Kimono-Inspired Wraps Are Fall’s Easiest Indoor/Outdoor Style Hack

With deep respect for the Japanese garments that inspired modern interpretations of delicately draped wraps and fluid-like robes, we celebrate fall’s favorite interpretations…

It’s time to discuss our American love affair with the delicately draped wraps and fluid-like robes that are directly inspired by Japanese culture. Though we may call them “kimonos” (while many are more akin to a haori jacket), true kimonos are deeply sacred pieces worn for celebrations and important life milestones. With respect to the ceremonial garment that’s inspired countless modern interpretations, we’re embracing the new wave of fashion pieces that reference their timeless beauty while offering casual, indoor/outdoor layering options designed to mirror your own unique spirit.


Take the electric ombre adaptation from NFC, for example. Silky smooth with a waist-cinching tie, it’s as pretty worn over a pair of coated denim as it is lounging indoors for that invite-only streaming session.

Alternatively, this neon violet shade of sheer burnout velvet taps into the season’s most coveted trend with an easy shape that can swing wide, tie up tight, or just hang out.


Anything that offers six or more colors is what we call a “mood ring” of an option, FYI. With eleven shades of tie dyed, billowing fabric, this Spellbound version is an easy way to project your latest color theory for under $70.

For a sportier option, the contrasting striped sleeves on this Rising Sun Maxi give the timeless cool of a baseball jacket with the silky soft, watery drape of an outdoor-appropriate robe.


A kaleidoscopic print tossed over a bodysuit or chunky turtleneck offers extra dimension (and no-brainer effort) on drab days. The asymmetrical lines on this Little Wing Mix Print wrap makes tossing and twirling its hem sort of irresistible.

If you can only handle the gentlest nod to dynamic patterns, an oversized Circle Claw gives a Friends-esque messy twist extra grip.


Super sheer tulle with dainty embroidered bits lets the Lace Lover option live a life over ultra-femme underpinnings after an extended soak in the tub, or for a night out, it gives a cardi-cute effect with a peekaboo spin.

And for denim-heads that are die-hard fans of their favorite canvas-like layers, the intricate stitching and quilting on this Black Denim topper lets its weightier, high-design details shine on top of easy basics. Plus, just a hint of plush velvet gives yet another nod to the uber-luxe fabrication.

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Great tips! I need one of these wraps in my life pronto!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog