Office Style: Meet Hannah

“If anyone were to ask on any given day what I’m wearing. I guarantee at least one item is a FP brand. It’s really become part of my personal identity.”

“I remember my first Free People ‘experience,’ or should I say, the gateway into a very serious (but not actually so serious) shopping problem and obsession with the brand. It’s ingrained in my brain.

I was begging my dad to let me run across the street (he had dragged me to the Apple Store) to peruse Free People’s sale rack at length because I was 13 and that’s what my babysitting money could afford. Something about the aura of Free People had always intrigued me and the minute I walked through the iron clad doors I knew I was hooked.

“I’ve always been infatuated with interior design and the natural light, vintage stitched couches, and décor with artsy flourishes made me want to live in the space and wear all the clothes, like my own store-sized personal closet. After taking a few laps around the store I landed on the most exquisite jacket my pre-adolescent eyes had ever seen: tan, velvet, and military-inspired with accented buttons and a corset-style lace up back. It was the piece my closet had been missing, the item that would make everyone turn their heads and make me look like I had walked right out of a magazine (though, realistically, I was in sixth grade and don’t think anyone was taking notes on my fashion choices, nor was I going to look like a model). Babysitting money blown, I left the store that day with one jacket and a boatload of newfound confidence.

“Since then I have amassed a packed wardrobe full of Free People pieces of every kind (though I can’t say I still have the jacket). I would describe my style as ‘celeb at the airport;’ I like a mix of athleisure and trendy pieces that are still comfy. If anyone were to ask on any given day what I’m wearing. I guarantee at least one item is a FP brand. It’s really become part of my personal identity. When URBN visited my campus last year, I KNEW that working at Free People was in my future, and I made it happen with incessant emails and dedication… and now here I am! This is my first job and I couldn’t be luckier for the atmosphere and people I get to work with – plus, I was able to get my adorable pup, Trooper.”

Your anthem / theme song?

It’s a tie right now between Good Thing by Zedd & Kehlani and Tempo by Lizzo.

What’s currently in your shopping cart? 

Hibernatin Pant

Easy Street Tunic

Square Neck Good Karma Bra

She’s Ditsy Bodysuit

Solid Lolita Top

Emo Striped Socks

Semi-Charmed Jogger

Jordan Dress

Wearing the Gia Coveralls

Follow Hannah on Instagram.  Or follow her pup Trooper

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Love the overalls! Super cute!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

4 years ago

Those overalls look so relaxed and comfy! Love them! Need them! :)
<3 <3 Trooper <3 <3

Rachel |