Office Style: Meet Bethany

“People are always willing to lead you in the right direction if you show them how passionate you are and how much you are willing to work for it.”

What did you want to be growing up?

When I was little I actually wanted to be a buyer (or what I thought a buyer was). Then someone told me there was math involved, and my dream fizzled for a little, until I revisited the idea later in life and realized I couldn’t let MATH get in the way of my dreams!

Your first job – what/ where?

Same place every Texan teenager starts — our beloved H-E-B grocery store.

Toughest obstacle you’ve overcome:

Probably moving away from Austin. It is a place so dear to my heart, with so many people I love, that it was hard to imagine not being there for every moment. I am still adjusting, but I am so proud of myself for taking the leap to take advantage of this opportunity!

Your current position at Free People….

Buying Assistant for Jackets & Outerwear!

How did you land at FP?

I was hired as a Stylist a few years back, when FP was opening a brand new store in Austin. 😊

What drew you to it?

The store experience I had when I was younger always really stuck with me. It was so beautifully branded, all the way down to this amazing scent that filled the space and left with you on the pretty reusable bags. I just thought it was so cool and easy and dragged my mom inside every chance I could get. Once I started to work in the stores I really connected with the product, the customers, my coworkers, and just had a feeling it was where I was supposed to be!

Proudest work moment:

Going to my first market last month was such a cool experience. Getting to take the train to New York, getting a wristband that said “buyer” on it, getting to walk the aisles to see so many amazing brands… As cheesy as it is, that was definitely the moment that it really hit me — I made my dream come true!

What advice would you give someone who’d like to be in your role one day?

Believe in yourself, keep your eye on the prize, and never be afraid to ask for feedback. People are always willing to lead you in the right direction if you show them how passionate you are and how much you are willing to work for it.

Favorite part of working at Free People:

Getting to work at the campus which I used to obsess over on Instagram is magical. It is also such a great feeling to work at a company where I personally love the product. I literally get so giddy whenever I get to try on the samples that we get! Annnnd can’t forget the puppies. ❤

Your anthem / theme song?

Probably “Ironic” by Alanis Morrissette. Or something haha

What’s currently in your shopping cart? 

My cart always gets racked up to over $1000 and I constantly have to edit it down ☹ It is currently filled with winter things that I need to stock up on.

The Molly Mini Headband
Cosmos Pullover
Fluff It Up Cashmere Crop
Skinny Rib Cashmere Knee-High Socks
FP Movement x Jade Yoga Mat
Snow Angel Weather Boot
Gemini Plaid Blanket Scarf
Cruise With Me Cardi (I like to pretend I’ll buy it someday!)

Wearing:  the Oversized Tiger Tee, the Rollas Classic Straight Jeans, and the Ranch Handler Jacket

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Ooh, I love her edgy style! ❤️✨

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