may be holding back anger, in which case you should try to express it constructively. With the sun leaving your sign and starting its lap through your worth house, your attention will shift from who you are to what you have and what you need. You’re apt to identify with your finances and possessions in the coming month and should consider what is most important to you. A new moon there invites you to create a budget, set financial goals, shuffle your priorities and develop a new stream of income.


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Lead image by Alessandra Olanow.


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Will definitely need to look out for myself this week! Thank you for the horoscope as always!

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